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  1. Boyohan and Oalei, Thanks for the reply. I've been researching with your help. The B250I is the only part I already got for this build - It's my starting point. So that's a given. sorry- I cannot change that. For the PSU I think I'll go with a modular (that's important) 450W I've found a small Gold Rated One, and as you say no need to use one that barely fits the needs. This will not be a gaming computer. Just for Word, internet, movies, music and acrobat. All I want is a good 4K monitor. It has to be small though. I'm going to build a lamp it'll fit in. One of these Japanese-style Shoji lamps... So I'm considering this: PSU: SST-ST45SF-G v 2.0 For the CPU maybe a 7th gen i5- 7500 BX80677I57500 what do you think? I know nothing about CPUs (plus a Noctua Nh.U12s) RAM: Some 64bit 16Gb DDR4 What do you recommend? I will not show - so it doesn't have to be pretty. An M.2 SSD for the operating system and a sata SSD for space. (haven't looked at that yet) Also I'll need some RGB LEDs for the lamp part of the build. I'll have to look into that...
  2. Hi all, I've got a new project. I want to build a very simple computer just for text processing on one 4K monitor. Using the Strix B250I Motherboard, An i7 CPU (not chosen yet) 16 Gigs of DDR4 RAM and NO Graphic Card! Is a 300W BeQuiet SFX PSU enough? Thanks! M.-
  3. parchow

    Feenix Collection Giveaway

    There is not enough wood in gaming. I really crave for that aria headset now.
  4. Hi All, Listen, guys. I really need a new PC and I'm thinking of starting with the Core i5-3570K. It's the right price, energy efficient and offers a good framerate. Also I need to start somewhere. Here's the thing - Last thing I build was a Core2 Quad with a 8800 GT and I'm absolutely not up to date. What I want is a silent and energy efficient PC. (That's important). I'd like to use no more than a 500 W power source. But I'd also like to be able to play the occasional nonspecific game with a good framerate on two 1440 displays. I'm not into tripple A gaming, and I usually haven't got the time, but still... I work with 3DMax, Autocad, Photoshop and Protools. None of those should be a problem. I'm thinking about using something like a GTX 670 OC Windforce 3X and a ASUS P8-Z77V motherboard, Windows8 on a SSD. But I'm not sure and I'd like to know what you think I should do. Should I use a liquid cooling system? wadda ya think? thanks for your help. Marc
  5. parchow

    The new guy: silent PC-build

    So This is what I ended up with: CPU: Intel Core i7-3770K Cooler: Noctua NH-C12P SE14 two extra Noctua NF-F12 PWM MB: Maximus V Gene GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 760 DirectCU II OC RAM: Corsair 16GB Vengeance DDR3 PC3-12800 CL10 - CML16GX3M2A1600C10 SDD: 2 Samsung 840 Pro 128GB HD: Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB (WD20EZRX) PSU: Seasonic SS-660XP Platinum Series Case: Fractal Design Define Mini It's an excelent and fast rig. I'm quite happy. Thank you all, guys!
  6. parchow

    The new guy: silent PC-build

    Thank you WoodenMarker. I'm already searching for where to buy the parts here in Portugal. I might post some pictures of the final build.
  7. parchow

    The new guy: silent PC-build

    Hi VVR4ITH - tanks for the guidelines, but I'm OK. Don't bother about the budget. What I want from you guys is tips and personal choices so I can learn and make my own choice. If it wasn't for this tread I would have never discovered the Fractal Design Silent Cases, the norcura cpu cooler or the E3 1230 processor. I'm glad for your Replys and After making up my mind I'll See where and how cheap I can get here in Portugal what i want. thanks.I
  8. parchow

    The new guy: silent PC-build

    Hey WoodenMarker, thanks a whole bunch for your reply. It looks good and the GPU is excelent. The case is great as well, i've seen some unboxing videos, and I like it. Nevertheless I fell for the smaller case, the Define mATX. I've been measuring my workspace and that would fit in here just like a glove. So that would lead me to changing the motherboard and here is another idea I've had: I'd like to have onboard wifi and bluetooth. Does that make sense? Onboard wifi is faster than a wifi pen, and bluetooth is just handy. So i'm looking for the right motherboard. The Cooler sounds great. as do the hard drives. 16 gigs of memory - excelent. I'll check the prices here in Portugal. Things are a bit more expensive here. I'll try to learn something more about the CPU. The xeon series is for servers, right? it doesn't overclock, tough... But as I want something a bit more quiet There is no need to overclock. or is there... well you gave me something to think about. Thanks!
  9. parchow

    The new guy: silent PC-build

    Hey, Scia, you mean case, Right? (the Fractal Design Define Mini mATX)does the ASUS P8Z77-V LK and the Msi N660 Ti fit into a mATX tower?
  10. parchow

    The new guy: silent PC-build

    Hi All, thanks for your Replys and Help. Owen. You are right about the windforce. Now I'm considering the GTX660Ti. And I might keep the liquid cooling as an open option for the future. A chistmas present maybe... Stav Kats, Thanks for the Dark Knight tip. I might go with that for now. I think I should replace the Stock Cooler that comes with the CPU. The 770 is a mit on the expensive side. and as I won't play a whole lot I think I'll be all right with something like the msi N660Ti PE. I've heard marvels about that card. Seems to be a powerful card for a midrange price. Vbgf, I am indeed thinking of using this computer for some 3 years and still have the option of playing some of the new games if i want. Also - don't ask me why, but I'm an Intel guy. given the choice I always tend to chose Intel since a long time ago I've had some trouble with AMD. I stil thing that every second iteration of windows is terrible, so in my mind windows 8 is a bad choice. but it seems that windows 8 is quite good at managing the cpu. and It gets a higher framerate out of the gpu as well... I might start with windows 7 and switch to 8 if I get to buy a touchscreen monitor. Ther's another christmas present. Scia, Thanks for the links. tha pcpartpicker site is great! The priceranges seem a little high for me, though. Adobe is pertering up with AMD? I didn't know that... interesting. I use a bunch of adobe products. Hmmm. Thanks for the FD R4 Case tip. I havn't even begun thinking of the case, and that's a good starting point. and the noctua fans seem excelent. An 128gb SSD is enough for the OS, right? what is my "PS and stuff" My Game files, and personal stuff? As I work with sound and Video, I need a mighty harddrive for all that, so an SSD is out of the question. Maybe in the future when prices come down and using RAID... that'd be great. As for my SDD choice - This is totaly new to me and I've got no idea about what's out there. I don't think that an SDD should be extremely fast. I'm swiching from a normal Harddrive to an SDD, so even a slow SDD should be great. Do you think a cheap SSd will do the job or is there something special I should Look for? KyonCoraeL, I'll elaborate, shure. I want my computer to use only the wattage that I need. The GPU should be able to know when I'm playing Portal2 from when I'm on a forum. I should be able to swich the onboard GPU off. and I know that there is loads of other stuff that I havn't even heard of that helps save energy. Some sistems should go idle when I don't need them. I'm still searching the forum for information about this, but for now It seems that the Z77 motherboard is quite smart in that respect. Wooden Marker. Good Question. I'd like to say that the budget is no problem, but to be true, it's a huge problem. The thin is that I want a good computer that will stay true for a long time, so I know that I will have to buy some quality parts. Now, I might buy the parts seperately as the money comes in. As of now I think That the whole computer should come in around the 1300$ range. less is preferable of course. So, If I end up choosing an i5-3570K a msi N660 Ti Power Edition and a P8Z77-V, I think I'l be allright. But please tell me about RAM memory for this sistem. As i said the last RAM I bought was DDR2, and I've no idea about what's out there. I will look for info, but You might give me some personal experience help. Again, thanks for all your help and see you soon. Marc