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  1. I see, thanks ! But I think the other methods are more aligned with what I want to do
  2. OK thank you very much, I'm going to test this, seems very promising !
  3. I am indeed on raspbian. Thanks a lot, it seems much cleaner ! My question then is what's the best way to order how services start ?
  4. I have a raspberry pi and I want it to show a message on a nokia screen right before powering off to know when it's safe to unplug it. The problem is that showing this image before executing the command won't cut it since in the case where the poweroff command takes too much time the user could unplug it without it being safe. There is a method to show the PI's status with an LED and GPIO pins but it isn't acceptable in my case. My thinking was to run the script once the bulk of the shutting down was done. If you think of a better way I'm all ears because I agree with you, mine is extremely janky... This is necessary since the screen stays on/doesn't clear once the pi shuts down.
  5. Ok thanks, and where would one find source code for basic commands such as ls or poweroff ?
  6. Hi guys, is anyone aware of a method to modify a linux command to change its functionality (like adding a feature) ? Have a nice day !
  7. Hi everyone, I don't seem to be able to make a Huawei 3272s-153 4G modem work with a Raspberry Pi. Has anyone had any luck with that ? The Pi is the 4B with 4gb of RAM and running Raspbian lite. The 4G usb key is Huawei 3272s-153 as specified above. Thanks for your help !
  8. The problem with the business offerings is that they are usually under powered for the same price in my experience.
  9. Hey guys, a friend of mine wants to buy a laptop to use for school where they'll be using GIS (geographic information systems) software. I don't know much about this workload, anyone can recommend what to look out for ? It seems quite CPU and RAM intensive. His budget is around 1000€. Any recommendations are welcome. Thanks !
  10. Hi, does anyone know how you could sync mouse and keyboard input across different VMs in VirtualBox or VMWare? What i mean by that is that if I click on something in one VM, it clicks in the same place in the others. Same goes for the keyboard: what I type in one is typed in all the others. Thanks!
  11. NetAcad is pretty good in my experience. After you've read the course try the practical exercises at the end of sections. There are .pka files which make you practice what you just learned. If you're stuck in an exercise don't hesitate to re-read the appropriate part of the course and check the internet, especially youtube. There are all the solutions on there. The try to redo them on your own. It takes time and it's not easy but it's straightforward.
  12. I want to execute the same clicks in a game on multiple devices. I know MEmu allows this (when you click in one VM, the same click is reproduced in all the other instances), but I was wondering if it is safe (no virus etc) and if it was the most lightweight option.
  13. Hi, I'm looking for an android emulator/virtual machine. I have the following criteria: - I want to be able to sync my clicks between the VMs (if if click on something in one, it clicks de same thing in the others) - It must support multiple instances - It must be as lightweight as possible (since I want to run multiple instances) - It has to be safe Any and all suggestions are welcome! Thanks ! PS: do vmware or virtualbox work for something like that?
  14. it's not wide, 1080p and not bigger, did you even read the whole post?
  15. Is the xeon really necessary? and if your videos are that important to you, you really should have a backup (preferably off-site) of your files in addition to your fileserver.
  16. it depends on what you do, but if you're only browsing internet and writing essays a 200$ chrome book is actually better than most 400-500$ computers. then most people already have some if not all of those peripherals, furthermore even the cheapest keyboard will be equivalent or better than a laptop's one, and you'll still need a mouse, webcams are not mandatory for most people and again can be found on the cheap, the only peripherals that not everyone might have are speakers and monitor, again speakers are often integrated in the monitor or really cheap (that will again be better), so the only real peripheral is the monitor but a lot of people have one already. So it depends on each and everyone's situation. And finally there's no way that it's cheaper in the long run, and maybe you'll save 50-100$ now but you'll lose a lot more down the road with a gaming laptop. but since OP answered nicely and clearly my suggestion, I suggest that we end this discussion here to avoid polluting his thread.
  17. (and yes you'll need to put your files on the nas first for them to be accessible)
  18. it's doable and relatively easy (you don't need a gpu), and yes the rpi can do the trick but it depends on how much you share (couple of megs, gigs, undreds of gigs or even terabytes?), the rpi might not be the best suited for high amounts of storage for example. how you'll share them will depend on how you configure your server but you can either share particular files or give your friends access to some or all of the folders on your server, all options are possible.
  19. I really don't see how it's a bad video, yes it's not the most accurate specs wise but that's not the point of the video, he's trying to be easily understood, plus he says himself that his build is far from optimal and suggests looking into that, but the main idea of buying a chromebook (or similar) for school and use the saved money for a powerful desktop is actually quite good. Yes that's why I said that OP should look into it and think about it, not that he HAS to go this way.