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    San Diego, CA
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    stars, crafts, and starcraft
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    Started playing CS 1.6 when I was 10, played that for 6ish years, played CSS until CSGO was released, now I play that.
    I have played Starcraft II since it was in beta, I watch professional starcraft tournaments and follow the scene closely
    as my hobby. Built my first computer in.. 2006? featuring an Asus M2N-SLI DELUXE, AMD Athlon x2 64 5200+,
    nVidia 8800 GTS, and 4x1GB 800mhz corsair ram, and I'm proud to say that the system is still in use today.
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  1. Hello all. I'm looking for firewall software recommendations, and where better to ask but LTT forums? I'm running windows 10 64 and haven't installed a firewall and have had windows defender firewall disabled since I installed windows a while ago. However now I'm in need of a way to disable certain programs from accessing my network/internet and really that's the only feature I care about. I used to rock ZoneAlarm but I feel it's gotten too bloated nowadays and I'm looking for a more lightweight firewall that isn't going to be trying to self-monitor my connections or show me ads to upgrade to the full version and things like that. Any suggestions are appreciated. thanks!
  2. Because who wouldn't want to work on excel on a 4 inch screen?
  3. Took the cable from a junk case's front panel. Wasn't going to spend $10 on a custom short one and I wasn't going to make one either! Things you'll need: Tape (scotch tape didn't work that well, avoid) Time estimate: Like, 5 minutes. Result: Pretty good, if you ask me. Disclaimer: Not recommended for cases with side windows
  4. Short version: My sister lives in a different house with her own internet and ip address. (but I have full access to her house and net equipment) I'm trying to think of a way I can make it seem like I'm browsing from her home network from my home? Any ideas? Long version: My sister has directv at her house, which gives her access to stream live TV to a browser. The thing is, the service only gives you a select few channels you can watch live if you're not connecting to the service via the home network of the person registered with them. So what I'd like to do is make it seem like I'm at my sisters house to the service, but really I'm in my own home and accessing it from there. I'm looking for the lightest solution possible, as in not buying any equipment or having to run multiple programs but I totally will if need be. Thanks !
  5. Doesn't look important. Don't even worry about it. But if you do worry about it, just watch a PS3 teardown video or go here https://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/PlayStation+3+Teardown/1260 and go throw until you see that piece where it is originally.
  6. that definitely looks more red than orange...
  7. dude they haven't even shipped mine yet
  8. What switches is the keyboard using? Do you get to choose?
  9. really tight budget for the whole shabang. do you need a keyboard/mouse/mousepad/headset too?
  10. I'd buy the shit out of that msi shirt if it was for sale.
  11. I use single boot SSDs in all the machines in my house and I use a Synology 2-bay NAS with 2 2TB WD Red drives as my centralized storage. i use it for torrenting and media and whatever hoo-ha that isn't programs. Pretty much anything that doesn't execute goes on the NAS and everything that does goes on the SSDs. I hope I win!!!
  12. You won't really get any improvement from using the siberia v2's with a sound card, the siberia v2's use a built in sound card despite the 3.5mm jacks. The sound card is needed to handle the noise cancelling microphone.
  13. Heh. The glossy part is pretty easy to clean, just wipe it down with a wet paper towel and it looks like new, I just don't do that :rolleyes: That's not the part of the keyboard I touch so I don't care how clean or dirty it is :D
  14. I don't think it's a matter of cleanliness, eventually all of your keyboards will look like this and will require a cleaning. How long eventually is depends on how clean you are, but it's still inevitable. For me it took about a year.