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  1. Thanks for that guide! I've actually been following this to get a GTX560ti working on an old Apple Xserve. So far the furthest i've gotten is for windows to recognize the card and GPU Z to see as if its acting normal. my issue being that when I try to connect a display or trick windows into a dummy display, I get a blue screen on the VM with a "nvlddmkm.sys" error. I'd love someones suggestions on what to try? currently working on rolling the driver back to 388.13 if that doesn't work though, i'm out of ideas. working on windows 7 Pro SP1 Xserve specs: 2x Xeon E5462 @ 2.80 GHZ 12GB of ECC RAM GTX 560ti attached externally via a PCI-E Extender.
  2. it was just zip tied to the shelf no disassembly. The idea of M3 tape, foam and stainless steel ties is one i've had and thought about.
  3. Hey guys. It's been a while since I posted here but I'm a little stumped with this build for work i'm doing. The build is a set of 3 5U racks built to tour and run a program called QLab which is a speciality program to run theatre shows. The problem i'm having is two of the racks have trashcan Macs in them, they were mounted to a rack shelf via heavy duty zip ties. But the zip ties broke on the tour it was just on. So what I need you guys's help for, is I need Ideas on how to mount the Macs on a shelf without breaking on tour. I would like to avoid one of those rack mac systems, for two reasons. 1. weight, this needs to be able to fly. 2. I don't have a huge budget for this and more just have to make do with what I have. I know this is a PC based forum so id like to put it out there that I can't build a rack mountable PC for this, because 1. budget 2. I need it to be super reliable.
  4. Thanks! I was wondering about that wd green drive ill buy another seagate NAS drive then
  5. There isn't a very big chance of useing plex,if i did it would be one or two streams thats it. I might end up doing some ftp stuff but i don't think that'll be too intensive
  6. at the moment it'll be for backup (BitTorrent sync seems to be the way I want to go). and for mass storage, pictures, movies, music, etc.
  7. hey guys, im looking at building a freenas server, nothing fancy just something to get the job done. I have two 2tb drives one is a seagate NAS drive the other is a WD green that id like to use. This is what im planning right now: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/F7jNK8 what do you guys think? does it need anything else?
  8. I want to get my family a reliable NAS since i'm moving out in a couple months and don't want to have to trouble shoot all the time. I also don't want may dad to freak out again like the last time a hard drive failed and he lost all the family pictures. http://www.amazon.ca/TS-231-Personal-Mobile-Airplay-Support/dp/B00O3Y7F02/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1449171845&sr=8-13&keywords=NAS
  9. old ones put out alot of heat its normal
  10. WD RED and seagate NAS drives, also seagates barracudas ive never had a problem with but your mileage my vary
  11. thanks for the insight, ill probably go into an apple store someday soon. while im here what do you think of the force touch trackpad? (if yours has it)
  12. what year macbook pro do you have? and do think its better for school and just general computing compared to something like a razer blade 14?
  13. thats not a bad idea but if i go with a 2012 im not gaining much over my current laptop in performance. im just trading in for a more portable one not really, cheaper is better hmmm....
  14. Hello LTT Forums i'm going to be attending audio production school come July (its a ways away but Christmas and stuff) and would like to get a new laptop considering mine is a few years old. it runs great and all but it ways close to the same as a tank and I don't want to be lugging it around day after day. heres what im looking for: - Portability not ultrabook slim but still something that won't way me down everyday from carrying it around all day - Decent battery life - Power. I want to be able to do at least a little bit of casual gaming in my spare time and also for editing audio which I have a feeling I might need to do - Thunder bolt would be really nice to have ​i hope you guys can point me in the right direction, i was thinking macbook pro but the price and im not sure im ready to switch to OSX
  15. what kind of mic are you thinking of xlr or just normal 3.5mm, i was going to recommend something like this http://us.focusrite.com/usb-audio-interfaces/scarlett-solo but that might be over kill for you
  16. if you want something nice for $50, go to a thrift store and see if you can find any cheaper bookshelf speakers and buy yourself a little amp like this http://www.amazon.com/Lepai-LP-2020A-Tripath-Class-T-Amplifier/dp/B0049P6OTI it'll sound a lot better than any computer speaker setup you'll get for that price
  17. something like this should do the trick http://www.amazon.ca/Behringer-MX400-Ultra-Low-Noise-4-Channel/dp/B000KGYAYQ
  18. If you're looking to do a lot for streaming/video editing its worth the extra cash for an I5 or I7 but if you're just casually doing it then its better to stick with what you got till you need the upgrade
  19. I personally really like my 8320, I use this computer for gaming and a little bit of creative work now and again (Photoshop, video editing) and a lot of multitasking the, downsides i see right now is 1. it puts out a fair bit of heat (I don't have/need a heater in my room) 2. it draws a lot of power. im starting to become more energy conscious recently (call me a tree huger, whatever) but idle my rig draws 100W-150W (probably also have my 270x to blame). 3. I do most of my creative stuff on my laptop with a I7 3632QM and that will beat my FX any day in video editing or anything more CPU intensive.
  20. it'll do fine for light gaming and video editing (not 4K or anything crazy) the 6300 that is. your R7 370 should do just fine. but if all youre paying more is $50-$70 it would be worth it in the long run.
  21. do you guys have monoprice in Portugal? they have some mics that arent too bad