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Corsair Joseph

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  1. Corsair Joseph

    Corsair Vengeance K70 (non RGB) Backlight buttons not working

    That's unfortunate the KB does not have warranty? We can probably try a soft reset and see if it will bring those LEDs back to life - Ensure the BIOS switch is in the (1) position - Unplug the keyboard - Hold ESC, and insert the USB with the keyboard logo into a USB 3.0 port - Release ESC after 5 sec
  2. Corsair Joseph

    Question about Corsair SP120 RGB Fans

    This is exactly how I would address this situation. @Hakosaki Also, make sure to plug in the fans to the hub in order. The fan hub has labels on each port, use port 1,2, and 3.
  3. Corsair Joseph

    Corsair HD140 RGB Issue

    Sounds like bad fan hub, sorry about that. Yes, contact our support and I am sure they'll get you sorted out in no time. If you run into any issues with replacement/exchange, let me know.
  4. Corsair Joseph

    Corsair RM650x Fan Erratic Behaviour

    Like what quan said, that sounds like a faulty unit. RMx has zero rpm mode, so there's no reason why the fan would turn on under minimum load, and not to mention, the ramping up and down. If you are still within your store's return policy, I would definitely have it exchanged. If you're not, I'd submit an RMA request and get the unit replaced via Corsair warranty.
  5. Corsair Joseph

    H100i RMAed 3 times.

    Sorry to hear that, that's very unfortunate to have 3 coolers to fail on you within the 3 year period. That's really rare. Send me your last ticket # and I'll make sure that we take care of that for you.
  6. Corsair Joseph

    H100i V2 cable problems

    @For Science! Your other post above was actually ideal for most set up. Many of us here use that same logic including myself. Have the fans react to the coolant's temp as oppose to the core temp. That way the rad fan's curve will have a smoother transition when ramping up or going down. I don't think any of us here want our fans to have a frantic behavior when your system is in use. In terms of having the fans on the mobo, that's really totally up to the user. There's a number of applications out there that you can use to control the fans via mobo fan header.
  7. Corsair Joseph

    H100i V2 cable problems

    This is spot on!
  8. Corsair Joseph

    Corsair 570x or a Caselabs Merlin SM8

    Glad to hear that!
  9. Corsair Joseph

    Corsair CX650 vs Corsair CX650M

    I have a feeling that CX is the previous gen.
  10. Corsair Joseph

    Corsair Air 540 HDD covers

    Not the biggest fan of that either, that's why we've got that part sorted out with our Air740
  11. I am pretty confident that our type 3/4 cables are thinner than our type 2. So if you have type 2 cable, go for the 2.85mm
  12. Corsair Joseph

    Corsair Void Mic Recording Quality

    Yes, try a different app and see if it will make a difference. You could also check the sampling rate in recording device properties, make sure you have 1channel 16bit, 44100hz
  13. I did not know that they have different specs.. But if I had to guess, I'd go with the bigger size (2.85mm) because I know type 2 cable sleeves are thicker than type 3/4I did not know that they have different specs.. But if I had to guess, I'd go with the bigger size (2.85mm) because I know type 2 cable sleeves are thicker than the type 3 and 4
  14. Corsair Joseph

    Corsair Air 540 HDD covers

    Something like this? http://www.coldzero.eu/239-lightboxes
  15. Corsair Joseph

    Corsair Dominator Memory Kit Mod

    I'm with you on that color combo The Umbrella theme is pretty cool, I like it
  16. Corsair Joseph

    Corsair Air 540 Best Fan placement

    I would keep the way it is - 2 x 140 intake in the front, 2 x 120 up top as exhaust, and 1 x 140 rear exhaust. I think that set up is ideal for minimum noise level. Plus, the way the case is designed, a standard set up like yours is good enough to flush warm air out of the system.
  17. Corsair Joseph

    Corsair 400Q vs Define C Vs Evolve ATX Glass

    Looking at those options objectively, if you are really going to focus on silence, 400Q would most likely give an edge since it has noise dampening material all around it, and you'll probably get a slightly better thermals vs those 2. But if you are leaning towards aesthetics like window panel and whatnot, I'd go Define C over the 400Q.
  18. Corsair Joseph


    Yup, 450w is enough and should be fine.
  19. Corsair Joseph

    New Coolers?

    This one should be out towards the end of this year, barring any major changes.
  20. Have you tried flashing the KB's FW? and which version of CUE are you using? After uninstalling CUE, make sure you to delete the CUE2 folder here C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Corsair\CUE Folder C:\User If possible, try a different system and see if the problem follows.
  21. Corsair Joseph

    Refurbished Corsair Keyboards

    @Crosseyed Sniper I have to say, those refurb deals are hard to beat. I think those prices are better than our employee price Just in case you are curious, we do our refurb process in our factory, so they go through the same QC process like a brand new unit, except for the box of course.
  22. Corsair Joseph

    Corsair Power Supply HELP ME PLEASE

    @Bryce2254, Sorry to hear that man. What Corsair PSU is this? The loud pop sound is definitely not a good sign. It's good to hear that you've contacted our RMA dept as soon that it happened, that way they can evaluate your case right away. Did you tell them about your 2 fans that might have gotten damaged during the paper clip test? We do normally compensate our customers in situations where it's proven (with data to back it up) that our product caused the damage to another hardware in a build. I am sure that our RMA dept/customer service will handle your case professionally. If you run into any issues during the process, feel free to contact me.
  23. Corsair Joseph

    does 430w power supply is enough ?

    Yes, with an i5 7500 and 1060, that CX430W is enough. But if I were you, I'd go with the CX450m instead. Better thermal tolerance and longer warranty for only $5 more (Newegg I think). That's just a better pick in my opinion.
  24. Corsair Joseph

    PSU Tier List Updated

    New CX line that was announced at Computex? I don't believe there was one. The most recent PSU models we launched are the TXM gold and the HX platinum.
  25. Corsair Joseph

    Corsair 308t similar cases

    What about the Air240? That's pretty close to the 380T in terms of size and very easy to work with.