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  1. Hello! Thanks in advance for reading. A good friend of mine wants to buy a notebook for work. He uses some spreadsheets, navigate, and use some light apps, Netflix, pretty standard use.. In the OS department he preffers Windows, a gpu would he nice but he usually games with his xbox(so not necessary) and an ssd is always welcome, a reliable, well known brand, and a decent keyboard, 1080p screen, and decent battery. To sum things up, a good, solid laptop, hopefully to last years. Budget is around 1000usd Thx again! Looking for read your recos
  2. He told me that he preferes to buy it in this page : https://www.bestbuy.com.mx/ Budget is around 13.000 maxican pounds, around 580/600usd
  3. Hi, good afternoon, I´ve been looking a laptop for a friend and I hope you guys can help me out in this one. His budget is around 570 usd, for things such as Office use, web browsing and a little bit of League Of Legends (guess a video card would be nice) He is from Mexico. Hope we can find a good machine for him, thx in advance.
  4. Hi! A couple of days ago arrived my New Predator x34, and god its awesome... But I encountered a big issue. When I overclocked it in the menu (any frequency) I got a weird vertical pixel line, whick is not present when oc is Off. Its my first monitor, and I can not believe the bad luck. Does a solution exist? Or I have to rma it? Sorry for bad english, and thx in advance.
  5. CAM is THAT bad? I know that the AI thing is kinda crap, however I am more interested in the RGB control side of the software.
  6. Hi! I started to buy parts for my next Gaming PC and I was wondering about this. CAM or LINK? I´ll explain myself. So far I bought the core components, cpu, psu, motherboard and storage, And I am thorn betwhen the netx steps. One of my ideas is : Corsar Vengeance Rgb Pro RAM+Corsair Lightloops+Commander Pro+Corsair or Phanteks case(prov Evolv X)+ Corsair rgb AiO or GSKILL Trident Z rgb+ NZXT HUE PLUS+ AER RGB FANS+ NZXT case(prob h700i)+ KRAKEN AiO To sum things, both lists are made with great components. However, the lighting ecosystems will be in only two softwares: Asus and CAM or LINK. Thoughts on this? Which ecosystem is better? I know that LINK has been updated not that very long ago, but I do not know if any of them has been really improved. Thanks in advance. And sorry for misspellings. English not my first languaje.
  7. Hi all, thx for reading. So, I am about to start buying parts for my next build. I found two Asus motherboards that besides color and WiFi/BT module, I can not find any difference. One is the Strix z370-E and the other is Strix z370-F They are basically the same price so, which one should I choose? Thx in advance :3
  8. First of all, thanks to all in advance for reading. And sorry for misspealing, English is not my first languaje, So, I´ve been saving money for my next build(around 2200USD), and I have a really common, but hard question, AMD or INTEL? I´m kindoff a multitasking freak,I love having a lot going on in the moment: gaming, Word, web research, spotify, downloads, you name it! The question is: do I lost a lot of multi-tasking going the Intel route? Yes, a weird question, I know. But has been the common answer for this kind of questions in the past: Multitasking? Ryzen. Gaming? Intel. And I do not think its that polarized. At least I hope so. Thanks again, really anxious to read your comments!
  9. Vessel Username: slashhh123 Fav videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/bxOOa9K7L https://www.vessel.com/videos/eUUJ3a1aM