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  • CPU
    AMD FX-8350
  • Motherboard
    Biostar ta970
  • RAM
    G.SKILL Ares Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333
  • GPU
    XFX Double D R7 260x
  • Case
    CFI Bastet CFI-A4012 Black
  • Storage
    Crucial M500 240gb ssd, Samsung 3tb hdd, WD Black 1tb+WD black 1tb raid0
  • PSU
    APEVIA JAVA 650w
  • Display(s)
    Changhong 50" 1080p LED HDTV
  • Cooling
    corsair h100i
  • Keyboard
    logitech K400r
  • Mouse
    onn wireless mouse
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 Home Premium

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  1. geoffrywillhardt

    Sata data cable splitter Imac

    yes Mac os high sierra has Raid0 boot support, yes I backup regularly. I am working with large video and photo files, and large libraries of photos from shoots. Might sound crazy but I split time between Mac and PC but try to have the Mac in front of clients because it "looks" more artsy and pro even though my PC can run circles around the mac hence the reason I want to upgrade it and make it as snappy as I can without going out and spending thousands on a new mac that still wont perform as well as a pc.
  2. geoffrywillhardt

    Sata data cable splitter Imac

    Thanks for all the help everyone, guess im gonna loose the superdrive cause i want to raid 0 the ssds for maximum performance and the superdrive really isnt used that much.
  3. geoffrywillhardt

    Sata data cable splitter Imac

    So Im planning on installing two 2.5" SSD's in place of my one 3.5"HDD in my 27" Imac. Im hoping to use the Sata connections that are already there from the HDD for one drive and then daisy chain off the Disc drive ones for the second drive. Im having trouble figuring out if there is an adaptor that i can attach to the cables that are already in place to split between the two so I dont have to dig too deep into the mac to attach new cables. Im hoping to retain use of the superdrive but if its not possible I know i could always get an external superdrive. Thanks
  4. geoffrywillhardt

    Apple cares about pro users?

    My main complaint about Apple is that they are a company that trys to tell people what they want to buy. Which is great if it comes with something innovative like the original iPhone. Instead of asking people what they want and delivering they keep trying to sell us out dated hardware at a premium. Eventually there gonna be in trouble again like they have in the past. Also I'm not going to switch to Mac OS (which I love btw) if I can't count on them having updated hardware to go with it when I want it.
  5. geoffrywillhardt

    Apple cares about pro users?

    https://news.google.com/news/amp?caurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cnet.com%2Fgoogle-amp%2Fnews%2Fapple-tim-cook-shareholder-meeting-macbook-pro-jesse-jackson-manufacturing-jobs%2F#pt0-146676 "The pro area is very important to us. The creative area is very important to us in particular. Don't think that [because] something we've done or something we're doing that isn't visible yet is a signal that our priorities are elsewhere. It's very, very important to us." I think there more worried about selling the newest, latest and greatest iPhone of the year to 13 year old girls. They haven't focused on pro users for years. Razer, MSI, Asus, etc can update there laptop lineups every year with the latest and greatest why can't Apple? To worried about being thin and light I guess. The Mac pro is a joke.
  6. geoffrywillhardt

    Newegg beats patent troll again

    Love that newegg isn't afraid to stand up to these kinds of people. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/02/encryption-patent-that-roiled-newegg-is-dead-on-appeal/
  7. Hey all, I have a wedding upcoming and were planning on skipping the DJ and just doing the sound ourselves and I was hoping to buy a sound system that could be reused as a home theater system after the wedding or a home theater system that would work for the wedding if that makes sense.The reception will be fairly small only around 100-150 people in a building around 40ftx100 ft. Not looking for anything too high end would like to keep the cost under $500 if possible. I would like to have at least one mic for announcements and such. I really don't have much experience with home theater or sound systems. If anyone has any recommendations or info about how to go about setting up a home theater system to work with a mic and the adapters or cables that would be required that would be great. Thanks
  8. geoffrywillhardt

    Elgato HD60s with USB 2.0?

    Sweet, yeah I hadn't thought about that and it may come in handy in more ways than just the Elgato. Thanks for the info.
  9. geoffrywillhardt

    Elgato HD60s with USB 2.0?

    HP Laptop ProBook 6460B Intel Core i5 2nd Gen 2540M (2.60 GHz) 4 GB Memory 250 GB HDD Intel HD Graphics 3000 14.0" Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit. Upgraded to Win 10, 8gb of ram, and an 480gb SSD.
  10. geoffrywillhardt

    Elgato HD60s with USB 2.0?

    I'm planning on buying an Elgato game capture "card". I want to get the HD60s for portability as I travel for work. My question is will it work with usb 2.0 without being able to use the instant gameview and lower latency for streaming etc. I'm not worried about streaming just want to record Xbox One gameplay at the moment. I have an older laptop with only usb 2.0 but planning on upgrading within the next year or so. The laptop does exceed the minimum system requirements other than usb 3.0. I also have a desktop at home which has usb 3.0 so I could stream from there if I want, but I don't want to have to haul that with me. Its enough of a pain to haul the Xbox and laptop etc. Just trying to avoid having to buy an upgraded card in the future if possible. Thanks for any input.
  11. geoffrywillhardt

    TQ: How Does Airplane Wi-Fi Work? 720p/360p

    So quick question is the Buy for $2.99 if you don't subscribe to floatplane club?
  12. would the WD black dual drive sata 6.0gb/s work properly with sata 3.0gb/s, I understand the speed would not be the same, but would the functionality work the same?