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    Computers in general, volleybal, mountainbiking and more!
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    *Say something cool gijs* FALLOUT 4 - THE WITCHER 3 - GTA V ... wait ... NOT FALLOUT 4! *Nailed it...*
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    Asus X99-DELUXE
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    Logitech G430 Headset
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  1. hey everybody! I'm looking for a way to hook up 3 1440p displays from one DP connection, to decrease cable clutter and also to let me setup all my screens at once (3 main setup, one TV, one HTC Vive and a monitor near the Vive). I'm currently running a GTX 1080 Strix A8G, so that's Two DP1.4, Two HDMI 2.0 and One DVI, I would like to use the DVI for the Vive monitor, and the 2 HDMI ports for the TV and The Vive, so that leaves me with 3 1440p monitors to hook up to 2 DP connections, I could get a 1-2 splitter and then run one display off of a seperate connecetion, but I was curious if there isn't a way to hook up the 3 displays from one single DP Port. I saw this item ( A 1-3 splitter, but it claims a 1440p display would take 35% of bandwith, so 3 display's would take 105%, so I don't think it would work. I went looking further but couldn't find any suitable splitters... So if anyone knows a way to hook up the 3 displays from one connection, I would love to hear it. Also, If I were to hook up my center monitor seperatly, could I setup the side monitors through a splitter and still configure windows to recognise that they are 2 different monitors, and need to be placed either side of the center monitor? Thanks a lot in advance! -Gijs PS: If you need any clearification because of my weird way of structuring sentences, just let me know.
  2. I might just strap it to the outside, would be suitable for hikiing but I don't want to be running around town with an expensive drone attached by 2 carbiners... Then again, I don't really use the drone that often in town. I might just get the Douchebag, mostly because it looks stylish, that's not an important thing to me, but when you arrive at a client, you want to look professional. Thanks for the link! Really appreciate it!
  3. Looks great, a bit on the expensive side but it looks perfect! Thanks a lot for the detailed reply! I would like to go to a camera store but the closest decent one is a 1.5 hour car drive away... The Douchebag looks classy but I don't think it will fit the drone. I might just go around with the carrying case that I got with the phantom, Or try to find a friend who wants to go hiking and filming with me haha. The quality is amazing for the price, amazing performance in the 4K mode. Just keep in mind that the AF system isn't the fastest and seems to hunt in video mode. Also the automatic white balance works great, except when using it in warmer bulb light, it turns up the WB way too high, so try to remember to set it yourself in that situation. But I'm really happy with it for the price.
  4. I personally would het the i5, it's more effecient and will leave more budget for gpu and other parts
  5. Hey everyone! I'd like to purchase a really good camera bag that holds my Panasonic G7 with 4 lenses (7-14f4, 12-35f2.5, 35-100f2.5, 100-300f4-5.6) and possibly my GH5 once i purchase it. Another necessary thing for me is the support to hold my Phantom 3 advanced with 2 batteries, this makes it hard to find a bag that fits. An optional feature is way to secure a tripod with fluid head to the bag, and possibly even a slider. (Manfrotto 190 go!, MVH502AH, and a Fotga 80cm carbon slider) The reason why I need a single bag for that, is that I'm a solo shooter, I do everything on my own and need all my gear with me at once... If anyone know a quality bag that holds all (or most) of that gear, please let me know! Thanks in advance! -Gijs EDIT: preferably a backpack
  6. Small question, for a 5820K and a 1080 (STRIX) bot overclocked... would 760 watt be enough?
  7. I heard the 6700K is more than fine for video editing, Dimitry for HWC uses it too and he hasn't complained yet ;-) I'll give it a nights rest but thanks for the help and info!
  8. I currently have the 5820K and love it( 4,5 Ghz) Maybe just save up a little bit more and get the 1080 and the 5820K ;-)
  9. I currently have a 5820K and a GTX 970, but I have a buyer for this system so I'm planning for the upgrade so I'm not pc-less for multiple weeks or days I know, but would the 1080 vs the 1070 balance out the rendering times because of the more and faster CUDA cores?
  10. Value doesn't really matter to me, the two options get to the same price (in my country) Wouldn't the better CUDA performance, balance out the rendering times?
  11. Hey everyone, I'm planning a new build and I'm indecisive between these two options, I'm going to do video and photo editing but also some 4k gaming, would I be better off getting the better videocard (Premiere Pro uses CUDA acceleration) and the lesser cpu or the other way around? Thanks! -Gijs
  12. Hello everyone, I want to buy a NAS, I really need it but I want to edit 4k video off of it without too much lag, or any for that matter. I saw that the Synology DS1815+ has 4 Gigabit lan ports on the back of it, so if I would link 3 ports directly to my editing pc and one to my switch, would I be able ot get 3x gigabit bandwith between my editing pc and the nas? My other devices in the house really don't need that much bandwith, all it needs is the occasional small file transfer and maybe some media download, but that's 1 device at a time... max. Would this setup be possible? Thanks a lot! -Gijs
  13. The 14-140 retails for about €550 euros where I live, I'm willing to go a bit more expensive but I haven't found anything with the zoom range of that guy so I guess it'll be the one to get. Thanks a lot anyways!
  14. Why haven't I thought about this before... thanks for the advice!