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  1. SuperCookie78

    My computer doesn’t see my ssd

    i tried switch the sata and sata power cables that does work. thr bios sees Satafirm s11.
  2. SuperCookie78

    My computer doesn’t see my ssd

    my computer was fine last night and went to sleep then when i woke up i was getting amessage sayin it can’t find a map so i reset my bios and now it can find my ssd. What do i do?
  3. SuperCookie78

    5.25GHz on a 4690K? Not really

    but for it to do it randomly is quite a funny occurrence.
  4. SuperCookie78

    5.25GHz on a 4690K? Not really

    thats amazing.
  5. SuperCookie78

    5.25GHz on a 4690K? Not really

    over course. But the last time this happened it was a software issue not a mistake in programming the BIOS on my part.
  6. SuperCookie78

    5.25GHz on a 4690K? Not really

    my overclock was a quick and dirty OC. i need to go back and dial it in. maybe pushing it farther then lowering the voltage. boost clock is not disabled but it shouldn't go past a set valve (as protection for people who overclock without disabling)
  7. SuperCookie78

    5.25GHz on a 4690K? Not really

    yea i kn its just funny that windows thinks that after a boost that isn't there it is 5.25GHz. lol
  8. SuperCookie78

    I5-2500k or 6500

    well you did have to buy a new mobo and ram for it so take that into consideration. Secondly the ipc jump per generation has been going done since haswell so unless you are jumping to the newest top of the line stuff it might not be worth it. Heck i still use haswell. DDR3 is cheaper and is super easy to OC. If you are gaming a new gpu will be a bigger boost then a new cpu.
  9. First tings first, I was compiling a map in the Hammer Editor for CSGO. Source is a cpu intensive engine and my 980 wasn't being use. Second, i just rebuilt this computer (my old mobo died) so i upgraded to a 4690k and msi z97 pc mate. I only have a 120mm water AIO i rushed it back together. about a day after i built it i put in a fast and dirty overclock of 43x multiplier and 1.35V. it works and the system has been stable ever since. But i never stress tested it and so opened up task manager to see if it was hitting the right speed and it wasn't it was almost a full 1GHz out of it should be. So i download hardware monitor and it said only 4.3Ghz. What i assume is happening is the cpu is telling windows for windows is seeing the cpu and applying a boost to 4.3Ghz i set. in reality this isn't happening its just that windows thinks it is. This is the second time i have found something like this. Last time it was a buged out CPU ID that said my cpu (a g3258 at the time) was at 7GHz. it was not. Maybe their is a weird bug with how Hasewell reports its speed to windows. But never the less it still is funny.
  10. SuperCookie78

    Should i fix my screen on my 6s or upgrade to an XS?

    i did and they said they can't replace it because of the not fully functionally earpiece
  11. SuperCookie78

    Should i fix my screen on my 6s or upgrade to an XS?

    but i don't want to have a off color screen
  12. I cracked my iphone 6s a few days ago. i scheduled an appointment at best buy so they could fix the screen but the lady had to run diagnostics on it first. And it didn't pass the audio diagnostic. The front speaker and mic weren't working up to spec but they were working. she said it was apple policy that if it broken then you have to buy a new phone. And so declined that offer. I called my mom (who is in charge of our plan) and asked if i could upgrade. she said i could but we would basically have to buy a new phone spacing the payment over 24 months. I know i have the ability to change the screen by my self but everything i have seen people say the screen doesn't look right color wise or the 3d touch is off. even on ifixit's replacement screen they have those issues. I don't want to lose the great color of my screen or have crazy sensitive 3d touch. What should i do? Should i fix the screen or upgrade?
  13. thats because the have reps push 365. at microcenter i only sold the normal office when the customer said they didn’t want a subscription.
  14. I have an HTPC in a cabinet about 15ft away from the couch. i am getting a wireless power button from silverstone and i have a wireless keyboard and mouse. but since i don’t have a plex server yet to watch movie from dvd you have to go over to the machine. But it is built in a define S so jot 5.25” (i know my fault but to be fair i got it on sale when it came out and i was planning on having a plec server by now). Today i though maybe i could build something or buy something that allow you to put dvds in from the couch. any ideas?
  15. SuperCookie78

    are there any isb drive that plug into the motherboard?

    i found a 9pin usb 2.0 to two usb 2.0 type A adapter. it was a couple bucks and i got two usb drives so i can mirror them just in case one goes dead. my mobo doesn’t have usb 3.0 headers sort of. it is a asus z68 v lx. it has the solder points on the board but no header.