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  1. I bought my zotac 1080 amp used over the summer. the guy i bought it from said he had to rma it because the fans started making a weird noise. in the past week the fans have started making this soft vibrating/rubbing sound. I bought replacements off ebay. I want to know if other people are having this problem too. If other people are what are your solutions other than replacement fans?
  2. I always thought that cherry mx or just mechanical switches of any brand should be used in other products. The first thing that comes to mind is cars. having mechanical switches instead of those capacitive touch button would be great. Also using them for a case power button would be cool. what do you guys think?
  3. Goal: To track the amount of tree the LinusTechTips community has donated. How to join in 1. Check out LTT video about it: 2. Screenshot you donation on the #TeamTrees website or from the receipt sent to your email 3. Edit out your personal details 4. post in this thread with that screen shot (in a spoiler) and the amount you donated Example post: I donated $2 today FAQ: Do I have to donate? Of course not. Not everyone can donate due outside factors. How do I help if I can't donate? Spread the word. share the videos on #TeamTrees with people who aren't in the loop or talk to people in person. Why did I create this threat? As a member of the forum since 2015 and a folder for the LinusTechTips team since 2016 I have seen the generosity of the people in this community. I wanted a place where people in the community and go and look at what their community did to help better our planet. (sort of like r/place experiment. groups can see their efforts immortalized in the final picture and can remember the stories that led to it.) What if I donated before this post and don't have a screenshot? The #TeamTrees website is keeping track of every donation. however the "see all" button isn't working at the moment you must wait until that feature is added to post. You can take a screenshot of the receipt of the donation from you bank account or PayPal, but I STRONGLY recommend that you remove or cover all personal information. Where can I go to find more information? The best place to go is #teamtrees.org and read the FAQ on their website. Alternatively they have emails listed in the FAQ if you require further assistance. Do I have to use both the website and YouTube to donate like in your example post? No pick what ever is easiest for you. I did both as to provide an example for each method. I am having trouble donating though YouTube. Donating through YouTube might be blocked in your country so try the website if you are having trouble. *** Mod edit: Changed this a bit to reflect more that this is about LTT video. This is under review, and might be removed or edited more. -LogicalDrm
  4. well thr problem is if we ever open it up to the whole discord i don't want my ip being shared as there is bound to be that d*ck person on the server that would ddos it to get attention.
  5. so if i had a reverse proxy i could have SupercookieMCserver.com/vanilla, SupercookieMCserver.com/modded and SupercookieMCserver.com/creative and they all go different ports that go to each server respectively right?
  6. so if my my friends wanted to play one one server they would put in xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:portnumber to connect to one server then change the port number for another?
  7. i bought it years ago for a htpc, that now has ryzen. and i have extra ddr3 ram so i can give 4gb to each server. what do you recommend for setting up the vm's. and would that mean i need a network card for each vm? and what would be the difference between a vpn and a vps?
  8. I am looking into making a couple servers for the admins on a discord i am in. I have never setup a server that other people could access until yesterday but that was just a test. I know linus is making a server with many virtualized servers on it. Would that be a smart move? I was planning to run it on a 8320e. Where should i go for more information? also would it be possible to hid my ip so if we ever open it up to the whole server i won't get ddosed?
  9. according to this the e skus aren’t part of the settlement. But they are the same things as the others with lower clocks. does anyone know if they are covered?
  10. i have 3000+ hrs in war thunder and 1000+ hrs in csgo. but i have played spore a lit before they tracked time and ds games. But i still think war thunder is still the top unless you combine games then pokemon would probably tie
  11. After watching many retro gaming videos on youtube for the past month i have began to wonder how long it takes from a release of consoles or computer for illegal roms or emulators to be acceptable to use. For example old dos games can be played on a modern computer but you don’t buy the games from the publisher they are freely available. likewise old consoles like the NES can be emulated. Most people i would say find this fine as both are old enough that no one cares. but how old is old enough? is the wii u old enough since it isn’t being sold anymore? I think that if a company completely abandons a platform that cit means you can play these free roms. By completely abandon i mean that its so old the company won’t perform repairs or even have customer support. But what fo you guys think?
  12. yea it just looks like linking two strips together. i was think somewhere along the lines of firewire ports but smaller. you don't need a lot of through port because each device would basically have its own controller. it would work very similarly to commodore's early disk drives. They basically had a full blown computer in them and your desktop would just send commands. Or you could repurpose the usb standard to achieve this. since 1 usb port can handle 127 ports from a hub you basically have each component be a rgb logic chip and a hub. this way their wouldn't be a bunch of R&D on creating a new standard and old motherboard with usb 2.0 headers could get RGB without having to buy a controller. man i wish i had the money to make this a thing