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  1. Hi everybody, about a month ago I bought a new keyboard "GX GAMING MANTICORE", so far it has been working perfectly, but yesterday the problems began the keys stopped working (except for media keys, they worked normally), then everything started working again until today morning when it stopped completely, even media keys, not even working in bios. I reinstalled drivers through safe mode to no avail and then I noticed that in post screen my PC is detecting 1 keyboard and 2 mice so I unpluged my mouse then restarted the PC and it said that keyboard was not detected (press F1.... oh windows), but it was plugged in and lit up. The last thing to try is to plug it into another PC but another PC is kidna out of my reach and I don't want to RMA it yet in case it is problem on my side. So please if anybody has any idea or knows what do to tell me and be my savior. Thanks
  2. Did all 4 hope to win May the Stinkiest one win.
  3. Thanks for the tip on Define R4 and GPU. But to the other things here in Czech we don't have cyber monday (because shops are expensive bastards and put the prices high as possible) and Green is same price as Bue here.
  4. Hi, so I'm looking into builing a PC mainly for gaming, do some overclocking to it, with yellow/gold accent inside (don't care about outside), I live in EU and I will be shopping mainly in http://www.czc.cz, my budget is about 36 000 Czech Crowns (about $1700) +/- 2000. So far I got this: CPU: i5-4670k (5 700 Kč) MB: MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX (5 556 Kč) RAM: A-Data XPG V2, Gold 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600 (1 805 Kč) GPU: MSI GTX770 Lightning LE 2GB or R9 280X (depends if Mantle will be worth something) (GTX 770 8 172 Kč/R9 280X 7 165 Kč) PSU: OCZ ZT Series 750W (2 192 Kč) Case: Corsair 500R Black or Define R4 (not sure which one to chose) (2 631 Kč) SSD: Samsung 840 Evo 120GB, Basic (2 482 Kč) HDD: WD Blue EX 1TB (1 472 Kč) Monitor: BenQ GL2460 24" (3 333 Kč) CPU Cooler: Corsair H90 (chose it over H70 because it's only 200 crowns more) (2 217 Kč) Keyboard: Ozone Blade (1 148 Kč) Overall: 36 707 Kč Eventually I could get GTX 770 for like 7 500 Kč No other accesories are needed. Please post sugestions to what you would personally change and why. Thanks.
  5. Well gues it's something to do with sponsors=they get more money.
  6. They were giving away SteelSeries 7H and SteelSeries gaming mouse, but that was yesterday.
  7. Well I forgot to put in the link so my bad and it is basically get us more "fans" and you can win some from sponsors (MSI, SteelSeries) free stuff. (but I would like some skins that they offer )
  8. Hi everyone, not sure if you take it as spam but I thought about starting this topic where we could post our refferal links and help each other win some stuff from Fnatic/sponsors (MSI, SteelSeries), there are also skins for LoL which you can win. This "quest" is running everyday with different prizes until 24th Dec. Here is my link: http://xmas.fnatic.com/r/Ax8l7ArgEb Thank you and may the lucky one win. Edit: Sorry i forgot to put in the link :mellow:
  9. You could also try Kaspersky Internet Security/Anti-Virus or ESET Smart Security (both payed), but to be honest if you don't have some really important information on your PC (company information ect.) some free one, like Avast or AVG, should be fine and AV is more of a just assistance, so don't install things you don't trust, never click those "hotties near you", also porn is a possible way to catch a PC virus so watch out for that too and you should be fine.
  10. Go for the double 780. And 690 performing good in COD is really expected.
  11. Great contest love you Linus and HTC, you rock. Google+ Petr Buchal: https://plus.google.com/109260788017894010843/posts/Y8WXr6HtbyE Facebook share from Petr Buchal: https://www.facebook.com/petr.buchal.3/posts/654002147948636