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  1. So, I know that Linux has many different file browsers, but which one do you suggest I go with? I need one with plenty of options and customizability.
  2. I tried Lubuntu. not enough features for me.
  3. Oh yeah. been down that road before lol
  4. i meant installing arch and then installing xfce.
  5. okay. I might install xfce from xubuntu, if it allows me to have that much room for growth.
  6. Xubuntu? I'll try that out. Thanks! also, in regards to Xubuntu, is it easy to modify an installer for? Just curious.
  7. So I want to know which distro of Linux will give me the best performance without taking a huge hit on feature. I liked the speed and features of Kubuntu, but wanted to know what you guys think. Are there way better alternatives? thanks!
  8. SithNinjaTyler

    Why do people hate apple products?

    Alright. Thank you for the posts and for letting me know why people think apple is crap. I agree with most of these comments. I still don't think apple is horrible, just pretty overpriced and locked down. Well, I will be leaving. Thanks to everyone who commented!
  9. SithNinjaTyler

    Why do people hate apple products?

    I actually find that very interesting. thanks for the heads up! But it's almost $2,000. You can buy that same iMac at the default config for $2500. That's a whole computer with the display.
  10. SithNinjaTyler

    Why do people hate apple products?

    as for customization, I totally agree with you guys. As for "Apple does not innovate," I think that's true. They take something and make it look good, and before recently, there was a reason for saying apple is innovative. For instance. The iPhone? Genius. An actual GUI for a computer? Genius. The fact that noone before apple (to my knowledge) learned how to stack battery cells (as they did with the new macbook) is dissapointing, but in any case, I think that someone could take a few ideas from apple and make them better. a "Best of both worlds" sort of thing. Like making Unix the backbone of your default OS. Good switch apple.
  11. SithNinjaTyler

    Why do people hate apple products?

    Wow. So many replies! Well, thankfully I didn't get: "APPLE IS STUPID BECAUSE REASONS!!!! PC MLG PRO!" (again, thank you.) I completely agree that everything Apple is overpriced. the 5K iMac isn't as bad, because of the screen, but I still totally agree. I also agree with the gaming side, and the fact that they are locked down. Software is all opinion, so that's up to you, but the Macbooks DO have very excellent build quality, and are stronger than most would assume. Again, that's not saying they're better.
  12. So, I have a question that I genuinely want to know. Why do people hate apple products so much? I really like them, and I'm not saying they're invincible, but they are actually pretty good products for the most part. *thinks of the Apple Watch* *shudders* But are they really as bad as people say they are? I've owned plenty and can't seem to see why so many people hate them. I'm actually going to quote Linus from his iSwitched to Mac Part 3 - The Software Experience "But none of this was enough to even begin to tempt me to switch. Not because Windows is amazing and perfect, (because it's not.) but because it's fine. And the Mac experience was also just fine." So I completely understand that. There's a reason I have a dual boot Windows Hackintosh. But why all of the backlash? Please don't comment if you don't intend to have a decent and intelligent conversation, or I will just ignore you. The same thing goes for Android vs iOS. I have an iPhone 4 and a Galaxy S4 in my pocket at all times for the same reason.
  13. SithNinjaTyler

    Second hard drive wont show up until restart?

    I didn't even know hard drives HAD firmware updates... I'll check that too.
  14. SithNinjaTyler

    Second hard drive wont show up until restart?

    Okay. I'll try it and see what happens.