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  1. Thunderbolt 2 = 16Gbps = 2GB/s = PCIe 2 x4 (Theoretical 20Gbps - but due to PCIe structure, it can only utilize 16Gbps) NOT PCIe 3 x 4 Please factor that in - And you can compare the performance and fps loss here, As PCIe 2 x4 is the same speed as PCIe 3 x2. http://www.anandtech.com/show/5458/the-radeon-hd-7970-reprise-pcie-bandwidth-overclocking-and-msaa)
  2. I've just ordered the akitio, and have the same mac as you. Do you feel like the cpu is a bottle neck? Edit: Nvm "soon" egpu. To OP - does the akitio come with a tb cable ?
  3. Hello guys! I'm working on a battery mod for my rMBP 13'3. So far this will be my purchase list: Poweradd Pilot Pro 32000mAh http://www.ipoweradd.com/poweradd-pilot-pro-32000mah-battery-charger-for-ipad-air-ipod_p1273.html Magsafe 2 cord http://www.banggood.com/45W-60W-85W-AC-Power-Adapter-Repair-Cord-Cable-For-Macbook-Magsafe-2-p-914322.html But before purchasing the items i want to hear a few things. The "original" apple charger is 16.5v but the batterypack is only able to give DC 9V,12V,16V,19V,20V/4.5A Would it be okay to just apply 16v, when the original DC adapter supply's the PC with 16.5v? If so - I've got a 32000mAh/118.4Wh batterypack for about 100$.
  4. Looks SOO fragile ! I hoped the plugin part would be longer, to give it a bit more grip. Take a look at micro usb 3.0 atm.. ffs that shit's horrible
  5. I found the solution to the problem. It involved several steps. 1- Better cables (did major improvement) 2- Used GOOD quality ground loop isolator ( art dti, connected to ground ) 3- Used external usb soundcard instead of elgato gamecapture HD (behringer uca20e)
  6. As I said, I know I'm not able to hear 50 kHz, but I'm just showing my findings here. I dissable ALL audio, record, hear the buzzing, and I just present the findings. But here's the horible sucker: http://puu.sh/b5aTG/d7877693cb.mp3
  7. Yeah I know that - BUT I hear a buzzing noise, and when I look at the spectrum, I see a 50khz noise.
  8. Wait a minute! As shown in the picture above, aproximate 50khz, which is equal to the quality setting..
  9. Oh THATS good to hear, because as far as i could read, then was ground loop only 60hz.. This gives me hope... Let's see monday when the ARC DTI arrives. But thanks for the reply mate! I will replay back once the isolator is in the house and tested.
  10. I've ordered a ARC DTI and some better audio cables, but if I had ground loop issue, wouldn't i see 60hz buzzing instead of 50khz ?
  11. Really? No-one else know about this issue?
  12. When I remove the usb from my main PC, the buzzing slightly decreases. (usb to the mixer) But I can't go without that cable. I've tried another new cable, still same issue.
  13. Hello guys! In my dedicated streaming setup, I get this buzzing noise. After a quick look, I'm quiet sure that it's a 50khz buzzing? (please correct me if I'm wrong?) Here's a audio sample (bare in mind, I turn up the volume at the end) : puu.sh/b4sMF/e77ce828cd.mp3 It's a quiet annoying background noise, considering how much I've spent on the system. But since it's at that high a frequency, will I be able to exclude ground loop issue? This is how my setup is: Any ideas what this annoying noise is ?
  14. Well I've always been a screen-whore I simply love the real-estate. I did the remodeling while the GF was out of town.. I'm crossing fingers that I'll still be living here tomorrow.