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  1. Maybe I'll see how low I can get the voltage at a small overclock (like a 44 or 45 multiplier) to see if I can get the thermal throttling under control. That way Prime will have more time to run its tests and I'll get a better reading
  2. I've got a great AIO so I wouldn't think it would be an issue. I ordered new coolant and some compressed air so I can clean the radiator and replace the now 2 year old coolant. How long should a stress test be able to run if stable. Indefinitely? 10 minutes? I hear people say they run it overnight but which stress tests would these be? Any time my cpu stress tests for more than 10 minutes, either it freezes (most likely from thermal throttling) or it blue screens (which is probably just my lack of experience overclocking)
  3. I'm less commenting on your post as I am asking a question about this. I'm overclocking for the first time with this same cpu but am running into many difficulties. At 1.25 V and a a core multiplier of 44, Prime95 tends to run fine, but very very hot. The temperature stays around 100 degrees Celsius on all cores and doesn't vary much. At idle, the temperature is around the low 50s. Is this normal for a stress test? I've heard under load it shouldn't go above 85 degrees. Do you have any recommendations on how to go about overclocking on an asus board, from the beginning of the process? What kinds of programs should I use to stress test and monitor my cpu?
  4. It's never been a problem. I'm running it on Prime95 now and I'm getting the same results
  5. Its my first time overclocking and I am trying to follow the LTT guide on how to overclock this chip, but I feel like at his settings, my CPU is getting too hot. On a 5 minute stress test at 4.4 GHZ and at 1.25 V, the temperature gets to 100 Degrees Celsius on its hottest core and in the high 90s for the rest. I have the Swiftech H240 AIO for cooling, and the second the test is over the chip drops into the 40s. Is this normal?
  6. I do a lot of cooking and moving around and usually have others over as well so headphones aren’t the greatest option
  7. Probably shelf speakers. I can deal with the vibrations
  8. I’m working my first full time job and have the money to finally invest in a good speaker setup. I would be willing to spend around 500 total for speakers (or less if there are other necessary accessories). I listen to mostly rock but want something that sounds great for no matter what I’m doing. Any suggestions?
  9. I'm considering upgrading my in ear Bluetooth headphones to something that sound better and are less clunky. I've been considering the Apple Air Pods but have heard mixed reviews. I initially leaned towards the Bose Bluetooth headphones but my friend who worked there said he likes his apple air pods better. I work out daily and need something that not only sounds great but will stay in my ear and won't mind a little sweat.
  10. It's fixed, but now I'm just as confused as when I started. I did what you all suggested and unplugged everything and booted, and it worked fine. Then I plugged in everything one by one and booted fine each time. The strange thing is, I had already tried rebooting after completely leaving it and turning off the power and it didn't work then. Maybe Levent was right and it's an overclock or power delivery problem? Either way, I'm glad it's sorted out. Thank you all for the helpful comments, it made sorting through this mess a lot easier
  11. When I turn on my PC, it auto boots to bios then freezes. The time doesn't change, the mouse and keyboard don't work, and the computer doesn't recognize that any of my fans are spinning. I called a tech support line and they said it might be a windows problem, but it also could be a hardware problem. Specs: Intel 4570 i5 nvidia gtx 970 corsair 16gb Crucial SSD ASUS sabertooth board mk1
  12. I think it's only for overwatch. I played other games with no problem
  13. I've been having trouble with my Dell XPS 15. Every time I try to play overwatch on it my computer overheats. I realized that the fans were not turning on. The computer would quickly overheat and it is concerning for the life of my pc. I don't run into the same issue playing other games such as Pubg though. Is there a way to check the fan curves in the bios? Any help is appreciated