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Dog Knight

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  • Birthday 1997-11-24

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    Puerto Rico
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    Well im just a guy that likes to play video games and learn tech stuff
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  • CPU
    FX 8320
  • Motherboard
    MSI 970 Gaming AM3+
  • RAM
    PNY XLR8 8GB (2 x 4GB)
  • GPU
    MSI 7950 3gb
  • Case
    Coolermaster HAF x
  • Storage
    A- Data 128gb SSD (boot and some games) 2tb WD Caviar Green
  • PSU
    650w 80+ Bronze
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    ThermalTake Challenger Pro
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    Sensei Raw
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    Windows 10

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  1. Quick question, what does S8S on scalability of Xeon processors mean?
  2. nope, ive tried just about everything i can think of too... everything from changing my entire windows to jap and back to english, to rolling back on to a windows image
  3. Scanned with avast and nothing shows up. Scanned with malwarebyte and still nothing
  4. It literally says Desktop in Japanese, and i nobody has touched this PC except me. i haven't downloaded anything weird either. Only Steam and Discord and a couple of addons for Elder Scrolls Online nothing out of the ordinary. ive used those mods for years and it was just an update so its not those.
  5. My Desktop Folder randomly changed to some foreign language and its the only thing that changed, I've looked around at other folders and its the only one. And there are no options to just rename. Does Anyone know how to change it back?
  6. What ryzen should i get? 1600? or 1500? i honestly am not a hardcore gamer i mostly play mmo's and some FPS, I'll probably buy the computer and next time i get paid upgrade it
  7. I entered this little Computer Repair shop and they are selling fully built computers there and they had a Gaming section, the computers there are used. they have this PC that seems to be a really good deal Parts: FX 8350 Corsair h80i 16 gb of some of the ugliest ram ive seen (no idea what it is its neon green with yellow) Asus sabertooth ( I think its an asus board with bronze/brown parts) x2 Geforce 980's and a Thermaltake 850w psu i doesnt include any HDD or SSD all for 600$ including taxes, they allowed me to test it with a HDD they have to test pc's it had crisis 3 in it runs it just fine Should i Buy this?
  8. i only put money in them if they are worth the while
  9. Thanks, i dont mind playing at mid to high and stuff (ps the i really dont think they should be called f2p since i always spend 80~ dollars on them anyway)
  10. Well my old asus 1080p monitor hit the bucket so i wanna buy a new one I wanna know is the 7950 Strong enough to handle 2560 x 1080 gaming? i play games like Smite and ESO so i dont really play "Super intensive" games and the only shooter i play is Tf2 and Warfframe. I have a FX-8320 (@4.2ghz)
  11. I have the cd but i dont remember where i put the key, i do have the original package but i did not find the key
  12. I am upgrading my dads pc and i want to move the os to a ssd, How big is Windows 8? and which ssd do you recomend me getting?. my buget is 100$ more or less. also now that i think about it, do i need to buy a new Windows 8 for him or how do i transfer the os?. its a custom built pc