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  1. FAQBytes

    2200G or 2400G

  2. FAQBytes

    Older laptop CPU upgrade

    Since you double-checked and stated that yes, it is user up-gradable, you have a few options. It seems that the laptop has an upper-TDP limit of 35W, as that is the max that the laptop shipped with. If you want to push your luck, you could maybe go with a 45w, like a 3630QM. http://www.cpu-upgrade.com/mb-Intel_(chipsets)/HM77_Express.html EDIT: This actually seems like it may be a best option if you can find any: i7-3632QM http://www.cpu-upgrade.com/CPUs/Intel/Core_i7_Mobile/i7-3632QM_(BGA).html
  3. FAQBytes

    Best Intel SSD

    https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/memory-storage/solid-state-drives/consumer-ssds/760p-series/760p-series-512gb-m-2-80mm-3d2.html $155 fine?
  4. FAQBytes

    Weird Temps

    127 is the max value of a signed int8 variable, indicating a read error on the part of HWinfo. Nothing to be concerned about.
  5. FAQBytes

    Computer Underperforming

    Also what resolution/settings?
  6. Last time I was this early... I don't remember being this early before.
  7. So in general most sff dc-dc psus use laptop chargers as their AC-DC converter, thus use 16-20v input. However, the Pico-PSU has a 12v input. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9siaef86jm6460 Just as a note, it does not have any external power, so you're going to use something like the 1050 ti. Just remember you also don't want to overstress the RV electrical system as well.
  8. Hello all, As stated in the title, I'm having some difficulties getting my second NVME SSD to run at full bandwidth. Description: When putting a second NVMe Drive (First is another PM961 1TB): Samsung PM961 1TB (Model: MZFLW1T0HMLH-000MU NVMe 1.0/1.1) Only receives PCIe 3.0x2 Bandwidth HP Liteon 256GB (Model: CX2-8B256-Q11 NVMe 1.2) Receives full 3.0x2 bandwidth. During both, GPU retains full PCIe 3.0x16 bandwidth. Hardware: 8700k Asus Strix z370i ITX Samsung PM961 1TB (x2) PNY GTX 980 Should be everything important that I can think of. I'm at a complete loss as to what to do. Any help is much appreciated.
  9. FAQBytes

    NVME SSD (PM961) Only using 3.0x2

    Upon closer inspection of the drive, it appears that it was damaged before even being sent to me. The PCB is bent, which is usually fine, but the bigger problem was that there is a crack, likely resulting in broken traces. I am currently attempting to get ahold of the seller.
  10. FAQBytes

    NVME SSD (PM961) Only using 3.0x2

    Just took it out and looked at it. The connector itself looks fine. Nothing on the PCB screams something is wrong either. Switching is going to have to wait for a few days since I have a huge workload over the next few days.
  11. FAQBytes

    NVME SSD (PM961) Only using 3.0x2

    The first thing that tipped me off was the speed, then using CrystalDiskInfo, it showed the following: Where the left side is the current mode, and the right the max supported mode.
  12. FAQBytes

    new build for a workstation

    Virtual machine. The operating system is running within another operating system and is isolated. Sorry about the delay.
  13. FAQBytes

    Good overclocking motherboard?

    While, yes, the quality of the CPU has the largest influence (And hence, buying off silicon lottery would be the first step), providing a good chip dirty power will cause it to not clock as high.
  14. FAQBytes

    new build for a workstation

    I was talking more so the defending environment than the attacking environment (assuming parrot is the attacking environment considering the presence of metasploit). Do you have the defending VM's on the workstation itself? It's been several years since I've done pentesting, so everything may have changed in that time.
  15. FAQBytes

    Good overclocking motherboard?

    I want to ask you two question: "Why are you wanting to overclock and how far are you expecting to go?"
  16. FAQBytes

    new build for a workstation

    For penetration testing, one of the biggest thing is compatibility as well as IO speed since everything is virtual. Which program do you use to make your VMs, or are they off-machine?
  17. FAQBytes

    Need help

    Okay, so you're using different PSUs for each? To help prevent a lot of back and forth on each, please do the following: List out all the components (with specific model numbers) in each machine List of symptoms and when it started happening List all the troubleshooting steps you've gone through so far As for the different ATX power headers on the motherboard, that is for extra power delivery to the CPU. It started off as an additional 4-pin, and as CPUs became more powerful, they moved up to an 8-pin. Lower-end boards assume lower-end (read: less power hungry) CPUs, and cut costs by limiting the power delivery.
  18. FAQBytes

    Confusion about power phases

    No problem. At 5.2 GHz, which CPU are you looking at? Additionally, what would your budget be?
  19. FAQBytes

    Need help

    I was asking about the Power supply, not the CPU.
  20. FAQBytes

    Upgrade gpu or wait?

    So, at that point I would go for a rx580 and a cheap Adaptive Sync monitor. You will be limited eye-candy wise with the r3 1200 (and to a similar degree the 580), especially if you don't overclock, but that's mostly as a warning to not expect to run everything on 1440p 144hz at ultra detail.
  21. FAQBytes

    Need help

    Is the PSU the same under both? To me that seems like the only constant, and would make a heck of a lot of sense, especially if it's an "El Cheapo" PSU.
  22. FAQBytes

    Confusion about power phases

    How extreme are you going and how much electrical knowledge do you have?
  23. It's a half height tower, he'd need https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814137081
  24. FAQBytes

    Need help finding a laptop

    Look at Facebook Marketplace, especially if you just want something cheap. Generally you won't feel too bad breaking one if it comes down to it. Otherwise, a used surface pro off ebay should do the trick (Just be sure that it is a working unit, as there are a lot of as-is/for parts units) for $100-200. I'm sure there's some cheaper off-brand stuff if you're willing to tinker or put some research into it.
  25. Maybe it's graphics cards I'm thinking of then, since I've had both ASUS and EVGA cards with them now.