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  1. Damian.Byrne

    Using second GPU for GPU folding?

    Good advice...especially since Linus published a video recently on reusing mining cards. Yeah, I'll keep an eye out for them as well.
  2. Damian.Byrne

    Using second GPU for GPU folding?

    That's awesome. Great. I'll keep an eye out for such a 1050 then.
  3. Hey, I'm just wondering. My gaming rig is a Core i7 8700K, 16GB RAM and a GTX 1080 Ti. I want to make efficient use of it for folding while I'm gaming. Currently, while I'm not power-using (that is, I'm just browsing the web, watching videos etc, nothing heavy), I have F@H set to use 6 CPU threads and full use of my GPU. When I want to game, I turn off GPU folding. I'm wondering...if I get a second GPU, purely for folding, would that be efficient? I'm not looking to fold 24/7, just whenever I'm on the machine. I ran a quick benchmark earlier. I only lose 20 frames between keeping the CPU folding on (6 threads) versus it off (I went down from 116 average to about 90 something at 1080p, all settings at maximum). I had a look at small cards like say the 1030, but I'm wondering if it would be worth it, considering it only has something like 300 odd CUDA cores. I'm not looking to get a card that requires a PCI-E power connector.
  4. Damian.Byrne

    Wireless Hard Drive recommendations?

    I had a thought. What about an adaptor for the cable coming from a portable hard drive to go to the micro-USB port on my Samsung tablet? Anyone used one of those? Concerns here are 1) Android/VLC/Kodi/ES File Explorer support for the file system on the drive. Do Android devices read exFAT and/or NTFS? 2) Power draw for the hard drive. I understand tablet manufacturers think about power going into the device, but out? Would my Samsung tablet give enough power for a 2.5" portable hard drive?
  5. Damian.Byrne

    Wireless Hard Drive recommendations?

    Because I don't have great internet. I just did a speedtest, my upload is 2.7 Megabits/sec. Not enough for 1080p. That and I'm not fully familiar with port forwarding and all that. I'd rather not accidentally leave a way open for someone to hack my network. I'm confident enough to run NAS's at home, but not to remote to them. Especially since my workplace wifi is open, has no security at all beyond giving an email address on a portal login.
  6. Damian.Byrne

    SSHD as C:

    From what I understand about SSHDs, you the user do not and should not see the SS portion of the drive. That portion is managed automatically by the drive's firmware itself, and populates it with files that are accessed most frequently from the mechanical hard drive portion. What I think you might have is a a SSHD that has two volumes. You'll want to go into Disk Management, delete Drive D and then extend Drive C to use the capacity that was formerly Drive D. Just click your start button, or click the magnifying glass next to it, type in Disk Management, and click on what pops up and do your thing there. Make sure you back up any important data from Drive D first.
  7. So guys, I'm looking to get a wifi hard drive to use at work so I can carry a good chunk of my anime collection. Files are either MP4 or MKV. The two devices that I'll be using it with are a Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 T580 tablet, or my Linx 12X64 Windows tablet. I'm looking for 2TB capacity, although 3 would be great. I've also just found out there are these devices (literally never heard of them before today for some odd reason), that are basically mini file servers that accept hard drives via USB. Devices like the following https://www.amazon.co.uk/RAVPower-Wireless-Portable-Companion-Streamer/dp/B076M3X2GR/ref=sr_1_29?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1533028111&sr=1-29&keywords=wireless+hard+drive I might go with one of those devices, because then I can use different hard drives. Any recommendations? I'd prefer a device that will let me select the video file I want through VLC or Kodi, and play it in those apps (thus meaning my tablets handle the video decoding). I've been reading bad reviews for WD wireless drives, so what does the community think? Thanks.
  8. Damian.Byrne

    secure delete m.2 ssd

    Hey guys, I have my old gaming rig I'm looking to sell. It has an m.2 SSD for a Windows boot drive and I'm looking for how to securely delete everything on it. Thing is, what I've found online tells me that securely deleting an SSD is different to a hard drive. I've found a few tools, but either they require me to run from within Windows (which I obviously can't do in this situation) or are paid (which I'll only do as a last resort). I'd vastly prefer a Linux tool that can be run off of USB flash drive.
  9. Damian.Byrne

    Nvidia Shield TV Oreo update has started to roll out today

    Don't suppose there's a way to force the Shield to update to Oreo, or do I literally have to wait for Nvidia to allow it? Surely all Shields go to the same server for updates...
  10. Damian.Byrne

    What do you guys recommend?

    Hey peeps, I'm looking for some advice. I've currently got a GTX 1060 6GB, Core i5 6600K and 16GB RAM. I'm looking to upgrade. I'm highly tempted to order a new computer, a custom build. I'm leaning towards getting an eighth gen core i7; I did consider a R7 1700X but I've checked some benchmarks and it actually loses to my 6600K. However, here's where I'm currently scratching my head. The builder I'm going to order off of lists as an option a 1080 Ti; I want that, considering I already have a 4K HDR TV. They're charging a 1000 euro for it. They don't list which brand it is, but I'm guessing it's an aircooled one, Thing is...on a local second hand site, someone is listing a a liquid cooled AIO 1080 Ti for 1200 euro. So guys, what do you recommend? 1) Complete new build, with 1080 Ti from the builder 2) Complete new build, but get the liquid cooled 1080 ti 3) Just get the liquid cooled 1080 ti, don't bother with a new build Does the liquid cooled card represent an extra 300 euro in value, above what the builder would charge for an air cooled?
  11. Damian.Byrne

    Accessing Raspberry Pi through the internet

    I found this tutorial, and I think I can follow it. About the only problem I am having is with my router's port forwarding page, as I haven't got a clue what to do there. https://pimylifeup.com/raspberry-pi-vpn-server/
  12. So...I've got a Raspberry Pi 3 with a self-powered USB hard drive set up on my home network. The Pi is wired into a switch, which is then itself wired to my ISP supplied modem/switch/router combo unit thing. Raspbian is installed, all latest updates. I've got SFTP while at home sorted out. The Pi is at address I'm able to stream media over wifi or ethernet just fine. My Nvidia Shield TV handles everything I can throw at it flawlessly, while downstairs, the first generation Amazon Fire TV stick struggles with 1080p blu-ray rips. Amazingly enough, while I'm transferring files to the Pi's hard drive from my desktop via SFTP, the Pi is still able to serve 1080p 10-bit encoded anime to my Shield. Was honestly surprised at that, I thought that the Pi's ethernet would have been saturated with transferring files, since the ethernet is on a USB 2 bus. Anyway, I want to control my Pi via the internet when I'm out and about. Specifically, I want to be able to select, start and stop torrents. Right now, I'd like help please with port forwarding. Check attachments for what the port forwarding on my router looks like. I don't know what to do. I've got the Pi's internal address, and my external IP is 51.37.xx.yy (while I'm a noob at this sort of stuff, I know not to give the full address). What do I do? Thanks in advance.
  13. Damian.Byrne

    So this is where all the GPUs have gone

    Really? I went onto Newegg, where I found a listing for the 8GB 580, which is $730.65. In euros, that's €586.28. Times 24 equals €14070.72. So yeah, bit of a rip off.
  14. Wondering where all the graphics cards have gone from store shelves? I think I might have found them all ^^ https://www.adverts.ie/graphics-cards/sapphire-rx-580-8gb-special-edition-24-cards-for-mining/14714235 Long story short, a second hand buy and sell site in Ireland has a listing for TWENTY FOUR RX 580s for the low low price of 17,000 euros! Any takers? (In case anyone is wondering, no, it's not me who' selling them).
  15. Damian.Byrne

    Media PC for my dad

    PCIE? Looks very much like a PCI card to me. On their specs page, it says PCI and has requirements for ancient versions of Windows like XP, Vista and 7.