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  1. Call him something and say you have tourettes
  2. There a lot to love about Phil.
  3. "Does it support SLI?" "Only if you would pay an extra fee of 200$"
  4. Everything to the max 1080p up and down mt chilliad avg 43fps. FUCK THESE 780S

  5. Sexist much? Be sure to eat some women too to balance that man taste
  6. I've been having a very poor performance with my cards. I guess this is the nail in the coffin for me to sell the two :L
  7. Your telling me the 960 "beats" something..... 99.9% Sure this is false info
  8. Or maybe you have the best cpu in the world But still CPU-Z is higher than a stoners porn collection
  9. My CPU is at 4.5 and i cant do anything on the desktop when in game. Also my 780's perform POORLY. Always the reviewers getting good performance :l
  10. What quality are you running at?