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  1. Zenfone 6 if I can get for just under $400 should I do it

    1. dizmo


      Ehhh. Is it a limited time offer? Cuz a shitload of new phones are only a little over a month away.

    2. DarkBlade2117


      Anything around the $400 mark? I can't justify spending 3/4 of pay check on a phone honestly

  2. Hello friends
    Need a new phone... yay
    Should I get like a used Oneplus 6T for like $220 or what options am I looking at for new/used $200-$500

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    2. dizmo


      @kameshss It could have 1000w charging, it doesn't help if you're not near a charger ;)

    3. DarkBlade2117


      Screen is all cracked, likes to restart randomly and then not recognize my sim card sooooo I go like a few hours, especially in this time is a lot of time to lose or cause problems

    4. kameshss


      haha @dizmo for sure. It easily lasts for 1 or 1 1/2 day for my usage. I do light gaming, social apps usage and etc. Around 6 hours SoT.

  3. What good timing for Destiny to move to Steam :)

  4. Hm, potential chance I might be able to get another promotion at work. It'll be team lead and I thought I was already out of the question due to how some things were being worded but potentially, one of our managers was a bit reassuring on the matter.

  5. So imagine getting a new car and getting in an accident going 70mph
    Though good thing is no one was hurt, I only have minor bruising on my neck that is already healing and insurance is covering everything plus another new car. And my insurance won't go up :D That is unless I get in another accident in the next 5 years which don't plan on it

  6. I quit playing after months of just having a hacked client and slowly spawning money in and forgetting to disable my client on a new update so they banned me I spent my 6 or 7 months actually grinding.. I mean with groups of often 5 or 6 people to do things and got no where so we all started duping cars which when that became to difficult most of us quit playing. Then came PC, got a hacked client and only ever spawned money in because the only thing I ever liked doing in GTA V was dicking around with buddies with the new content. I'll stick to modded servers on FiveM from now on.. still on edge about RPing in GTA V, modern RP is not quite what I find fun in RP without any twist such as what DayZ offers.
  7. I can say cruising down the highway at 80mph and getting 38mpg and even way above rated in city is a feelsgood. Supposed to get like 25 city, 34 highway and getting around 30 city, 38 highway

  8. >.> Haven't felt this way in ages. Not really a bad feeling but I'll keep it up in the air as to what it could be.

  9. Either properly detail it or spend the $200 every 5-7 months to detail it typical before winter and around mid-spring and you'll be fine.
  10. Kind of hope it does good enough to give incentive to other manufactures to potentially attempt more old school designs. Living in the U.S. I fucking hate the era of SUVs and Crossovers. I mean "some" crossovers aren't to bad, generally it's just a hatch lifted with some minor changed with no extra room but they can alow for more off-roading compared to the hatches. I mean look at the Impreza hatch vs. Crosstrek. I'm one of the biggest dudes in my family but I drive the smallest car so I welcome the attempt from Honda on this.
  11. Well I pick up a 2017 Kia Forte5 EX tomorrow. 9000 Miles, 14.5k. Put $1000 down which brought interest to a fairly reasonable rate and despite being on a 5 year loan going to shoot to have it done in 4.
    Oh and being the end of the month we talked them down from the original I think 15.5k they wanted ;)


  12. Car shopping is fun..
    Parents are kind of listening to what I want and it's within range since they want to be involved in looking with me. With payment insurances etc I can afford upto a max of 14k but I've found some nice 12-13k which is better for me. Thing is while looking, I'll show one I pointed out but then points out that it's a 2015.. it has 26,000 miles >.>
    Then goes.. "OH, here's a 2014 with 32,000 miles" What??? Hardly makes sense on some of the cars they're pointing out.. then he finds the electric equivalent of the one I like and points out all the features.. ok it's electric and the gas one has the exact same features which honestly just come as pros to me at this point. For example it's a 2015 Volkswagon Golf with 26k Miles for 13k. Test drive went wonderful, little to no exterior damage, brand new tires, interior is flawless etc etc. Hardly becoming a help when they keep pointing out things I either don't care about or are really pushing my budget. I really love the color of this one too (which also doesn't matter as I've looked at grandma green and beige cars also). Oh well, hope they at least go out and look at it so I don't have the hear about them not being involved. Even at a stupid interest rate and warranty added on it'll fall within budget but the silly interest rate was just kind of pushing the "worst case scenario"
    Sorry rant over, still thinking of the Ryzen CPUs but things have to be cut to afford a car. Getting a raise soon and going to negotiate with my managers tomorrow or at minimum get something scheduled as they seem to already have me set for orientation for the new position so they need to know I absolutely am not going into this blind. Hoping for $13-$13.5/h and full time, department I go to isn't a big deal though I hope to stay in mine. Also the reason I can afford this is decent ability to manage money and my grandparents letting me live with them rent free, I just keep up with their lawn which damn near covers the price of rent anyways as I had my old landscaping boss give an idea on how much he would charge to mow this crazy ass lawn and it was like $280 every two weeks.

  13. The mesh panel on the front of the P400a will be compatible with the P400(s) cases :D

    Late August, all new airflow for my case. Airflow was never terrible but it'll allow me to keep my fans a bit lower etc

  14. Am I the only one who doesn't like these "Ring" RGB fans? Much prefer the like HD120s from Corsair but they pushed their stupid little controller thing so they can't be controlled by software >.>
    Also hoping that the front panel on the Phanteks P400a will be mountable to a P400s and sold separately. Might snag some ML120 RGBs fan if so. ML120s have done me great good with the restricted airflow.

  15. GPU market is a shit show for high end lol
    Even used is stupid and 1080Tis are still going for a hefty sum.


    Alright time to figure this out.. installed the 4 sticks of RAM, one of them has inverted LEDs so instead of top half purple bottle half yellow, it's top half yellow bottom half purple and there doesn't seem to be a way to simply just adjust the colors of a single stick or I'd just flip it.


  17. Really hope they actually make an mATX X570 board. Doesn't even have to be good.
    Also got an NZXT H400 for $40. I'll get a different board for cheap but hoping for some X570's at least.

    1. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus

      ASrock has a x570 matx board.

      The x570m PRO 4

  18. Hm shit thinking about it... only thing I maybe would want would be a better keyboard since I literally just got some open box decent logitech keyboard because I broke my old one and needed one to last few some months. Ducky Shine 7 is what I'd want and then I guess 2 27-32" 1440p IPS monitors to better my secondary monitors. Though.. I guess that means having to buy a wall mount and moving my desk to a different part of the room to make room for it. Other then that.. I mean a 3900x or 3950x would be nice, I guess I only need a mobo and what not. Maybe I'll wait a few months and snag a return mobo from Micro Center and bundle it .

  19. Don't ask why but 64GB kit of RAM incoming and 1TB NVMe ssd
    I've also told myself that I'd buy Ryzen when AMD comes in with the crushing blow, the 16c sku tempts me to no other but I don't quite think it's the crushing blow, more of a Intel's on the ground and still has some life in the back of their head blow.

    1. Sauron


      Next year we should get DDR5, that should be the final slam dunk since the 16 core zen 2 sku is probably memory bandwidth limited.

  20. Hm... long time no talko.
    Tomorrow is last day of High School :)

    Got a job at Lowe's, been getting 36-40 hours a week and this week I'm even getting 10 hours of OT :)
    Already been asked to stay and going to push for full time. Probably going to go into an Agriculture Degree to keep tech as my hobby, electrical engineering was really fun but it took out of the actual hobby part. Landscaping kind of is like a hobby but is something I enjoy doing more for others unlike tech. Might do this and push to go to OSU for their Landscape Architecture program and see where that takes me. When in doubt if I keep up what I'm doing at Lowe's it's giving me plenty of experience on a bit of power equipment which can be used to get a better job in about a year or so. Uhhh tech related probably spending $500 soon on a new mic setup and just redid the liquid metal on my CPU and applied new paste to my 1080Ti and might look into whatever new CPUs come out.

  21. My boat sunk not 3 seconds after the clip ends


  22. These people review bombing two great games because of a deal >.>
    Oh well, salty consumers will be salty as usual.

  23. The amount of people getting their panties in a twist over the big boys doing exclusive deals. Oh well, you aren't stopping it.. money will speak louder than what you're doing and people are still buying the game. Don't want 3 different programs launched? I mean, ya ain't playing 3 games at once..

    1. imreloadin


      What good is a triple monitor setup then?

  24. Ya, until you understand that games published on steam have to be equal to lowest price. If it is 10% off on EG, it has to be 10% off on steam. If it however is 20% off on steam, it doesn't have to be 20% off on EG launcher (unless they're doing that BS) EG is also offering less fees for publishers.
  25. WAHH STEAM IS THE BEST WAHH Just buy the damn game on the epic game launcher and quit your damn bitching. The launcher itself isn't even bad and it's a damn singleplayer game anyways so who gives two shits about your damn trading cards and achievements. Steam needs a big ass whooping anyways to get in gear.