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  1. yeah I forgot, i've got a note 9 and both earbuds mentionned above can be used independently
  2. Hi, I'm trying to choose which to get but can't decide my top choices right now would be the galaxy buds and the jaybird vista I wear earbuds all day while i'm working and on/off when i'm at school I like the ipx7 of the jabra's (I dont do sports but its a peace of mind if it starts raining) while the galaxy buds are only ipx2 I haven't tried the vista's but I like the fit of the galaxy buds Price is not much of a concern since in the end I'll wear them everyday for 4-10 hours so I want a quality product I'm open to any other suggestions, I need good battery life, not "airpods style", can use both independently (that killed the jabra elite 75t for me) thanks !
  3. I bought them 2 years ago and returned immediately as they were not comfortable at all imo, instead I bought the akg k7xx from massdrop
  4. Hi, So I need a laptop for university and came up on this, its the perfect laptop for my needs when you configure it with the r7 3750u, 16gb ram and 512gb ssd and 1080p screen. the only thing that worries me is the battery, Do you think it'll be enough? https://www.lenovo.com/ca/en/laptops/thinkpad/thinkpad-e-series/E595/p/22TP2TEE595 Its going to be used for computer science class: taking notes and programming. any meaningfull comment is appreciated
  5. Yeah I know about ninite... well thanks anyway, guess I'll just delay the updates till I got time for it
  6. I dont have that kind of time... im working all day and spending all night doing math cause that class is necessary to get into university
  7. Hi, I remember linus speak about a program that automatically searches for the latest drivers on all your stuff but I dont remember the name. Thanks
  8. thanks, I'll ask at work if I can get a cable like that tomorrow!
  9. two questions: where do I get the com # and isnt a console cable just a regular ethernet cable?
  10. I had a couple of networking classes but its been a years since I've done any, I downloaded putty and connected my pc to the console but when I try to accedd it using ssh on port 22 (default port cause I dont know what to use) it just makes a sound and nothing happens so I have no way of trying to see it boot or reset it. Or is there a way i'm not aware of?
  11. it has been plugged in for 15+mins now and its still doing it
  12. so I found a 24 port cisco 2950 switch where I work and when I plug the power in all the lights flash every second or so to me it looks like a faulty psu but idk much about switches, any ideas?
  13. Hi, so at school I had to develop a website for in-school usage. now that its ready to go and deployed on the server were testing everything but we cant write in the database, reading data works fine but modifying it or adding data throws an error. we checked and our user and IIS has the rights to write and read it. the site is used to manage members of an in-school store. any help is appreciated!