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  1. Yeah I'm thinking that way too! I plan on using ART too, so the extra space would definitely help. Money isn't an issue, my parents are paying half (because I need to safe up for college tuition and health insurance fees, which I need to pay for myself, not because I'm a spoiled brat ), but availability is. I prefer retail stores and I just can't find the 32GB version anywhere. 16GB is hard to find, 32GB even more so. Well, I guess it'll have to be online ordering then
  2. Thanks for the fast reply mate! Yeah, I think 16GB will be just fine, but I'm still in a bit of a dilemma because the device has about 12.5GB with the OS installed. Though at a later date I'll get myself an actual contract (still using prepaid, yep...), maybe with 4G so I can upload my music to the cloud and preserve space. Oh choices :lol:
  3. Hi guys! So my iPod Touch 4g is dying on me after 3 years of hard use, so it's time for a new device. Now I'm done with the iPod and I kind of want to give Android a go, so the Nexus 5 caught my eye. Now I'm by no means someone who has a lot of stuff on his phone. I hardly play games and I don't store any video files on my phone. On the other hand, I listen to a lot of music. I can easily have 400 ~ 500 songs on my phone, and I usually have 1 or 2GB worth of pictures stored too. Though I'm willing to import all pictures to my PC from time to time, so that won't be an issue too. This phone will be my daily driver for at least 2 years though. At the moment I have about 6.9GB (20GB od the 32 left) in use on my iPod, minus 1.1 GB of pictures. Although I only have 3 songs on it at the moment because I've jailbroken it (I have quite a few tweaks on it too). So what do you guys think? Should I spend the extra €50 (about $80 I think) for the 32GB version or will the 16GB version be fine for me? Thanks in advance!
  4. Crown The Empire - Rise Of The Runaways (on my iPod Touch right now (I'm on vacation) and Safari keeps crashing, so I can't embed the song )
  5. I'm guessing the T stands for Theodore
  6. AMD Hexagon? And yeah, that's pretty random. Or AMD HD Helios
  7. Used to be Mtn Dew, but now a shop here sells it. At ridiculous prices (€1.20 per can :o). So now it has to be cinnamon roll poptarts.
  8. You may all have a laugh at my current system. AMD Sempron 2400+ @ 1.83GHz, FX5200, 1GB DDR1 RAM.
  9. Forget my "Artic Demon". This. Seriously. THIS!
  10. I'd buy that. Could store a lot of Full HD 3D pr0n on them.
  11. I like both. I just get what's best for the job. I'm getting an FX8320 soon. It's not that much more expensive than the i3, which was my original choice, and it kills it :D But for rendering, intel comes in handy again! So no mate, you're not a fanboy!
  12. Hi there! Anyone up for an iPod Touch 4g 32GB review? I have one ready :)
  13. Yeah, and thanks :DBut it was almost like someone took a dump in my nutella to make me stop eating it. :/
  14. Overkill. And never tell me an H70 is proper watercooling :/
  15. Really? Well then it's done extremely good! I didn't have a clue! And that sound, it cut right through my soul. :/
  16. Jesus christ. I actually screamed a bit and clicked away immediately. Wouldn't be able to tell if the story actually continued. Does it continue? If yes, I'll continue reading :P EDIT: I decided to continue reading. Christ. That's creepy! That last gif, I tell you, that last gif nearly was the end of me.
  17. So like a triangle with a stick in the middle?:D
  18. I agree with most people here! It's good that you're open to this. Respect and cookies!
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