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    Intel i5 4690k Devil's Canyon
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z97S SLI Krait Edition
  • RAM
    16GB Avexir Core Series DDR3 - 2400
  • GPU
    EVGA GeForce GTX 980Ti SC+ AXS 2.0+
  • Case
    Phanteks Enthoo Pro Series - White
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    WD Caviar Blue 1 TB + OCZ ARC 100 120GB SSD
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    EVGA 220-G2-0750-XR 80+ Gold 750W
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    Corsair K70 RGB
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    Corsair M65 RGB
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    Windows 7 Ultimate

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  1. Well, thanks for your answers... I'll just give the company a call and see what happens from there.
  2. I'll give that a shot. From what his dad told me, when he first got it, it did post. He then added an HDD from his old PC, and hasn't posted ever since. Maybe he fried something?
  3. Been trying to remove this cooler, but I'm struggling. Don't wanna end up breaking anything,
  4. Hi all, A family of mine bought his son a prebuilt PC, but since arrival, it does not post. I tried troubleshooting, but I cannot find what the issue is. All fans spin including case fans, CPU cooler, and GPU. I get no display signal when I turn on the PC and I've tried connecting an HDMI to both MOBO and GPU outputs. I have tried the following: -reseating RAM & Changing slots (it's only a 1x 4GB stick) -reseating all power cables (CPU + MOBO) -reseating GPU -Checking all connections -Clearing CMOS by removing battery -Changing monitor & cable CPU: No Idea Cooler: darkFlash Shadow? Mobo: Some B75M MOBO (LGA 1155 socket) - There's no branding and the included QRcode leads to a Google search with "results not found" page. RAM: 1x MICRON MT16JTF51264AZ-1G6M1 4GB PSU: Gamdias Kratos | M1 550 bronze GPU: XFX 570 BLK Edition I do not know what else to do. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. I have no idea what’s happening or what’s causing it, but it happened twice and both times I was playing a game. I was playing AC: Odyssey when my screens suddenly went black and lost signal. Apart from my screen losing signal, all my USB peripherals turned off or stopped charging (I could tell by the LEDs turning off on both the mouse and keyboard. Also, my phone which was connected via USB, stopped charging). My towers fans continued spinning, motherboard LEDs were still on. I couldn’t ALT+TAB or ALT+F4, the screens just remained black and without signal. The first time this happened, I was playing Watch Dogs 2. I recently upgraded my system’s motherboard, SSD, RAM, CPU, and GPU. In addition, I am running a fresh install of Windows 10. My current specs are: Windows 10 Motherboard: MSI B450 Tomahawk CPU: 2600x OCed to SSD: Kingston A400 RAM: Trident Z RGB 16GB - 3000 GPU: ASUS DUAL 2080 OC PSU: EVGA 750W G2 I’ve had this PSU for about 3-4 years now, could that be causing the problem? More info: I am running a dual screen 1080p 144hz Monitor setup and they both have a USB 3.0 hub built in which I have connected to 2x 3.0 ports on my PC. Most of my parts are recently upgraded (less than 2 months old). The only old parts that I’m using are my PSU (3-5 years old) and my 2 HDDs (bought at the same time as PSU). My OS is running on a new SSD which I got about 2-3 months ago.
  6. Even though I only have a 1080p 144hz monitor, I’ll see if I can sell the ones I have and buy new 1440p ones
  7. Average $650. Cheapest one I found was $600. I looked around on r/hardwareswap and all the ones below $600 have been bought.
  8. I'll most definitely upgrade my monitors later on. But as of right now, the PC upgrade is definitely where my priority is set.
  9. Well, I could definitely save my lunch money until I eventually have enough for a 1440p monitor ?.
  10. I forgot to mention that I'm running 2 1080p monitors, I apologize for leaving that out. Okay, let me ask you this.... If you had $1,000 to spend, this being the only chance you have of upgrading for next 3+ years, and had this build: CPU Intel i5 4690k Devil's Canyon Motherboard MSI Z97S SLI Krait Edition RAM 16GB Avexir Core Series DDR3 - 2400 GPU EVGA GeForce GTX 980Ti SC+ AXS 2.0+ PSU EVGA 220-G2-0750-XR 80+ Gold 750W What would you upgrade?
  11. I want to be able to take advantage of my 144hz monitor though, if that's even possible. In the newer games, I get around 60fps on max except on the last 2 Assassins Creed, I get usually 40-50 fps on those.
  12. Should I aim for a lower tiered card? Like a 2070 or a 2060 and use the remaining money to buy a new-gen chip, board, and RAM? Or should I stick with the 4790k and just get the 2080 as I would be getting warranty?
  13. That's the thing, buying new RAM + board would be out of my budget unless I stick with the 980ti.
  14. One last question, I plan on playing at 1080p on a 144hz monitor. I currently have a 4690k but plan on buying a used 4790k shortly. Will the 4790k hold back the 1080ti or the 2080 if I decide to go for one of those?
  15. The 2xxx cards are still facing problems to this day?