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  1. Hello everyone, I am Ryan and i am a student who is just getting out of college and i am wanting to build a computer for Video,Photo & audio editing. I am currently not sure on what to go for in terms for parts to build my computer that can handle all of the all of the editing, but i do also want to do some gaming on it to and at the moment i can say the only things i know for sure that i've looked into that would be a good investment to the build is the processor which is the Intel 5820k and outside of that i am unsure of what parts to go for my build. Could someone help me figure out what would be the best way to go for a strong solid workstation and gaming build. Thanks
  2. Well to answer the second question first, I'm a free lance Videographer, Photographer, which is what's helping me to make this build a possible thing for me to go do. As for the Applications i use they are. Sony Vegas Pro 13,Sony sound forge pro 11,Sony DVD Architect Pro,Adobe Photoshop CC,Adobe After Effects CC,Adobe Lightroom 5, FL Studios / fruity loops Stuidos ,Blender, Davinci resolve and aside from that i do have a small list of third part effects for both Sony Vegas Pro 13 & Adobe After Effects CC. would you recommend me to go for the 5820k over the 5930K? and what would be a good motherboard to house the 5820k and be able to expand on RAM if needed?
  3. Hello all. I'm new to the forums and i'm having a bit of a issue with the build i'm about to do. I'm going to be building a work station for my heavy workload of video editing, Photo Editing, 3D rendering and audio work as well, But i also want to do some gaming while on my down time or while something renders. with all of that in my head i went over to micro center and i told them the parts i wanted and made two different list of Parts to go for and i would like to share this list and see if i can get some opinions and Ideas from others. here are the two lists i have for the build abnd the build i have is a budget of 2700 I'm using for the build, List 1: Intel Core I7 5930K ASUS X 99-A 2011 -3 ATX Crucial 16GB 4x4 DDR4 2400 DIMM EVGA SUPRNOVA 850G2 80g FM PSU EGVA GTX 750 TI FTW 2GB ACX PCIE SAMSUNG E 120GB 850 EVO SSD 4x SEAGATE 4TB SATA 6GB/ S HDDSEAGATE ASUS WIRELESS 300 DB PCIE LP CREATIVE SB ZXR HI -FI PCIE SNDCARD CORSAIR H1OOI GTX LIQUID COOLER NZXT 5.25 USB3 BAYCARD READER List 2: Intel Core i7 5820k ASUS Z97 -AR ATM 1150 Crucial 16GB 8X2 DD3 1600 DIMM C9 IPSG LG 24X DVDRW SATA OEM SAMSUNG E 500GB 850EVO SATA3 2.5 4x SEAGATE 4TB SATA 6GB/ S HDDSEAGATE CORSAIR HYDRO H11O LIQUID COOLER ASUSCOMP GTX760OC 2GB DDHDP PCIE