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  1. It's not. I have no idea why these grown men choose to religiously spend their time watching MLP. I suspect attention whoring.
  2. Yes. I am aware of that. English is not my first language either, but if he is insecure about his grammar he could have used a spelling correction program of some sort. I'm positive there are plenty out there in the series of tubes we know as the internet. I almost started correcting your grammar as well, but i'll let it slide.
  3. Personally I'm not siding with AMD, nor am I siding with Nvidia. I don't care which company designed my GPU as long as it's fast and reliable. However I do own the 7970 Ghz edition. More specifically the one with the Gigabyte Windforce cooler slapped on to it. As a side note. You should work on your grammar.
  4. Mummified frog, wow. God knows where these computers have been.
  5. SSD's don't make nearly any difference at all in gaming. However, loading times would decrease by tons and tons. Especially when loading the Playstation OS. (Don't know the name of it).
  6. Just last summer i spilled a bowl of popcorn on my PC. It might not seem that bad, but I LOVE salt! (It will probably be the end of me). As you can imagine this bowl of popcorn was crammed with salt, the bowl fell over, and salt fell inside my PC through venting holes, being sucked into fans and thrown everywhere into every little corner of my case. Thankfully I managed to clean it all away, at least most of it. After that I din't think more of it. After about 2 weeks, there were some salt remains still inside my PC, it seems the salt had been eroding on my motherboard at the feet of the PCIe slot, causing it to simply die. Therefore i had to RMA the motherboard, and got a new one a couple of days later.
  7. I'm not sure if this should be in networking or here in this sub forum. If not, moderators can re-locate the thread to the networking sub forum. I'm seriously considering getting a NAS for personal use, work, and general backup of data. As for the NAS i'm not sure which one I want to go for, whether that be a home built NAS or a factory built NAS. But i'll figure that out for myself in due time. Anyways. I want to be able to reach the files stored on my NAS from a network outside of my network at home. i.e while travelling or staying at a hotel, restaurant etc. Does anyone know of any decent software I could use to access my data from a different network then my own at home? If you have any experience with the software then please tell me about that as well. The software has to be compatible with Linux and Windows. Replies are much appreciated.
  8. Sounds like a "no-post" situation. According to what you've told us it seems to be very likely a motherboard issue. I don't think that one of the Windows/Linux/MAC OS bootfiles are corrupt, because the machine doesn't even give off a post beep. (Have you checked the beep microphone btw)? Are you sure your buddy hasn't spilled any drinks/food inside the case somehow? It happened to me once, I managed to spill a bowl of popcorn on top of my PC. I cleaned it all away, but after a couple of weeks the salt from the popcorn had started "eroding"(?) on my motherboard. The consequence for me was that i had to switch out my motherboard for a new one. After switching it out, my computer worked fine again, and has until this day! :) *knock on wood*
  9. I'm disappointed that they didn't include an SSD instead of a "built in harddrive". I know that they are trying to keep the costs of the machine at a minimum, but an SSD would speed up the machine by a significant margin compared to a HDD.
  10. I have the i7 3770K. I've experienced mostly nothing but good things with Intel CPUs. Low temperatures, High performance, decent overclocking and easy to install to the motherboard. All of these factors vary based on what Intel CPU you decide to buy. Do some research beforehand, and decide for yourself what fits you and your demands.
  11. I would recommend running Linux on your server to minimize costs. Since you're planning to host a website as well, I would recommend Enterprise or RED drives from Western Digital. You could also get a prebuilt NAS here. http://ncix.com/products/index.php?minorcatid=1191
  12. FX-4300 will be the one carrying the GTX 660/670 up the hill.
  13. Oh. I'm sorry, no there's only space for 200x200x30 fans in the front. Also, the front panel is very tricky to remove, but possible none the least. No I have not switched the front fan, I'm still using the stock one.
  14. Yes. you can swap it with any fan as long as it has the right dimensions.