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  1. I just installed the two 80mm at the very back. But i've been running it open top for a while and the pcie cards needed some more direct airflow. Due to cables the main 140mm fan has to point a little bit upward and wasn't giving airflow to the pcie slots. Once i get it in the rack with the top on i'll probably pull that 120mm. But i might just leave it there to keep more direct airflow at the pcie cards
  2. Thanks! Just out of curiosity, why in particular do you recommend that? Due to the water loop?
  3. Okay i've got some updates! Here's a couple pics of the inside of the Unraid Server. I don't think i could put another Noctua fan in there if i tried. Also some progress on the new Sysracks Cabinet. Got mostly everything swapped over except for the Unraid Server, but the new rails should be here Monday for that. Top exhuast. Ideally i'd like to get this on a laser cutter to expand the slots for all 9 fans. The 4 will have to do for now. Cleanining up the back Here's a quick peek at the Arduino. Firmware still in beta, and the loop is still not hooked up to the 1080 radiator yet (out of distilled water. need to run to the store) Not 100% on the hardware layout in the rack, but this should definitely work for now. I'll be putting the Unraid server below my gaming pc. More updates coming soon!
  4. Thanks for the feedback! The 660p drives have so far been pretty good as they run in Raid 0. Picked them up on sale for $90 a piece. Not the fastest things ever, but they do the job. I'm not really doing many large file transfers anyways. Which brings me to 10g ethernet. I just don't have the need as i'm not moving large files. I'll re-evaluate next year. i do agree on the unused drives. They definitely need to go. Since they are unmounted (and presumably discs aren't spinning) i don't suspect they are using much power. Hence, i haven't bothered to remove them yet. The tubes are just temporary (should only be like that during service). They will connect to the radiator in the new chassis (which also has quick connects. i'll get pics tomorrow).
  5. Hello everyone! Very excited to begin this build log/upgrade for my "Gaming Server Rack". It will be featuring the following current hardware: Server Rack Sysracks SRF 18.6.10 18U 39" Depth Floor Standing Cabinet 1" Foam Sound Deadening Phobya G-Changer Xtreme NOVA 1080 Radiator 60mm - Replaces spot for 4 Exhaust Fans on Server Rack EK quick connect fittings to hook up to Gaming Server 9x Fractal Design Venturi HP 120mm Fans for 1080 Radiator 10 way PWM Fan Splitter Custom Arduino Pro Micro Fan Controller Drives 10 way PWM Fan Splitter 20x4 LCD to replace stock server LCD for feedback Water Temp probe connected to 1080 radiator for water temp Ambient air thermocouple Fan speed based off temperatures Lots of RGB Gaming PC Rosewill RSV-L4000 9700K @ 5.0GHz EK CPU Waterblock - Clear Acrylic & Nickel Plated Copper Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Ultra Motherboard G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) 3600MHz 16-19-19-39 Memory Gigabyte 1080Ti Waterforce WB Samsung 960 EVO M.2 NVME SSD - OS Drive Mushkin 1TB 2.5" SSD - Games Drive WD Black 6TB - Bulk Storage/Games Drive EK D5 Waterpump w/ Reservoir EK Coolstream PE-360 (can run disconnected from server radiator if needed) Custom acrylic top panel Idea is to mount the rack so this will be visible from the front of the server rack Will determine if this is worth doing once i get things together Supermicro Unraid Server Supermicro CSE-846 4U Server Chassis 24x 3.5" Hot Swap Bays Raid Controller Card 2x E5 2667 v2 Xeon 3.30/4.00GHz Base/Boost CPUs 2x Noctua NH-U9DX i4 Narrow ILM CPU Cooler NVIDIA Quadro P2000 - Transcoding 8x16GB Micron PC3-14900R DDR3-1866 REG ECC Memory MT36JSF2G72PZ-1G9E1HF 2x Supermicro PWS-920P-SQ 920W Platinum PSUs Supermicro AOC-SLG3-2M2 PCIE card for 2x NVME SSD 2x1TB Intel 660p NVME SSD - Unraid Cache Drives Unraid Array Drives 6x10TB Shucked WD HDDs 2x8TB Shucked WD HDDs 1x10TB WD Red Other Drives 1TB WD Blue SSD 2.5" 4TB WD Red 4TB WD Green 1TB WD Black 250GB WD Blue Fans All the Noctua 2x 80mm Noctuas 3x 140mm Noctuas 1x 120mm Noctuas Fancy Supermicro bearing slides (on the way. forced to get these as basic rails i have now don't work with new rack) Battery Backups APC SMT1500RM2U 1500VA 1000W 2U UPS 3x 12V DC-DC Battery Backups - still waiting for these from China. need testing Networking Protectli Vault running pfsense 1U Netgear 24-Port Gigabit unmanaged switch 1U 24-Port Keystone Patch Panel TP-Link Deco S4 Mesh WiFi So now that we got that out of the way, where am I at with this? Well, all of this was originally hooked up (and still mostly is) on a 25U? open frame rack. It sits next to my desk. Its loud and ugly, and with the kiddos getting bigger (1month/2.5year) i want something to protect the goods. I saw a post on reddit with a really sexy looking rack, and after seeing the prices at sysracks, i was sold. Now my server chassis are too big for the sleek under desk rack, but i'm still very happy with my big boy rack. Right now i'm just waiting on the supermicro rails so i can move everything over in one fell swoop. Also really excited to hook up the 1080 radiator to the gaming pc loop. I'm a little nervous about a single D5 pump having to move all that water but we'll see how it does. I might throw another pump in series on the server rack for good measure, although i'll have to come up with a way to only run it at the same time as the gaming pc. Another option is to do dual pumps in the gaming pc and move the reservoir to the server chassis (probably a better solution). I'll get more pics soon, but here's where things are at:
  6. Hello everyone! I am currently looking to do quite a few upgrades to my server. Current specs: OS: Windows 10 Case: Corsair 500R CPU: 3770k Mobo: Asrock Z77 extreme4 GPU: quadro p2000 PSU: Seasonic S12II 430W 80+ bronze psu Storage Drives: 256GB Samsung 840 evo SSD (os drive) 8TB WD Red (TV Shows) 4TB WD Red (Music) 8TB WD Elements (still in usb external enclosure) (Movies) 4TB WD Green (on its way out) (general purpose storage) 1TB WD Black (sort of a secondary cache) 1TB WD Blue SSD (main cache for downloads CD Drives: 1x Blu Ray 5.25" internal drive 4x DVD 5.25" internal drive Other: Sata3 PCIE adapter (4x sata ports) I use the server mainly for Plex and ripping my movie/cd collection. I have everything backed up to a gsuite account. Planned Upgrades: The Corsair 500R is at its limits right now with the amount of hard drives and disc drives. So i am looking for a case that can hold a lot more. Here is the more i am looking to add: - 4x 8TB WD Red drives in raid 10 - upgrade to x99 platform - upgrade PSU to something much more efficient/higher quality - new case to hold all the new hardware and old (not including old mobo/cpu/ram/psu) - Windows 10 Pro So far the cases with large number of 5.25" and 3.5" bays are quite hard to find. The form factor really doesn't matter to me, but i would like to stray away from the cheap gamery full tower cases. I'll even take a server style 1/2/4U case. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions for a case that can accommodate all this hardware. Thanks!
  7. My server PC has 4 internal CD/DVD drives, 1 external CD/DVD drive, and 1 interal used externally with sata to usb adapter Blu Ray/DVD/CD drive. I use these for ripping CDs and DVD/Blu Rays pretty frequently. Looking at getting a UHD compatible Blu Ray drive that hasn't been firmware locked so i can do UHD Blu Rays soon as well. Same PC has a ton of HDDs too lol. Every sata port is populated and just got an 8 port USB 3.0 hub for more external expansion lol. Oh and it even has a pcie 4 port sata card. ANyways... i'm just not a fan of the compressed video streams when i have an option to rip my content losslessly from physical media, then stream it from my server anytime anywhere. But if you're not a huge stickler for these things (which most reasonable people would be), compressed video streams are just fine
  8. i'd check out the alienware 1440p UW 120Hz monitor. Get more pixels than a normal 16:9 1440p and still get plenty of refresh rate. Got mine on tuesday and it is the best monitor on the market. I've also used 27" 1440p 144Hz and 40" 4K 60Hz.
  9. From my 5 minutes of googling, yes it seems like pretty much everyone was able to get 100Hz from that monitor. Will you feel the difference? I think there are some circumstances where yes, yes you probably could. But if you got the alienware monitor, it would probably be much more difficult to tell the difference between 120 and 144. I currently have a 144 Dell S2716DG. Just ordered the alienware monitor last night. I can tell you what my experience is once it comes in.
  10. I'm going to have to agree with charbel here. The only threads i've found about not hitting 100Hz were some other odd issue unrelated to the panel and its supposed "inability" to hit 100Hz. That being said, with the AW monitor out now and at 120Hz, its hard to go with any other UW at this point in time.
  11. My experience with higher end TN has been great thus far with my S2716DG. I went from a 40" 4K VA monitor that had atrocious response times. While i was using the 40" 4K i wasn't really playing games that needed the faster response times. But I started playing Overwatch last year and could REALLY feel it. Sure the 40" 4K is way prettier with its VA panel and higher pixel count, but i've been very satisfied with the picture quality of the dell's TN panel. I have minimal experience with higher end IPS panels, at least until my new Alienware UW monitor comes in. Other than that, my other experience is with my dell i7559 laptop that came from the factory with a 1080p 60Hz IPS panel. I found online that people were swapping it with a 1080p 120Hz TN panel and followed suit. The difference in input lag in games like Overwatch is substantial. But i cannot be sure if that difference was because i went from IPS to TN or i went 60hz to 120hz (probably more the latter than the former)
  12. Even so, the Alienware is still the better ultrawide. The tftcentral review seals its landslide victory. until the other companies start making 1440p UW panels with the 120Hz overclock, the dell will be the supreme leader. Plus its on sale at $949 at dell http://deals.dell.com/mpp/productdetail/lws
  13. i tried messing around with the dell advantage stuff and couldn't find anywhere to get that deal. I'll just stick with the $949 one. Thanks for the help though
  14. I actually found a link on the ultrawide reddit at $949! http://deals.dell.com/mpp/productdetail/lws So naturally i cancelled for $999 order and did a new order at $949. I also added the $25 expedited shipping.. although now with what you are saying that might not have been the best. Oh well, still $25 cheaper than the original sale price i was already happy with. Also ordered a gigabyte Aorus 1080ti waterforce WB to replace my 980ti+ek wb. Can't wait!
  15. bumping this. Just found the TFT review, and literally couldn't click the buy button fast enough on dell's website. I've been waiting what seems likes AGES to get 120Hz+ on a 1440p ultrawide. The cream on top is the response time testing from tftcentral. When i saw this thing BEATING my S2716DG in response time (a TN panel for that matter) it was already sold. Would still be pretty cool to see Linus review one of these bad boys. The fact that its on sale at $999, where the other competitors that have been on the market for a while now have never even seen sub $1000, blows me away. And you get the faster refresh rate. AND you get the faster response time. My only regret right now is that i didn't spend the extra $25 for expedited shipping. This also sealed the deal on my long awaited 980ti to 1080ti upgrade. Hopefully the craigslist gods do me good and help me recoup some of this cost when i go to sell my old S2716DG and 980ti. Although i may end up using the S2716DG as a side monitor if the holiday bonus from work is juicy.