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  1. So I was thinking of upgrading my Graphics card after so long and I don't know what to buy. As I stated in my title I have a XFX R9 290 Dual Edition and I finally upgraded my PC. I don't know though what GC to buy. I don't plan on playing on 4K or 144Hz or other such buzz words. My current monitor is a Belinea 5:4 TFT and if I upgrade it in the future I would probably go for a 720 or 1080 monitor at 60 or 75Hz. As for my current build I have a Ryzen 5 2600x with a B450 Aorus PRO, 16GB 3200Hz Ram and 1 SSD and 1 2TB HDD and a Corsair RM750x PSU. I'm leaning towards a Vega 56 since I want to game on Linux and Open Source Drivers and Vulcan Support is a MUST in my case.
  2. So I finally got my H81M-Plus motherboard along with G3258, because I want to test overclocking without frying a 300+ Dollar CPU or motherboard, and I was able to get it at 4.1 GHz with 1.25-1.27 V (from the base 1.107) and pass some Prime95 tests. But I can't find anywhere the LLC option so I can push it a bit more, because I heard enabling (resonable) LLC level can help on overclocking. Also if someone can help me with overclocking tips I would appriciated.
  3. I posted a similar question here not so long ago but I feel I didn't descreibed my "problem" properly, so I ask again with more info in mind. I have some questions about a PC build that I was thinking of sell. I have a PC with A8-5600k + 6670 2gb and 8GB 1600 RAM. I was thinking of selling it and build a PC with Pentium g3258 + GTX 750 ti with overclocking in mind. Is it worth it, or should I just buy faster ram and better cooler and overclock it ? I'm not planning in playing GTA V in it neither the resolution will be over 1280x1024. Also I was thinking of change the g3258 with an i5.
  4. Thank you MDDmastrer.
  5. So I had a "travel" rig with a8-5600k + 6670 2g edition and I wanted to upgrade from it since I have a few problems with it being a bit old. I won't be planning to play BF4 at ultra high 4K display nor I have a big display, the most resolution I play is 1280x1024. I searched the internet and I was thinking of an Intel Pentium g3258 with a gtx750ti 2gb so I can upgrade in an i5 in the future. Is it wise? Can it play, mostly singleplayer, games well? What board and psu is good for overclock without spending a fortune on it?