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  1. Fans arrived. I was planning to run them with DC 3 pin fan controller I installed earlier, but these and my other PWM fans seem to make little rattling noise when running with this controller. = Changed radiator fans to one single fan port. (Arctic says max 5 to one port with PST connection, but to my understanding fan port should support 1A/12v) 8xArctic P14 = at max 0.96A. Also, I run these with 20-30% speed, so I should be good. Doing this gave one free fan port on the mobo to be used with front panel fans. (6x Arctic p12 PST). Using these fans as they should (via PWM port) keeps them running super quietly even with higher speeds. Way quieter than my Noctua p12s and with way cheaper price tag. Well done Arctic Also wondering what kind of grill I'll do?
  2. Wonder Woman project got Benq XL2411P 24''. 1 PC: Benq xl2411 24'', Dell UltraSharp U3415W 34'' and above is Eizo EV2450 24''. 2 PC: Asus PB278QR 27'',(above the xl2411)
  3. Power cable to be bent, power cord to be mounted behind the monitor. New monitor arrived to be used with this PC. Benq xl2411p.
  4. First fan mounts printed succesfully. Cutout for ports done.
  5. Few early shots. Dont like the watermilk color that much, but way better than clear water imo.
  6. Days are getting colder and shorter meanwhile, this project is getting darker and taking longer Funny how much the color of these soft tubes has changed. It's almost a golden orange.
  7. 6x120mm fan's to be mounted and paint it white and were closer to finish.
  8. Thanks man I'm running the pump at the lowest speed. (Button model, no PWM) D5's are beasts. All these blocks and radiators with one pump. Going to make a better ''door'' to the PC with some dust filters and cutout for usb's/headphones. Maybe I'll put my ear on the case and make myself obsessed about sounds and make that elastic mount for the pump.
  9. Been happy with this. No more HDD's in use and can't hear any sound from the system. Temps playing and streaming PC 1: GPU 45-50c (max peak 59c) CPU 38-45c PC 2: GPU 30-35c, CPU 50-60c. Room at worst 26c Rendering on PC1 gets cpu up to 50-65c, but keeps 4GHz all core boost. While 3D working it keeps 4.1GHz for most of the time on all cores!
  10. USB hub is awesome! Upper ports are connected to streaming PC and lower ones to the main pc. 1TB m.2 installed and power buttons as well.
  11. Getting rid of HDD as this case works as a speaker with resonation. 1TB m.2 SSD ordered to fix this. After the last package arrives this will be completed. Things to finish: Power buttons USB3.0 + Audio jacks to top of the case Test how badly 100% negative pressure works here
  12. Mini builds are always lovely! Next time flip/mirror everything before printing, so you'll be showing the better side of the print. (fully flattened on the 3D printing surface)
  13. A laser would be optimal, fan holes were a pain to make! What 3D printer are you rocking on?
  14. Thanks! Slowly getting these videos out of the way