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  1. Ethernet does not have valid ip configuration

    Install the latest drivers for it first. You can find them on your motherboard's website. If they're already installed, check if your NIC is set to get the address automatically. Press Windows Key + R, type ncpa.cpl and click OK. Right click on your ethernet adapter and select properties. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Click Properties Tick Obtain an IP address automatically Tick Obtain DNS server address automatically Click OK Click OK. If it's already set to that and not working, you can run the following commands in CMD (as admin) to reset it. You'll need to restart the PC after this: netsh winsock reset netsh int IP reset You're on the internet somewhere if you're posting here. Download it on the device you're currently using, then transfer it across to your PC.
  2. Unplug things from the mains and you're okay really. Shouldn't need to unplug devices from each other if they're not connected to mains. Surge protectors can prevent damage to components, but they're not 100% reliable. Last lightning storm we had, I lost a PSU that was connected to a surge protector. PSU was kind of crappy, but still.
  3. Wifi Solution for medium sized home

    I'd say go for a Ubiquiti UniFi AC AP Pro and place is as close to the centre of the house as possible (also accounting for floors). Bear in mind you will need to run a cable from the router to the access point in order to do this.
  4. Shouldn't matter really. You can disable it before hand if you want to feel certain about it though. It won't harm anything, you'd just need to re-enable it again.
  5. Why can I overclock the g3258

    Not much point in releasing a cheap, special edition, unlocked CPU if only boards more expensive than the CPU can overclock it. They unlocked overclocking on other chipsets so you could overclock the G3258 on them. It actually ended up with a lot of board manufacturers allowing you to overclock any unlocked CPU on the cheaper chipsets, then Intel trying to block it for a while.
  6. What is a headphone AMP?

    Depends on the model of headphones really. The higher the impedance (measured and quoted in Ohms), the more power that's needed to drive them. BeyerDynamics DT series often have multiple versions with different impedance ratings. If you want a good pair for general use and not just for sitting at your PC, you'll want to go with a lower impedance rating so things like your phone can drive them okay. A headphone amp is an amplifier. It makes the signal "louder". They're not required, but if you run high impedance headphones on a weak audio source, it won't get very loud. An amp will amplify the signal and allow you to make it louder. A weak/cheap audio source may be able to get the signal loud, but it may end up distorting when doing that. A dedicated and good amp will let you increase the volume without it distorting (provided the headphones can handle it). I'd personally recommend something like the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0s or AudoTechnica MSR7s for good general purpose headphones. Both get plenty loud off a phone.
  7. Chair for a big guy

    Go to a store with chairs and sit in them. No other way of doing it reliably. I'm very picky with my chairs, in particular the back height and position. I'm 6'5", so back support is pretty important to prevent getting back pain.
  8. Advice on resolution.

    You would, yes. Do you have much 4K content to view on it though? That's really the most usage you'll get out of 4K if you can't power games in it and it's not big enough to make use of the extra space. It's basically useless under 30" or so without a load of scaling, and for $200, I doubt you'll have a monitor of that size. I'd advise going for a nice 1080p panel, like a Dell U2414H / U2417H / P2417H rather than a cheap 4K panel.
  9. Uploading to Youtube

    If you're seeing 4.2Mbps from a speed test, then it will be in Megabits per second. 1 Gigabyte is 8000 Megabits, so it should take about 30 minutes if uploading at max bandwidth. Open up task manager, go to the network tab and see how much bandwidth is actually being used.
  10. Uploading to Youtube

    What results do you get from your speed tests? How large is the file size of the video? "Fast" and "10 minutes" doesn't give us much to go on.
  11. RMx 1000W is normally about $170. The one for $119 on NewEgg is current $50 off from using a $30 discount and $20 MIR.
  12. There's these things called sales.....
  13. Which drive to pick?

    SSHDs are very rarely worth the money. Pretty much the only time they make sense is when you're absolutely limited to 1 drive in the system, you can't afford/get a big enough SSD and storing things on an external drive isn't an option. For gaming and most general usage, the Firecuda won't be any faster than the normal Barracuda. Certainly not worth the money. Go for the 2TB Barracuda.
  14. Downloading all the CCNA materials!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. BecauseRussia


      Good luck! My colleagues have told me those tests are brutal. I'm still two years away before I'm ready to take the CCNA

    3. Oshino Shinobu

      Oshino Shinobu

      @Jtalk4456 I have a load of free materials and apps that I work through. Kind of have to go for multiple ones as none of the free ones really cover everything. 

      My work are also providing me with a CBTNuggets account soon, so I'll end up using that to study in the future. 


      @BecauseRussia Yeah, I'm still failing the test exams. LAN stuff I'm generally okay with, but I still get tripped up with routing protocols, IPv6 prefixs and Cisco IOS commands.


      I'm considering doing the two part ICND exams rather than trying to go for the single CCNA routing and switching exam. 

    4. Jtalk4456


      nice! cbt nuggets is expensive otherwise i'd go for it. 

  15. SSD/HDD config

    I'd go for a larger main SSD and smaller scratch drive. Scratch drives are really drives that you move file onto to work from, them move them off again. Unless you're working with 250GB worth of files at once, I wouldn't bother going with such a large one.