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  1. I'm tired replying to this. Mid-plate you are referring to that mirror finished bottom cover/PSU cover right? Was looking for 90° fittings but had none to use there. In the end I kinda like seeing under the GPU's for that small mirror effect. Those PSU cables to GPU's are messy. Thought that would bother me much, but honestly that mess dissappears little bit next to odd shaped loop order. Front panel is NOT painted by me, hilariously Noctua and ROG logos are painted aswell My girlfriend got mad at me and called my super dumb for what I'm going to do with this build and I understand. Tear her apart Black/red s340 was good starting point for this build, thanks my wallet for sponsoring! (small wallet, becasue had to buy it used)
  2. Bottom is now easy to open and lock with few screws and nuts. Any idea what this means?
  3. Tell me do you like the SLI-Bridge? It's little bit too tall, but for this project I'm not bothering to solder my own cables for it.
  4. To my eyes white/black Corsair fan has nicer look and options for customization. My personal opinion is that Corsair fans are just fine when using under 40-60% RPM. (depending on version) SLI bridge is done and it came out quite good I think. Only problem is that for the first time Flickr is not working for me. Timedout error when uploading.
  5. So... Adding a ODD-factor to this build:
  6. Raw V1 print of the SLI-Bridge, failed print but no time to do second print today. Tomorrow doing proper one
  7. Tank painted, had little bit bad masking-tape. Was really hard to take off.. Little bit of mirror-goodness! SLI-Bridge cover coming probably tomorrow
  8. GPUs --> CPU --> Rad --> Pump e. Just realized I dont have a fill port on my loop...
  9. One day this is going to be done, but for now... Inlet for the pump done Tank threads done Painting started Meaning to leave ''PSU Cover'' with mirror effect, only painting other side. Trying to get nice reflection-action! Also changed all the fans - Sponsored by Corsair! (nope) :smoke:
  10. Test assembly. Ended up buying ''used'' Cablemod black/red kit (tho i dont like it at all), because this project is going to be sold away in pieces or at once when finished. Still waiting PSU to arrive, so I could measure rest of tubing. First time making PETG tubing and does look OK.. might do new ones when everything finished and putting this together before selling/breaking it to pieces... Wondering how i'm going to route GPU cables. Make a black cable tunnel coming straight up, or route them same way as 24-pin cable, from right.
  11. Tank is starting to be ready, tho i need to order tools for G1/4 threads.
  12. I'll paint these new parts in black when all things done.
  13. Ended up having pile of components for cool idea build. Wanted to make s340 look little bit better, so here's project NOIS3D! Project: NOIS3D watercooled s340 Specs: Intel i5 6600k Asus maximus VIII Ranger 2x GTX 980ti 2x GTX 780s NZXT s340 case Watercooling junk First thing was to get rid of that ugly PSU cover/SSD mounts and HDD rack under it. Oh almost forgot and make room for 360mm radiator at front! After this it is time for custom tank and new PSU/cable cover, custom cables yadayadayada. First try: