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Mattias Edeslatt

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  • CPU
    2 x Intel Xeon E5-2670 V1 @ 3.3 GHz
  • Motherboard
    Asus Z9PE-D8 WS
  • RAM
    112 GB Micron ECC DDR3 10600
  • GPU
    Nvidia GTX 1060 3 GB
  • Case
    Corsair Obsidian 800D
  • Storage
    240 GB SSD for system & 1.6 TB Intel enterprise SSD for storage
  • PSU
    BeQuiet Straight Power 11 750W
  • Display(s)
    Dell U2515H and Apple Cinema Display 23"
  • Cooling
    2 x BeQuiet Pure Rock
  • Keyboard
    Corsair Vengeance K70 Cherry MX Brown
  • Mouse
    Logitech M570 Trackball & Logitech MX Performance
  • Sound
    BRIK D/A Converter
  • Operating System
    Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon

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  1. Mattias Edeslatt

    No power to my tower

    Pay the electrical bill....
  2. Mattias Edeslatt

    Taping a 120mm fan into a 80mm fan spot

    Just buy a new or used case that is not pre-2008 that have some decent options for fan-placement and other hardware. Or just buy a 80 mm fan, new or used it is not more than a couple of $ for a fan. That case is just an old potato, more or less from a long gone era. Your best option is just to use your current case with the side-panel off and either put a box-fan on the outside or make something with your 120 mm fans, heck even a "new" side-panel made of cardboard with cut outs for your fans over GPU and CPU/MB. Sure, you can put a 120 mm fan in the 5-1/4" bays, but don't even bother to hack that lower 120 mm fan in place instead of a 80 mm fan. Are there even room in front of the fan to breathe with the front-panel in place? Is the plan to mount the fan on the inside of the case above the HDD or on the outside?
  3. Mattias Edeslatt

    Taping a 120mm fan into a 80mm fan spot

    No, not without a adapter/funnel from 120 mm->80 mm for the sake of airflow/pressure. Assuming there is just a cut out for a 80 mm fan and the case is solid for the rest part just hacking a 120 mm fan is ineffective. It it is perforated for air to pass larger than 80 mm then just drill holes for the new fan and screw it in place or use ZIP-ties. Guessing you don't want to spend more money as getting a 80 mm fan is not an option and saving the 120 mm fan for another project, getting a 120 mm hole-saw to drill/cut-out a hole for the new fan is out of the question? But in fairness if the two bottom 120 mm fans doesn't help with the temp in the case, a extra 80/120 mm is not the solution.
  4. Mattias Edeslatt

    Power Usage problem?

    OK, then we can rule out the PSU. Guess you already have filled your new SSD with games? If not, disconnect the other drives and install windows on that drive to see if the problem continues? You either have a bad install/drivers or some HW-issue, we need to pinpoint it. Have you reset your BIOS/UEFI to defaults to rule out any bad OC/RAM-timings?
  5. Mattias Edeslatt

    Is my PSU a problem

    @ScruffyNerfHerder Indeed very strange. Try with the old PSU, just put it outside the PC and plug it in to the MB and GPU to see if it makes any difference. Sounds lika the problem is with either the new PSU or your MB as it is POST that takes forever, before it loads the OS. You have updated your BIOS/UEFI but have you done a clear CMOS that restore it to default settings? Either via the option in the BIOS/UEFI or the jumper on the MB. Just as check to narrow the problem down and to rule out any problem with that. You could try to unplug everything with your current PSU first, to see if the problem persists and if the startup/POST goes faster. There is something in the initial process that takes time...
  6. Mattias Edeslatt

    Is my PSU a problem

    Why? I get that it is never wrong to have a spare PSU for troubleshooting, but why buy one just in case? @ScruffyNerfHerder As all that was wrong with your old PSU was the fan, I hope you haven't thrown it away. Just for troubleshooting you can connect that to see if the problem goes away. How old was the Corsair PSU? Is there any warranty left? As others have mentioned, doubt the problem have anything to do with your new PSU or that it is failing. There are hardly any load/power draw at all at boot to talk about, much less anything that comes near taxing your "power limit" as you call it. Bad SATA-cable or failing drive is more likely, or a corrupt file-system. What exactly is taking longer? The time to go through POST or the time from finished POST to the operating system is loaded to the desktop?
  7. Mattias Edeslatt

    PSU Tier List [OLD]

    Then why are you asking on a forum like LTT? But you are in luck, here are a couple of very knowledgeable persons regarding PSU:s, but most people don't like what they have to say.... And just because that PSU hasn't exploded yet (or even will) doesn't make it a good PSU. Most PSU:s just work, even mediocre or even bad ones, they are just more likely to cause random trouble like unstable systems, bad/unstable OC, BSOD:s, failing random hardware like memory, HDD/SSD:s, motherboards, GPU:s, melting wires/connectors and so on. If they fail and go up in a ball of fire (have happened) the likelihood of it damaging some or all hardware is much greater as there are no or not sufficient protections. Even the best PSU can die, but it won't take the system with it.... I for one is newer going to understand that a person that can put up thousands of dollar on high end hardware and additional bling-bling is a tight-ass when it comes to the most important part in the whole system. " -Hey, i just bought a 2080Ti and a 9900K but I won't pay more than $55 for a PSU... those things are so expensive.... " but ask here anyway and get an answer like "get this or this, cost $20 more" and then go "No way... to much money, I found this for $35, that must be good. Why would the sell it if it weren't good?"
  8. Mattias Edeslatt

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    FFF, you need to clean that screen....
  9. Mattias Edeslatt

    Need help for building servers

  10. Mattias Edeslatt

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    They where all the rage back then.... Badum-tish....
  11. Mattias Edeslatt

    550 Watt Psu enough for RX590 and my system?

    And a 590 is a better card over all and faster at stock than a overclocked 580 out of the box and is aimed at 1440p gaming if I remember correctly.
  12. Mattias Edeslatt

    Where to find ASUS Bios Updater Utility?

    Core i7-4790 (3.6Ghz, 4C, HT, L3:8M, HD Graphic, 84W, rev.C0) ALL 1708 Core i7-4790K (4.0Ghz, 4C, HT, L3:8M, HD Graphic, 88W, rev.C0) ALL 2004 You have downloaded the ver. 2004 BIOS? And BIOS-Utilities Version 2.00.02 2014/02/28 7.16 MBytes BIOS updater for New 4th Gen Intel Core Processors Before using the new Intel 4th Gen Core processors, we suggest that you first download the BIOS updater for new Intel 4th Gen Core Processors and then update the BIOS using this tool. That is all that there is to it.
  13. Mattias Edeslatt

    PSU Doesn't Have Required Cable.

    For real? Are you serious? As stated, even different line-up's from the same manufacturer can use different pin-outs on the CPU or even switching pin-outs on the MB end of the connector. Please don't recommend (false) advises that can ruin other peoples computers costing them hundreds of dollars worth of damage
  14. Mattias Edeslatt

    Found This Case But I Dont Know What It Is!

    Removable trays where rare indeed. Was working as a PC-builder in that time-frame and do remember that some AOpen-chassis had that feature. Chieftech was up there as cream-de'la-cream, Cooler-Master and Lian-Li was exclusive with full aluminium chassis. CM had specific modell(s) in alu and Lian-Li was alu only.
  15. Mattias Edeslatt

    Is 520w for a rtx 2070 enough?

    No they wouldn't. If they even cared they would have stopped selling it a long time ago. And Seasonic is not alone in selling old crap, all manufacturers do that more or less. And in the most cases there won't be a problem as most systems even with a higher end GPU/CPU never come close to taxing the max wattage over a prolonged time-line. Gaming is rarely using a CPU/GPU to the fullest most of the time, if ever in the most cases. But start folding or transcoding videos 24/7 that are loading both CPU and GPU:s (or run CPU/GPU benchmarks / synthetic workloads 24/7) and there would be a problem to talk about with failing PSU:s that are taking hardware with it in its fall.....