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  1. A family friend is asking me to make a new computer for them. Having come from an iMac, they want the build to be able to run a 4k display under smaller workloads (Light CAD, not gaming applications). The only problem is that they want to use as small of a case as possible. In looking for a graphics card that fits the case they wanted (a Lian-Li Q19A), I can only find cards with gtx 960 chip sets or lower that fit. I just don't know if those cards are enough to drive the monitor under the light loads and would like to be sure before giving them a quote for the build. Any help you guys could give in picking a card would be appreciated. I don't have a problem with using amd graphics cards, but don't have as much experience with them, as all of my other client builds, as well as my personal rig, have used NVIDIA chip sets, so any recommendations there are very welcome. Thank you all in advance. P.S. Because the Lian-Li case is relatively easy to open, I would like to find a card that sticks with a white/black/silver color scheme like the rest of the build. If possible, I would like to avoid a red, orange, or blue GPU PC Part Picker Link (In progress)
  2. Currently buying parts for my first computer. Sadly, I wsnt able to put an sad in it. This would really be a godsend by expanding my storage capabilities from 500 Gb.