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  1. More than a year after, Black Diamond project is back! To be quick, all progress has been lost (except some parts I could save) but with the help of Corsair, project is on rails again. It was the occasion to rethink some aspects of the project. Let's start with the case, the beautiful 570X RGB Mirror Black Edition! New addition to the build, a Corsair M.2 NVMe SSD! Next, the CPU: Silicon Lottery sent me one of their i7 7700k, delidded and ready to be OC'ed. Next step: the custom reservoir!
  2. Finally had the time to make a little progress on the build! Thank you Corsair for the support. So gorgeous RAM! But it's time to make it fit the theme. After some paint coats later: Another package just showed up too. I can't wait to do some more unboxing soon, thanks to Aquacomputer and especially Sven. I started working on the case too, but you will have to wait a little more.
  3. I received some packages since last time. Thank you Corsair for the support! Another part finally came after much wait. More unboxing to come!
  4. Hi LTT! It's been a while since my last project! Having moved back to France after 10 wonderful years in Japan, it's time now to do another build. No scratchbuild this time like I did with the Hikari Project. My project will be based on the new Corsair case, the 570X RGB. Big thanks to all the sponsors of Black Diamond: Corsair, Aquacomputer, CableMod and Silicon Lottery. Here are the specs of this build: - CPU: i7 7700K binned and delidded by Silicon Lottery - Motherboard: TBA - RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 - PSU: Corsair AX1200i - GPU: Nvidia Titan X (Pascal) - SSD: 2x Corsair Neutron XTi - Case: Corsair 570X RGB - Sleeved cables by CableMod The CPU and GPU will be watercooled, thanks to Aquacomputer. This time again, I'm aiming for a simple but classy look. I hope you will enjoy the trip! Recently, I received some packages. Here is a little preview, more to come soon!
  5. I sanded the original clear coat then put a layer of primer. I then painted 5 coats of white Tamiya synthetic lacquer (TS26 if you need the reference) and put clear coat for protection. Lacquer is the best choice IMO for the job, but it can be hard to use if you're not use to do painting. Acrylic paint is more forgiving but more prone to scratch/flake if surface is not prepped enough.
  6. Thank you man! You're a true inspiration too, you did such a nice work on your gaming cave.
  7. Well, Case Labs cases are incredible so it take it as a compliment. @Wolf_Lbh: yes, I painted it in white to match my setup! Awesome mouse!
  8. Thank you guys! @alpenwasser: I just realized it was you who painted his SR2 in black! It's so gorgeous! I always use Tamiya paint when I have a paint job to do (well, sometimes, House of Kolor is nice too ). It's so easy to work with!
  9. Thank you! I'm thinking about it but the case would need modifications. 5mm thickness is definitely too much, and there are some tweaking to do here and here (and need to make it affordable) But if people are interested, that might happen in the future (I have some more ideas for modular cases, but that will be for my next projects. Thank you man! Yes, I've seen it and I found it really awesome! I would love to make a Skylake build with it. Thank you so much! Hope you'll love the next ones.
  10. Thank you guys for the nice word and for your patience! It took more time than I planned at first, but I was finally able to finish it. I was really tempted by the white coolant too, but when seen in person, the clear coolant combined with the lightbox is really awesome.
  11. Time has come for the final update guys! I would love to start by saying a big thank you to my sponsors: Corsair, EKWB, Hardware Labs, Cooling Lab and Pexon PCs! . It have been a fantastic project to work on, and I couldn't have been able to do it without your support! So after many hours working on the Hikari Project, the build is finally finished! Like I said in previous updates, I had a very short time left to finish the build, but I was finally able to do it (minus the power switch, but I have been waiting for Dimastech to send it to me for more than 2 monthes....). But more than words, let me show final pictures of the HKR Project. Let there be light! And, in bonus, my setup before we move. Corsair Strafe RGB keyboard, Corsair Scimitar RGB mouse, Corsair Void Wireless headset and Dell U3415w monitor (I will make some more screenshots of those awesome peripherals soon). I'm really happy with the result. It's very close to what I had in mind the first time I imagined the Hikari project. There will surely be a V2 (and maybe a mATX version) though! Thank you too guys for following the project, your comments and nice words have been such a fantastic motivation!
  12. Thank you guys! I'm so happy to see people loving the project! Today's update will surely be the last before the final pics, so here we go! We are moving in two weeks so I took some time to work on the build, because I'll have to send the case to France then (and won't be able to touch it until next summer when we'll move to Paris...). So let me show you the progress I made last weekend. First of all, A big thank you to all my sponsors: Corsair, EKWB, Hardware Labs, Cooling Lab and Pexon PCs! I started by putting those sexy water blocks on the M6F. They look amazing! As the MB shield was off, I had some time to work on something I previewed in a previous updates, the motherboard logo. Despite of the new M8F that has RGB capabilities, the Maximus VI Formula only offer red LED color for the central logo. Well, until now. I cut the logo using my Silhouette Cameo, and cut a small LED stripe that should fit perfectly. Perfect length! Now need to cut the rear of the shield to let the LED stripe cable some space. I really love the result. Can't wait to see it in action! Now, time to put the shield back on the motherboard. Next on the list what the GPU block. I really love the black stock cooler, but something better is coming. EKWB goodness! The rest of the day consisted in this: The bends from the radiator chamber to the upper chamber was a PITA to do, but I really love the result. That's all for today, but as I'm a nice person, I'll give you a preview of what is coming in the next update.
  13. Thank you guys! Been busy between work and preparing for our moving next month, but I have been able to do some progress today. First of all, I have finally finished the I/O bracket. Had some issues to figure but very happy with the result! I have also received the fan controller/hub I was waiting for, the Silverstone CPF04. It is very compact and it fits perfectly between the two radiators. Painted, sleeved and Sata Power connector replaced by 4 pin Molex connector. Next on list was the superb SSD Corsair provided me. First of all, take off the sticker. SSD pr0n time! After giving several matte black paint coats and putting on the stickers I cutted, here it is! You can't really notice it but the Corsair logo and the H of HKR are silver painted, but I can't really catch it on camera. Finally, I had time to work on the drain line of the loop. The rest of the loop will be made in rigid tubing, but I chose to go the flexible way for the drain line, as it will easier when I'll need to do some maintenance. I will just have to double check there is no leak from the valve, or it could a real problem. I also got the fan rings of the SP120 painted in matte black. I'm still wondering if I should paint the central fan in white or if it is good with only the ring ring. I actually been able to do more progress, but you'll have to wait for the next update!