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  1. Hard to make these tubes to fit with 1mm precision, but progress is happening!
  2. 4/5 done. Wanted to save so much to remember what I've done on this project. Hope some people like! Sadly I had no use for this pc so she's long gone
  3. The plan I had was to make special tubing but ended up going to make something more simple. Holes for tubing done. +10 PETG tubes to be made + same amount soft tubing behind the plexi. Holes for cables and PSU to be done aswell. Some progress
  4. Tough job to make those 114mm holes, but with water not that bad! First holes for PETG tubing done. Fan holes in the middle will be hidden, so that crack won't be a problem visually.
  5. Okay, okay this is maybe doable idea after all! First fan hole is done, couple mistakes made but did not fail too bad. (This hole is going to be hidden, so good first ''test'' hole for mistakes)
  6. Motherboard mounted! Fan mod finished (not tested yet). This is a little bit to show how this project will layout all the components.
  7. It's not done yet but should gain better air pressure. Fan-frame diameter is 2-2.5mm smaller = less air gap between blades and outer frame should = Less air running away = better performance .. We'll find out! edit. Would be cool to get air pressure/flow device to measure properly custom frame vs. original! Link me one if you know a good one.
  8. Couple mistakes with the fan, but should be correctly fixed by tomorrow. Components getting to their places and GPU-backplate with logo.
  9. I was wondering could I make Corsair SP120 fan's little bit better for this project, and ended up breaking one of them for research purpose of course.. This prototype frame print is just to check that my measures are correct. Also made a guide-piece? to drill thru all 24 holes needed for 24-pin cable. Pretty good test piece
  10. Thanks modded case is stored and waiting for use/someone to buy it.. Some more video progress.. I hope some people find something from these videos. Atleast for me they're good reminders what I've done and what to do better.
  11. Goal is to get this have a floating effect = stuff behind the component-plate wont be visible. Super clean watercooled wall-mounted pc. Base of this PC is 60x40x(cm) acrylic piece. Started testing cutouts for cablework and precision needed for this is quite high! (example: 24 holes, 3.5mm each inside of a 52mm X 12mm rectangle)
  12. New project, tho this time it's going to be used soon as it is completed! Wonder Woman ''Floating'' Wall-pc CPU: 8600k MOBO: ROG STRIX Z370-I GPU: EVGA FTW GTX 1080 PSU: EVGA R3 1000W Storage: Samsung 960 EVO 500GB m.2 Water, and couple fittings with monoblocks, done You should follow this, it's going to be pretty cool. If you dont believe me take a look at this image, it's clear indicator how good my plan is!
  13. I like the atmosphere around this video, I like the song, but not this video. Tho who likes to fail?
  14. I'm tired replying to this. Mid-plate you are referring to that mirror finished bottom cover/PSU cover right? Was looking for 90° fittings but had none to use there. In the end I kinda like seeing under the GPU's for that small mirror effect. Those PSU cables to GPU's are messy. Thought that would bother me much, but honestly that mess dissappears little bit next to odd shaped loop order. Front panel is NOT painted by me, hilariously Noctua and ROG logos are painted aswell My girlfriend got mad at me and called my super dumb for what I'm going to do with this build and I understand. Tear her apart Black/red s340 was good starting point for this build, thanks my wallet for sponsoring! (small wallet, becasue had to buy it used)