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  1. This is going to sound wierd but that is a good thing. If something is open source, then its security can be audited by everyone from high school students to hackers to professional security specialist. No need to reverse engineering anything, no need to pay to see the source code, no fear of a company sending the FBI to your door. Find an exploit? You can actually do something about it.
  2. I just want to say THANK YOU to Linus and whoever in the team has been pushing for more videos on open source. I'm gonna sound like a neckbeard Linux keyboard warrior but Open Source should really be the future. And it's videos like these that help get more regular people educated about these project and that is what will drive the projects further.
  3. Yes Mr.Moose. You're not the only one blessed with knowledge. Others however, are not. Having a third party source clearly describing what the NDA is and isn't should help ease the aneuyrism others are having over this matter.
  4. ALright boy and girls. Jesu.... i mean gamersnexus has done what a reasonable person should do and has ACTUALLY DONE THEIR RESEARCH and not just spout nvidia hate out of their mouths. behold:
  5. 4k at 27 inches is a bit hard to use without scaling. If this monitor were 32 inches, than I would be all over this monitor. It is still an impressive monitor for gaming though.
  6. Fortnite's strength is that it is super accessible. Pretty much anyone can download it, get their friends to download it and play squads with minimal hassle. Can't say the same about PUBG
  7. For gaming, having the extra arm space is amazing. I also thought 60% keyboard we're useless, but then I tried them and they were amazing. I still have a full size membrane keyboard for my excel work, but I definitely prefer 60% for gaming. Back on topic, nice build. Love the ninja keycaps. So clean
  8. Not sure if this is the right spot, correct me if I didn't! So I need a VPS service for a personal VPN. I've been recommended Digital Ocean pretty strongly but I was doing some research and found others like Vultr. Any reccomendations/experiences you have? I know a couple of you are experienced in networking so I wanted to ask here. Thanks for the help!
  9. Beautiful build. I have an S4 Mini (#14 with the O.G powder coat) as well. I've used it as my daily driver and it works great. Did you do anything about the external power cable? The cable for the Dell brick is fugly and would ruin a clean build like yours.
  10. It's probably the record labels pushing this. Like with the movie industry, they want to stick DRM up everyone's butt. The only other real option is to manage your own music library locally. Vote with your wallet boys.
  11. I'm the proud owner of an S4 (I got #14 of the first batch he began sell in the OG Black wrinkle powder coat). It's a great case and I'm glad it's getting mainstream coverage.
  12. Add thunderbolt 3 and it will be perfect. Even a type C port would have been awesome. It enables a whole lot more functionality that is useful for students of all kind.
  13. I find it disheartening to see that politicians cover up their bills with titles like "Human trafficking prevention act." What's even worse is that most people will eat this up without looking at the actual content of the bill. If this passes, it will be a total invasion of privacy. Not only that, it will be totally useless. People will find another way to commit these crimes. People are smart enough to disable these of filters. This is nothing more than an insult to the people.
  14. If it gets Valve off their lazy butts then go for it! The curator and QA system are in desperate need of a remake.
  15. MasterJV

    Is this Linus?

    9Gag. Great place to get a daily dose of dank memes. http://9gag.com/gag/a9WAevo?ref=android
  16. Small form factor PC's don't output a lot of heat actually relative to their big cousins. a 65W i7 plus a 120W 1060 still fits in under that heat budget. Of course you won't be overclocking and it may not be capable of 8K gaming but for most people, this is more then enough.
  17. Cases like this, especially when they're one offs/prototypes are expensive to make. Why? Cause you don't get the benefit of economic of scale. From what I've seen on other forums, he also paid some engineering fees which really raised the cost. But this is the cost of making something unique. Believe me, once you start making orders of 5 or more, the cost of each comes down dramatically.
  18. So I've noticed that in the latest vessel video, someone put a Mexican corrido in the background. When I noticed it, I couldn't stop laughing. As half Mexican, I approve of this. Just wanted to know if there's a back round story to it or if someone in the office is exploring new music genres?
  19. My PC is ready. I'm power limited at the moment (250Watt HDPlex nano PSU) and the demo they showed of a rig running BF at 60FPS UNDER 100 watts is very interesting to say the least.
  20. Until what point does a sponsorship affect your opinion? Or a better question would be where should reviewers limit a relationship with a certain company?
  21. Finally they let others stream the songs. A couple of years ago, my and my brother went to a couple local libraries with a laptop and started ripping the songs (We were students with no jobs) Well we lost the HDD with the songs and we didn't make a back up of that. Now I can enjoy the music when I want! All Hail Spotify!
  22. So many of these jokes on this post are schiit if you ask me.
  23. Honestly, I think he doesn't even know what being President means.
  24. Did it, my connection with AT&T is capable of 25 megabits (15200 kilobits on line 1 and 10007 kilobits on line 2 to be exact.) Sometimes we get that speed on downloads but most of the time it's in the 15-18 Mbps. The broadband table looks exactly like mine. Two lines both up and running. I live in a pretty old house and the fact that we live far from the utility box didn't help matters either so that's why they went with a "business type" bonded connection according to technician the came to my place.
  25. I actually have some sort of bonded pair internet connection but I only get 18 MbPS. If they get Gigabit here before Sonic.net does, I'll be switching.