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  1. Just figured it out actually - rookie error, the microphone had 0% gain on itself when out of the box. Didn't check that.. Thanks for your time, and have a good day!
  2. it is, but when I make noise the green bar isn't going up
  3. Hi there, For some reason while my headset microphone works, my condenser microphone isn't being noticed by the levels and isn't being noticed when I select it as a recording option in a specific recording program (Mirillis Action) I've tried installing Realtek Drivers, however Windows' "High Definition Audio Device" keeps overriding it. Also when I try to update "High Definition Audio Device" and select the Realtek Drivers, Windows says it currently has the most up to date version. Happy to pay $10 via PayPal to anyone who can provide the fix. Somewhat urgent since I've got a recording I really would like get completed today. Condenser Microphone is Editors Keys SL600 Cheers! Oliver
  4. Thanks, one question - can I update my 1070 drivers using the geforce experience? or is it different when doing so via a download?
  5. Tried DDU but potentially didn't do it right, I guess. Intel GPU is integrated but my Nvidia GPU is added to the PC recently. Good question I forgot to add this context - it started this error when I installed my 1070.
  6. Hi there, As seen in the screenshot I'm trying to update my drivers since Adobe Premiere is asking me to. I go to Adobe's link, download the driver I need to and try to install it. Then I get the error about the minimum system requirements. Due to this, I go to Intel. But when I do (using Intel's Driver & Support Assistant) it says that I am fully up to date (also shown in the screenshot) How can I get a more updated driver so that Premiere will like my Intel CPU? Thanks, Oli
  7. Sure, no worries. I have a company and a team in Eastern Europe, that's why I suggest Upwork - really good and the rates are nice for the countries. I'd say that it is definitely worth a shot if you can set yourself up as a specialist, and target a specific type of business thriving at this time. But that's just my 2 cents.
  8. Sure, thanks for the offer. Sorry to hear about the situation, unfortunately I don't have anything available at the moment. Have you tried going to Upwork for work, and specifically searching for a list of industries that are doing very well through this period? I am sure there are many that need help if you get specialised in search.
  9. Super, thanks for your replies, much appreciated. How much do you know about general IT problems (such as playback issues with a specific laptop, Chrome issues etc.)? I am looking for someone that I can ask every now and then for advice on solving issues when they crop up, and paying ~$10/hr for that advice/research. If you have the knowledge and are interested in helping, let me know. Or if you know anyone else that might be suitable.
  10. Fair enough, but no worries. I am rarely using my work PC computer now, I use my laptop instead.
  11. Sure, but if I don't need the 16GB anymore, and there are no issues, why not just switch them?
  12. Noted, what about the RAM? The PC definitely needs the RAM swapped, my brother on the family computer playing Battlefield V needs my 16gb or RAM not the family computer's 8gb. How does RAM switching effect performance?
  13. Which part of the swap exactly is problematic? Just the CPU then? If so, I can just swap the GPU and RAM, that isn't much of an issue. CPU is an i7 4770k vs i5 something (from 2013-ish)
  14. Okay, thanks guys - to elaborate, I was planning to get the benefit of my higher end gaming PC's GPU, CPU, and RAM. I've already moved the GPU to the family computer, but for the RAM and CPU I'm not sure how that'd work. Will it mess it up or is it just a simple switch?