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  1. Ok, TR 3 looks to be a bit too far out to think about. Probably a 2020 release. And TR 2's IPC and frequency is not as nice as zen2. Besides, a Ryzen 3950x compared to a TR 2950X is just better and will probably be a similar price.
  2. I had seen some scaling benchmarks but I think I got blinders on at the 3600 speed being "the best" and forgot that it was only by a very small margin. So 3000-3200 looks to be fine. I have tended to prefer air coolers as well. Esp given I had a couple failed AIOs from the same bad batch a while back. But the reviews I've seen on zen2 boosting says that a really good 360 AIO or a custom loop will be a fairly good boost over even the Noctua D15 (which I have in my current box, works great. really great. but its not quite enough to keep up with my OC at points, which is sad). Of course I can always just go air to start and see if I even care afterwards.
  3. Hm, thats not too bad at all. I am leaning towards an AIO or custom loop cooling due to how zen2 boosts better with lower temps. I will be waiting to build till Sept/Oct to build just to see what the 3950x is like compared to the 3900x and other options. And maybe who knows, intel could release something breathtaking or TR 3 might be a contender. Also for money reasons, I won't have the full budget till probably Oct. So that's convenient.
  4. I have thought about it, but I'm not sure my main use case scales much beyond 16 cores, and so far 32GB ram is "enough" but I do find I run out sometimes. So 64GB (like 640k) should be enough. Also I don't just need lots of ram, I need /good/ IPC+Ghz on top of ram and cores. Not to mention the price premium of TR systems over Ryzen is a bit much. The premium of the 3950x over the 3900x is a bit of a stretch. This machine is something I'm going to need by early/mid october for sure, so waiting too long for TR may not be an option. But I will look into it a bit harder, just to see what I can wrangle. Hopefully theres enough information out about the TR 3 platform that i can make a semi informed decision. Eg. Motherboard pricing and features etc.
  5. I am planning a new PC build. For mostly software development with some low/mid-range gaming use, and very occasional CAD and photo/video work. My typical development use case involves HARD CORE compile and archiving jobs using a TON of ram and disk space (hundreds of GBs depending on the number of checkouts/builds I need to keep). So basically I need lots of CPU (threads and hz), RAM, IOPS and a decent amount of storage space. GPU is not critical, but something I won't have to upgrade for a while would be nice. Budget is flexible. After all its primarily a business expense. I can probably put 2-3k CAD into it. Maybe more if it makes sense to do so. Going stupid overkill on mobo or gpu doesn't really make sense to me at this point (for various reasons, like the zen2 chips redlining their performance and not being able to overclock manually very much at all, any GOOD VRM will do). Thinking about going with a 360mm AIO like the Corsair H150i, or even a custom loop kit with flexible tubes (need something not too annoying to maintain, hardline tubes would likely get in the way) Also relevant, I mostly use Linux. Some gaming in windows and very occasionally some windows only programs like Fusion 360. So far I'm leaning towards the following: MB: ASRock Taichi x570 CPU: AMD R9 3950x SSD: 1TB AORUS Gen4 or 1TB Corsair MP600 (potentially 2 of them, depending on what I can get) RAM: 4x16GB (64GB) 3600Mhz DDR4 (so far leaning on the G.Skill Ripjaws V, or Trident Z Neo) GPU Option 1: RX 5700 GPU Option 2: Keep using my R9 390 (it's "ok"). Case: Anything decent looking with support for a 360mm radiator, and good airflow. PSU: 800W+ Gold preferred. I do have a couple PSU's sitting around like a Corsair HX850, and Seasonic 1200W I bought a while back for a mining rig I sold within months of buying it. Monitor Option 1: Keep my existing 3x 24" 1080p setup (it's pretty jank. old cheap benq with a cracked corner, oldish cheap samsung with no vesa mount so its arm mount is really jank, and a dell was given to be by a friend.) Monitor Option 2: 1x or 2x some kind of 2k or 4k 24"+ (really would love more vertical space over 1080p, but can make do with keeping my existing monitors for a while) I have existing basic peripherals I can reuse. My existing system is as follows: MB: Asus 970 Pro Gaming/Aura CPU: AMD FX 8320 (OC to 4.4Ghz) RAM: 4x 8GB (32GB) Kingston 1866mhz DDR3 GPU: AMD R9 390 Case: Corsair Obsidian 550D Storage: - Sandisk X300 512GB 2.5" SATA - Samsung 850 Evo 250GB 2.5" SATA - Samsung 860 Evo 1TB 2.5" SATA - Kingston HyperX 3K 250GB 2.5" SATA - Samsung 970 Evo 500GB M.2 NVME PSU: Seasonic X850 Misc: Razer Blackwidow Stealth 2016 Keyboard. cheap logitech wired mouse. Thanks for any input!
  6. I am on manual CPU voltage. Any lower and it will/can cause issues in prime95 balanced. I can get to 4.4 on lower voltages, but after 20-30min of prime95 1 or more threads will either stop or report warnings. I would like to try and get even more than 4.4 if possible. even if it means I have to live with the noise. I mentioned above, but I got higher than 4.4 on 1.5v but I think it was throttling within 10min or so. I wish I wrote down all of my attempts. *sigh* I've messed with the power options a bit. Tried with higher values for load line which actually can lead to too high a voltage, and higher values for current capabilities but it didn't really help much with the combination of settings I was trying at the time. Going with an AIO would actually reduce the number of fans in my system by 2. So its possible it would make it quieter. So far though the reading I've been doing shows that the D15 gets as good or better thermal+noise performance than many 240 aios.
  7. Hi, I'm stuck with my older FX-8320 for a while, can't afford a real upgrade since it'd mean a full platform switch and a bunch of new parts. Due to my work and some occasional streaming and games I'd like to squeeze every last bit i can out of this system without risking killing the cpu or motherboard (an Asus 970 Pro gaming Aura, /I think/ I have an older 990 based board but I recall its audio being dead and other potential issues). So far I have it OC'd up to 4.4Ghz on Air with a Noctua nh-d15s, with the motherboard reporting ~55c for the cpu, and the cpu itself reporting 45~. Full load it'll spike up to 65-70c or so. It's been rock solid. I have been able to get it "stable" up to 4.6-4.8Ghz, but the motherboard appears to be throttling once it's temp sensor hits 75c while the cpu's own sensor would only be at 65-70c. Any tips and/or suggestions would be awesome. Yes, I know 4.4 is actually "ok" and that the "best" thing to do is just upgrade. but i can't any time soon. So I'd like to get as much out of this old workhorse as I can get. I was thinking about a 240 aio, but so far it seems the Noctua D15S is as good or better than most affordable 240 aios. The noise level from all the fans at full load is a bit gnarly though. No OC this system is whisper quiet even at load. And I'd like to reduce noise if I can. Components: Motherboard: Asus 970 Pro Gaming Aura CPU: AMD FX-8320 @ 4.4Ghz HSF: Noctua NH-D15S (dual fan) GPU: MSI R390 Gaming Something Case: Corsair 550d PSU: Seasonic X-850 (SS-850KM) Storage: 4x various ssds + 1x 2-3TB hdd Fans: Top: 2x 140mm Phantex of some kind, intake Rear: 1x 140mm NF-A14-FLX, intake Bottom: 1x 140mm phantex of some kind, exhaust Front: 2x Noctua NF-F12-PWM, exhaust BIOS Settings: CPU: CnQ: Disabled by cpu C1E: disabled SVM: Enabled C6: Disabled HPC: Disabled APM: Disabled Mem: Bank Interleave: Auto Channel Interleave: Auto Warm Boot Ram: Enabled Mem Clear: Disabled ECC: Disabled Power Down Enable: Disabled Mem Hole Remaping: Enabled DCT Unganged Mode: Enabled Freqs & Voltages: Ai Overclock Tuner: Manual CPU Ratio: 22 Turbo Core: Disabled CPU Bus Freq: 200 PCIE Freq: 100 Memory Freq: DDR3-1866 CPU/NB Freq: 2400Mhz HT Link Speed: 2400Mhz CPU Spread Spectrum: disabled PCIE Spread Spectrum: disabled EPU Power Saving: Disabled CPU Voltage: set=1.5 displayed=1.452 CPU/NB Voltage: set=1.25 displayed=1.25 CPU VDDA Voltage: set=2.5 displayed=2.516 DRAM Voltage: set=1.5 disp=1.51 NB Voltage: set=1.1 disp=1.11 NB HT Voltage: set=1.2 disp=1.214 NB 1.8v: set=1.80180 disp=1.801 DRAM Settings: Timing: (All set to auto) CAS#: 10/10 RAS# to CAS# Delay: 11/11 RAS# Pre: 10/10 RAS#ACT: 30/30 READ to Pre: 7/7 RAS# to RAS# Delay: 5/5 Write to Read Delay: 7/7 CAS# write latency: 8/8 Write recovery time: 14/14 Ref cycle time: 300ns Row cycle time: 42/42 Read to Write Delay: 8/8 Write to Read Delay(dd): 3/3 Write to Write Timing: 4/4 Read to Read Timing: 4/4 Refresh Rate: 7.8ms Command Rate: 2T DCT0/DCT1: CKE: 1.5x CS/ODT: 1.5x ADDR/CMD: 2x MEMCLK: 1.5x Data: 1.5x DDS: 1.25x Processor ODT: 60ohms +- 20% Power: CPU Load Line: Regular CPU/NB Load Line: Regular CPU Current Cap: 130% CPU/NB Current Cap: 110% CPU Power Phase control: Extreme CPU Voltage Freq: Auto CPU Power Duty Control: Extreme CPU Power Response Control: Ultra Fast CPU/NB Power Resp Control: Ultra Fast CPU Power Thermal Control: 151 Bios Monitoring page: CPU Temp: 52c MB Temp: 39c Vcore Voltage: 1.452v 3.3v: 3.312v 5v: 5.014v 12v: 11.943v VDDA2.5v: 2.520v CPU Fan speed: 351rpm Opt: 530rpm Cha1: 967rpm Cha2: 1110rpm Cha3: 1090rpm Pump: 505rpm QFan: CPU Control: PWM Mode Low limit: 300rpm Upper Temp: 75 Lower Temp: 55 Max %: 98 Min %: 20 Chassis Control: Enabled Low limit: 300rpm Upper temp: 75c Lower Temp: 40c Max %: 98 Min %: 60 Water Pump Control: PWM Fan low limit: 300rpm Upper temp: 75c Lower temp 60c Max %: 98 Min %: 20
  8. It seems a bit close to me. given the motherboard is raised up a bit, plus the height of the socket and cpu, the clearance over the heatsink might be very slim, or the heatsinks might be a bit too tall... They weren't cheap heatsinks either, which is why I want to try and re-use them
  9. Hm, maybe I'm mixing up the dimensions, but I thought 4u is 7" or 17.8cm, and the width is ~26-28cm.
  10. Yeah, it depends on the case. I'll be keeping my eye on cases in the near future. Especially those newegg ones.
  11. I'll bet the NAS uses considerably less power than that. 4Wx5 for the HDDs, now the Opteron server probably uses a consistent 150W when idle. Given its a dual socket box with a crap load of ram, it's idle is going to be pretty high. I'm already going to drop one of my servers, and potentially steal the cpu from the xeon for the mini nas. My power cost is relatively low, something like 6-7c/kWh. I appreciate the tips. Power use is already something I've considered, and it isn't a main concern right now. Eventually I will end up replacing this server, but it has plenty of usable life in it, especially considering I have to pay for a baby coming, and spend thousands more on some home renovations.
  12. Yeah, they look like a decent option. I've also been looking at Norco cases. One thing I'm curious about is being able to re-use my Noctua NH-U12do-a3 heatsinks, but they are a little tall, and they could be a tight fit if they fit at all.
  13. I am incredibly interested in threadripper or Epyc. But I know a system that even matches the capabilities of the current box would be a couple thousand CAD at least. I just can't justify that kind of purchase in the near future. All I really want to do is take what I have and compress it.
  14. I'm thinking I'd get some big quiet fans on the cabinet itself to keep air moving through it, and somehow direct air through the machines inside. Tis for the future though.
  15. My budget is incredibly limited. Buying new-used servers is out of the question for the time being (need to pay to finish renovating that room! and a baby coming!) My current Opteron Server has dual socket 16 core cpus, 120GB ram, and several TB of storage backed by a NVME cache drive, and two massive G34 Noctua heatsink towers. Currently it's running 15 virtual machines without a single hiccup, and I'll probably add more. It's not something I could cheaply replace. I've been looking to find a 4u server case for "cheap" that would be able to house that hardware and stay as quiet as possible. I doubt I'd be able to match the sound levels of the current setup, but I'd like to come close. Later on I can wrap the server rack in a ventilated "sound proofed" cabinet to reduce sound further.