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  1. Yes, the RX480 will work with your motherboard - assuming you have a power supply that can support the power draw of the GPU.
  2. Try searching amazon for HDMI to VGA cables. There are plenty
  3. I would personally go with DP just because.
  4. What resolution? I'm assuming 1440p or 1080p with a 1060 but...
  5. You probably don't want the massive SSD, something in the realm of 240-256GB is probably good. Spend more money for the PSU (and cooler if you're planning on better temps). Although with a slight OC on mine (4.7GHz at 1.225Vcore), AIDA64 reads max 78 celcius or so with a Cryorig H7.
  6. Do you want to be filming or taking photos with the camera? If you are taking photos, I think the A6000 is a good buy. Keep in mind that on black friday, BHPhoto had this thing (without lens) for $400 or so. I personally use the bigger brother (A7ii) and it's a great shooter. I know people who use the A6000 and they also love it. If you also want to do video, I recommend spending a bit more and go for the A6300.
  7. Thank you so much guys. This has been very informative. I'll see how my overclock goes
  8. For stress testing in Prime95, which stress test should I run (e.g. blended, etc.)? What is the difference between VID, VIN, and Vcore? In my bios, I set the Core Voltage, which one is this? Sorry for all these questions, I'm new to the CPU overclocking scene. I've only ever overclocked GPUs. Thanks.
  9. Yup, it's disabled. But it still slows down. I will check my BIOS when I get back. However, note that I'm running it on an air cooler (Cryorig H7) and it is Prime95 after all...
  10. I have the same mobo on my build. And from what I recall, I don't have that high of a temperature reading. Try using the BIOS to read mobo temperatures.
  11. So I have been messing around with my 7700K. I seem to have a stable 1.2 VIN for 4.5GHz. However, I cannot seem to get past this barrier, even with 1.3 VIN for 4.7GHz. It only seems to achieve this speed when not under load (with intel speed step turned off). Whenever I run Prime95, the speed drops down to 4.4/4.3GHz or so. Is there something wrong? I am getting 75 celcius or so (with an air cooler) so I don't think temperature is the problem. Any ideas why I'm not getting higher frequencies? Thanks!
  12. Why not get the 7700K? It's pretty much the same price. Maybe a Z270 board?
  13. Doesn't really matter. Both will be similar.
  14. Personally, I would go with the IPS panel just because of better color accuracy. But jjust FYI, looking at your pecs, your GPU isn't going to run triple A games at ultra settings at 2K at 165FPS.