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  1. Nearline is more optimized for archiving, which makes retrieval latency slower (the opposite of what you want for something like Google Drive). I think the price is relatively comparable though.
  2. Yeah, that's about right. Using 1024 for byte -> bit, I got ~233 hours. Ideally, he would only backup changed/added files, instead of the entire thing each night. Additionally, I'm sure when you add a compression layer (zip or tar.gz?) on top of that 20TB, it will compact down to something a little more reasonable.
  3. I heard linus discussing his search for off-site backup solutions, and complaining that whoever he was looking into wanted to charge him a lot to backup his 20TB server nightly. I recently discovered Google's "Nearline" service, which provides relatively cheap storage for $0.01/GB. That would be only $204.80 for 20TB. Here's their product page: https://cloud.google.com/storage-nearline/
  4. I like the sleek look of this notebook combined with the decent performance and battery life.
  5. My favorite thing about the HTC One m8 has to be the dot view case, it's intuitive and eye-catching. The premium feel and construction of the phone itself is also very appealing.
  6. Muny

    Oh, Slick...

    Was watching the livestream archive and noticed Slick's face when Linus scrolled to this tweet xD
  7. ^ That guy referred me My twitter: @munymuny200 The post: https://twitter.com/munymuny200/status/354748412110974976
  8. Hi, I was feeling bored so I decided to see if I could make some decent "banners" (if that's the word) for the livestream. Here they are: (It's really light blue because of the transparency) Here's that again with some dropshadow: If you have any critiques or suggestions, please post them :)
  9. Thought this was funny:
  10. Muny

    Spare server

    That's because speedtest.net doesn't show speedtests above 1000 Mbit/s
  11. Muny

    Spare server

    16 GB of RAM is a bit overpowered for just a backup server.
  12. Muny

    DOTA Keys

    This guy is legit. :)