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  1. New IJN DD for you, T10 Harugumo gun boat with 10x100mm guns and a 6-torpedo launcher.

    1. DrMacintosh


      Meh, never was a big fan of the IJN. Their mid tier BBs are good but I've always preferred the USN and I'm also liking the French and British ships. 


      IJN feels outdated. 

  2. DNS Superstar

    Why would your Internet bill go up? Changing your DNS server is one of the most simple changes you can make.
  3. They've made or contributed to mining utilities previously though, in those cases they provided source code in the repository. They haven't provided any source code here which is unusual given the past cases. https://github.com/OhGodACompany
  4. RAID is absolutely not a form of backup, it's a failure tolerance system at best. You still will need some sort of backup mechanism.
  5. Cookie preference

    I like soft cookies but the ones my mother makes end up on the harder side after a day, and I fear for my life if I told her I didn't care for them much.
  6. Interesting results but the hash rate is pretty low. I guess JS miners aren't very efficient for low traffic sites.
  7. Depending on complexity, it would be hard to replicate unless you got really detailed.
  8. If it's a solution to a problem, ask people if they experience the problem and if they would want a solution. Include vague details that may help if you want.
  9. Network bonding Two ISP - How?

    *looks at middle of headers* This is a fine spot here
  10. Network bonding Two ISP - How?

    I can imagine the headaches that would cause...
  11. Network bonding Two ISP - How?

    Your max speed does not double but your capacity does with bonded/aggregate links.
  12. Community Standards

    E.U. privacy laws put vast restrictions on the data of children under 16; GDPR if I'm not mistaken is the specific law. My gaming community changed our accepted minimum age for members from 15 (14 sometimes with approval from high up admins) to only 16 with no exceptions because of it.
  13. Cryptonight V7

    Are you positive Nicehash is supporting the fork currently?
  14. Honestly the best part of it was reading the exchange between Pistol and one of the Bully Hunter people on Twitter. Was pretty funny how childish the BH woman was.