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  1. I have this Xigmatek case for 5 years now, and I really love how simple and functional it is. I really liked the rubber feel on the case when I first got it, but now I'm starting to regret that decision. The rubber-like plastic has turned into a sticky mess! Anyone has any idea how I can remove it? Or is it possibly to just spray paint over it and call it a day? I don't want to get a new case as I'm saving for a new graphics card and the case is still functional.
  2. Currently USD $410 (if converted). I don't remember the price when it first came out though, but I remembered looking at 1070 when it was released and it was somewhere around USD $480 - $500. But at that time the USD to Malaysian Ringgit currency was less favourable than now. So, the current 1060 price is quite steep considering our improved conversion rate, and yet it's quite close to the 1070 when first released.
  3. I see. I guess there's no harm in waiting. Thanks for the advice guys! Have no idea what's the pricing is like before or how it should be. It's definitely more expensive than when I purchased the 670 5 years ago. I hope that the price for the new cards coming out this year won't be as bad.
  4. Currently running on a GTX670 for 1080p and newer games have to be lowered to low-med settings at 1080p. Could be a bottleneck due to my i5-3470 but not looking to upgrade my CPU yet. So would you wait for the next gen or get at 1060 6gb for around $410 (I'm from south east asia) if you were in my shoes?
  5. Thank you guys for all for the replies and the input! As I expected, I'm not really hoping that it'll significantly improve the battery life but it's just a curiosity of mine, wondering if anyone has seen any detectable improvement. I'll still upgrade the drive to SSD mainly for the performance. It also makes me wonder how Apple was able to make their macbook pro's last so long. Much larger battery?
  6. Just discovered on Anandtech's SSD benchmarks that the EVO 850 has one of the lowest power draw. Is there any particular concern over the longevity or performance of the EVO 850? I don't remember what was the problem with the 840......
  7. My laptop's a rather old model: Dell Latitude E6330. Only lasts up to 3 hours max.
  8. Thinking of upgrading my laptop's HDD to a Samsung Evo 850 or Crucial MX550 as they are two of the most reasonably priced in terms of performance. The main reason for upgrade is obviously to improve performance, boot up speed, etc., but I wonder if it actually helps to improve battery life since I can always feel my HDD spinning (taking more battery life?). Would really appreciate if anyone with experience can share. Thanks!
  9. Last upgrade was 9 months ago to an SSD and my rig is complete. No temptation whatsoever to upgrade for at least another year. I'm actually waiting for the next big jump in performance. If I upgrade now, I'll probably get 10-15% increase in performance for a lot of money. Might as well wait another 3 years and spend the same to get a bigger jump in upgrade. TBH, I could probably live with a simple laptop anyways.
  10. vyogan

    Rocket League!

    Let's start a LinusTechTips team!!! Add me guys!!! Account name: vyogan
  11. vyogan

    Flacs vs Mp3's

    :blink: Calm down people! Why can't everybody just agree to disagree? I mean, whatever makes them happy right? If they think they hear a difference, so be it. I personally can't hear a difference. Even a 320kbps mp3 file (when encoded well) is more than pleasing enough to my ears given a good system. I'd rather enjoy the music more than worry about whether I hear an insignificant difference or not. I can't even tell the sound difference between my motherboard's DAC to my external DAC. Maybe there is, but it's so microscopically different that it doesn't affect my experience in enjoying music. Also let's not forget that our brains are easily fooled, look below:
  12. vyogan


    I like how I can put all my different genre playlists on Foobar and have access to them within a click of a button. I don't recall being able to do that on winamp, where I had to load a different playlist every time. Foobar also has an extensive support for different audio files.
  13. The cable mess is basically hidden behind (looks good at this angle). And there's always plenty of dust, more so at my desk than any other area in the house. Must be the fans in my PC stirring up all the dust.
  14. My Sennheiser HD600 and it's Aune S2 amp. I just enjoy listening to music and they are absolutely worth every penny! Close second has to be the Sony RX100 camera. Superb image quality for such a small piece of device!
  15. The VSonic GR07 Classic Edition is a longtime favorite among IEM audiophiles for a balanced sound signature. For a fun sound, I highly recommend the TTPOD T1 or T1-E (for extra bass). Like the above poster, the VSonic VSD3 or VSD3S are also very good.