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    AMD FX6300
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    Gigabyte 78 LMT USB3
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    Sapphire Radeon R9 380 4GB
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    Cooler Master N200
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    1TB Western Digital Blue
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  1. oops okk,, then i guess time to buy a new hdd case
  2. the power brick is very mildly warm to the touch..
  3. didnt notice but now i have it in a hdd casing and its frequently disconnecting
  4. i am looking for a external casing for my 1 tb wd blue 5400 rpm 3.5 hdd, and every case comes with a 12v 2a adapter which the comments on amazon say is not enough to externally a 3.5 hdd, so i am thinking to buy a 12v 3a adapter for the hdd casing, is 12 v 3a safe for 3.5 hdd?
  5. Ohh so like theres no way to rectify it? Thru a format or something?
  6. Thats the blue 5400 rpm hdd.. says pending sector count and uncorrectable sector.. wats does that mean?
  7. The big blue thing says good 100% is that enough.. or do i need to check anything else in there..
  8. This is what crystal disc shows.. am i fine it shows for both the disks in raid 0...
  9. This is what crystal disc shows.. am i fine it shows for both the disks in raid 0...
  10. Where do i find that data? And okk lemme download crystak disk info n see what it says
  11. I donno whats smart data.. but like the default windows disk manager shows its totally fine.. no trouble..
  12. So like can i continue with using them in raid 0? Like so theres nothing wrong with my drives right? Because the default windows disk manager shows no error atal
  13. I have two Samsung 850 evo 250 gb in my pc for game storage, i put them in raid o for some more faster loading time. everything is fine, windows disk manager shows its all fine, it shows up in disks..but when i open mini tool partition wizard it shows the two ssds as "bad disk" why?
  14. I wanna try.. now in all tutorials it shows someone opening rapid storage technology software n clicking accelerate option.. .. my rapid storage technology software dosnt have that option atall