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    Giving advice based on False evidence


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    Intel core i7 6700K @ 4.7ghz
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    ASUS Z-170A
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    16GB DDR4 3000mhz
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    Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 Strix
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    Define R5
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    2x1TB HDD + 512GB SSD
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    550W Cooler Master
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    IPS 1440p 60hz monitor
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    9 total cooling fans
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    Logitech G610
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    Razer Deathadder
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    Logitech G633
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    Windows 10

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  1. Hello everyone. With the launch of Galaxy S10 series, and their respectable SoC-s, I came up with a few questions about the upcoming Note series. Specially for the European market. It's been known that Samsung puts their Exynos in-house SoC-s into Note series, and this year's variant is disappointing to say the least. It was also really disappointing to see what memory standard they went with, the UFS 2.1. Now, for my question. Do you think it would be reasonable to assume Samsung is saving the UFS 3.0 standard for the Note or not? Also, are they really going to use that shit Exynos chip this year, or go with the much better performing Snapdragon variant? Since the Galaxy 10 Plus is already such a great phone, I refuse to believe they'd just bump up the display size a bit, slap a smart pen to it and call it a day. I'm currently using an Exynos variant of Galaxy S8 and I was planning on replacing it with the 10 series. But after seeing the numbers, I'm not so sure anymore. Is anybody in the similar situation? Anybody else waiting for the Note to see if it delivers? Cheers
  2. Light-Yagami

    Not impressed with HDR

    Try the legit way through supported media. HDR converted from SDR usually sucks balls, pardon my language.
  3. Light-Yagami

    Cpu fan connector

    You're a smart dude. I believe you know why. You fried the CPU fan header. Don't you think that CPU fan error is connected with that?
  4. Something on that kid's profile picture is telling me he has nowhere near enough money to afford this kind of system.
  5. Light-Yagami

    Cpu fan connector

    Cool story man.. What exactly do you want us to do about it?
  6. Light-Yagami

    Graphics Card not working

    I hope you didn't create a LTT profile JUST to ask this question and not doing research yourself beforehand. It could be a simple V-sync setting.. Using programs like MSI Afterburner you can also check what clock your GPU is running at, providing you with plenty information of how your system is behaving. In any case, put everything on LOW and see if it changes anything. Also - V-sync off, max framerate above 60 (if you have a 144hz, choose that..) reboot your system, run Unigine Heaven to see if your GPU has power issues.. all that good stuff.
  7. Gamers Nexus on youtube has some decent tutorials. You need experience and understanding of much more than just "I plug this into that" when building a PC though.. If you're afraid to build it, don't. There are a ton of very good laptops. I would actually recommend buying one over the desktop setup, if you can afford it. And a secondary standalone monitor. Today's tech is good enough.
  8. run memory test on RAM, stress test all the components and see if they run fine for an hour or so.. view windows crash log and see what component caused BSOD.. Could be XMP profile, if enabled.. are components well cooled? All that could contribute. Eliminate possible failure points with testing. That's what I did a year ago when my motherboard pch voltage was too low and RAM+CPU was crashing.. I hope you have enough knowledge to do it, otherwise you'll have to take it to a professional.
  9. Radeon VII is same performance class as RTX 2080. Orient yourself according to that. Another advice - if you're not absolutely certain you know how to build a PC from start to finish, let somebody else do it for you and watch. Building a 2grand PC and doing rookie mistakes that cause component damage is the last thing you want
  10. Light-Yagami

    looking for tiny mATX watercooling case.

    Current build looks nice. I feel bad for the frond AIO, it's pulling air through a 90 degree turn. RIP
  11. Light-Yagami

    How do you remove dis

    This guy does exactly as I told you to do at around 3:30 mark. I'm done here. Good luck
  12. Turn off/lower the speed of your GPU fans in MSI afterburner and fire up unigine heaven.. should heat up quickly.. As for the CPU - Aida64 is a good stress test.. You said PSU lasts around 30 minutes before black screen? Well, if the GPU is at fault, it should fail a lot sooner when it gets hot (max 10 minutes)
  13. Light-Yagami

    How do you remove dis

    I think you have to pull it parallel to the cooler, away from the fan. It has to be attached to something right?
  14. Light-Yagami

    How do you remove dis

    You see that shiny metal thing that sticks out the side of the fan? You have to pull it, so it detaches from the cooler. Mind the cable - attached to the Motherboard. Good luck! Don't use too much force
  15. If you have a low quality PSU, it could be the culprit behind your problems. GPU might've fallen down once, resulting in cracks inside components... So when cold, it works, but when hot, some pins or chips might loose contact with the board due to expansion.. Try heating up the GPU and see if that causes it to fail. If you want to test the PSU, run stress test programs. Eliminate possible failure points