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  1. This would fit nicely in an old sleeper build. Take your grandmother's tower and upgrade spec to play Crysis 4
  2. I've got my Note 3 on an unlimited everything plan, paying about $100 a month, yet I'm considered poor by General American public standards. Why? Because I like having a high end android phone and I'm willing to pay for it. So no, it really does not make sense to try and equate living standards with money and better products to those who can afford it...
  3. The sounds should be customizable. Play music or sound effects. I'd make my electric car sound like a massive diesel semi truck
  4. Please Google, leave T-Mobile alone. Go buy Verizon.
  5. What's a WiiU? Is that a thing? Wii not be getting U this thing.
  6. Yeah nice try New Zealand, this is KIM MOTHER DOT FUCKING COM you're messing with.
  7. Its a computer in a computer. COMPUTERCEPTION
  8. They should pay it in doge coin. 306700000000.00 rupee is 5 billion US. Anyone know which billion they would pay? Like, the US version of a million or the worlds' million millions?
  9. How to avoid problems: get all websites with links to change the links from a URL to a number IP. Voila!