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  1. You should be fine with Medium 60 fps high 60 fps idk about that i do say just try it out its just a lot of playing with settings for this game Since i am running it at 4K 60 fps ultra with a 4790K and 1080TI
  2. How is this guy not fired yet? (JK Love ya colton)
  3. Unplug the connector USB,XLR or 3.5MM and no one can hear you
  4. Lmao you went full on with this GG 10/10 IGN wouldnt play again
  5. What TV (model number) What HDMI Version is the port on the laptop and the TV
  6. BlueCrazii

    AT2020 Mic Issues

    It could be windows or discord(if you use that)

  8. Euhm the xbox app on windows ? just stream it over
  9. Windows 10 pro doesnt support more then 2 cpu's (sadly) so will need windows server for it
  10. Ladies luke confirmed on the last wan wan show thst he will be in the video
  11. I think that the 7900x is a good balance between the editing and gaming power those extra cpu cores will also help with the encoding of stream/rendering productions. But if you dont need those 2 extra cores and pcie lines 7900x: 44 7820x: 28 (10Gig network,HBA Card for more storage ?).
  12. Hi, I need to know a few things before i can recomend a nice bitrate: What is your upload speed Where are you streaming to (youtube,twitch,mixer,hitbox,facebook(Jk no one uses facebook streaming)) If you have a upload speed of 10 Mb/ps or more then a bitrate of 3000-6000 should be good
  13. Does it come with a blowjob or something jesus
  14. Same i also dont have problems with it
  15. it can be caused by: High people amount in the park Above 3K Loads of items/Buildings/Blueprints High cpu/gpu usage
  16. I think you mean something like this : https://www.amazon.com/Levin-Charging-Patented-Retractable-Organizer/dp/B01N12OGXW/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1512245159&sr=8-6&keywords=charging+station