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  1. Changed the fluid and added a drain to my loop. I don't think the ratio of the fluid is quite right but I think it'll be fine.

  2. Isn't this just a repeat of the existing news thread?
  3. Task Manager doesn't actually display accurate memory usage of all programs. Use Resource Monitor for more accurate readings. I frequently use over 7GB of RAM when playing a game along with my browser/spotify/etc. open. Sometimes that easily goes up to 11-12GB when playing really demanding games. 8GB isn't really enough anymore if you game and like to have other programs open.
  4. Life sucks, I wish I was never born.

    What you need to do instead of making these threads is see a therapist.
  5. New versions of distros commonly depreciate old libraries in favor of new ones, and a lot of older software doesn't get updated. You can still usually install the dependencies but determining the correct ones can be a pain sometimes. apt search is your friend. The tarball they provide appears to be already compiled with no make file. OP would simply need to make a .desktop file for this application in either /usr/share/applications or ~/.local/share/applications.
  6. Doubtful, they're might have just been a network hiccup somewhere which prevented the key server and/or repo server from being contacted, or something along those lines.
  7. Mind sharing a screencap or copypasta of the message?
  8. It works on 16.04 (just verified it myself). Do you get a message about the typora repository when you do apt update?
  9. Ads On Netflix?

  10. Anime Club - Heaven Society

    I'm sorry you enjoy hearing the same 10 VAs in every anime.
  11. It doesn't matter then but we are alive right now so it matters right now. Getting hung up on something so far in the future that you can't even perceive the difference in time is pointless.
  12. When will SMS be replaced...

    SMS doesn't send media, the max data size is too small. MMS is the media protocol though it's still fairly limited. Both of these use the telephone SS7 (which is very outdated at this point and really needs to be replaced) protocols to send their messages. iMessage, WhatsApp, etc. use TCP/IP protocols instead of the SS7 protocols to send messages which allows for messages to be split up into more packets to be sent.