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    Intel Core i5-4690k
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z97 PC Mate
  • RAM
    Kingston HyperX Savage 16GB
  • GPU
    ASUS GTX 1060 OC 6GB
  • Case
    Phanteks P400
  • Storage
    1TB Seagate HDD and 120GB Kingston SSD
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    Corsair RM650x
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    Asetek 510LC
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    Corsair Gaming K70 RGB
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    Logitech G502
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    Beyerdynamics DT990 Pro 250 Ohm with Schiit Magni 3+ amp
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    Windows 10 Home
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    Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

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  1. Ah, thank you. Does make sense considering I've been using the board since 2015 without replacing the battery.
  2. Hello I have a problem that occured around a month ago, and haven't gone away since. When I start my PC IT prompts me with the message on picture. If I continue by pressing F2 it starts up like normal, except it usually forgets my time settings, so I have to sync it again. I have tried updating my BIOS to the newest update (from v4.6 to v4.11) but it didn't resolve the issue. What might be happening here? The motherboard is the MSI Z97 PC Mate
  3. Hello I am starting my bachelor's degree in physics and technology next week, and I'm looking for a laptop to replace my aging Surface Pro 4. I've been looking at the Surface Laptop 2 and the Surface Laptop 3, but I can't decide which one to go for. I've found a refurbished Laptop 2 for $1050, and I can get a Laptop 3, in the colorway I actually really want, for $1300. Both is the same spec: i5, 8 GB RAM, and 256 GB SSD. Is it worth going for the Laptop 3. Does it really perform that mich better as Microsoft says IT does? (Bear in mind, I live in Denmark, so prices are significantly higher than the US)
  4. All 3 screens are the same model, and running the same resolution in NVIDIA Surround.
  5. I really need help with a problem that drives me nuts. After I started using 3 screens, the icons on my desktop shift around when opening certain games and programs, and when I change my background. Any help? Anyone?
  6. Oops xD. It was working absolutely fine.
  7. I recently bought 3 screens, and to start of with, it was absolutely. When I left my computer, my screens would go black after a couple of minutes, and when I came back, all I had to do was move my mouse about to wake them up. They've now stopped doing this. Whenever I come back and move my mouse, I can see my screen waking, but all they show is a blank black screen. Does anybody know what could cause this? Any help would be very welcome. Thnak you
  8. My 4690K isn't overclocked at all. Bought the PC prebuilt back when I still didn't know how to build a PC. I have since upgraded the graphicscard from a 960 to my current 1060, and the powersupply from a crappy noname one, to the Corsair.
  9. I currently use an old i5 4690K in my PC which still does the job great, but I have thought about upgrading my PC with one of the new 8th generation i5's along with a new motherboard and RAM. My first question is, if I would even notice an upgrade, and if it's worth it? If so, what would be the most sensible choice for someone who primarily plays games like Battlefield, LoL, Assetto Corsa, (and god forbid sometimes Fortnite), and also does video and photo editing regularly? I've been looking at the i5-8400 myself, but wonder if it's enough for video and photo editing? Thank you for any advice you can provide My current system: Intel Core i5-4690K ASUS GTX 1060 6GB MSI Z97 PC Mate Kingston HyperX Fury 16GB 2000 MHz Corsair RM650x 120 GB SSD 1TB HDD
  10. Tried taking out the battery and it did help a little, actually. I might have to try that. It just baffles me if that's the case, since it wasn't that long ago since I did one last. I'm not really ready to sacrifice any money yet, but I might install an SSD if nothing else works.
  11. Help. I need help guys. My "communication" laptop that I primarily use for Discord and Spotify has over the past month become awfully slow. It runs okay when I boot it into safemode, but when I boot it up normally, it is absolutely useless. I can't even do basic things like open up the task manager, or even use the taskbar, and if I am lucky and get to start Discord, it crashes after the smallest of workloads. Even joining a call can make it crash. What could cause this problem? I have tried resetting the PC which is refuse to do. I have tried doing a system restore which it won't do either. I'm kinda lost of ideas at this point. It's an old Packard Bell EasyNote LS running Windows 10, with an Intel Celeron B815, 4GB of RAM and Intel HD Graphics. Any help to resurrect my dying PC would greatly be appreciated.
  12. I just built a new PC for one of my friends but ran into some trouble. I booted the PC up and everything was registered in the BIOS. I then proceeded to plug the Windows bootable USB drive into a USB 2.0 port and started the install. After I've chosen the drive on which to install Windows, it then completes the first step, but fails the second after 1%, and gives me this error code: 0x80070570. I've been digging around but have yet to find a solution. Does anybody know what to do? Parts: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Q9n7kT
  13. I'm aware of that, but they do not receive power from the Hue+, that only control the lighting. They still need power from either the motherboard or power supply.
  14. I'm planning out some upgrades for my PC and one of them is to install 2 NZXT Aer RGB fans. One top and one rear. I'm hoping that I can hook them up to one 4 pin header on my motherboard using a splitter, but I want to make sure that it dosen't fry my motherboard fan header. I've looked EVERYWHERE but i simply cannot find the amount of amps each fan draw. Can anybody answer my question? Thank you.