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    i7 3770K @ 4.5GHz
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    I am a technology, anime, games and EDM enthusiast. I have recently finished my Degree in Computing and Systems Development, now applying for places like IBM, hopefully for Apprentice Network Analyst positions.

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  1. Big resellers like NewEgg should guarantee genuine cards. Amazon allows third party sellers, so just check who is actually selling it. Outside of eBay, most places should be genuine cards.
  2. If it's new, it's not bad. I'd look for a refurbished or used controller. There is no "for Windows" version, all of them will work with Windows just fine when plugged in with the USB cable.
  3. Have you tried from different devices? Are you hardwired into the router or are you using WiFi? Have you contacted your ISP to see if they can sort it out?
  4. Yes, you can. Whether you'd be able to have a video output would depends on your CPU and motherboard. If the CPU has an intergrated GPU and the board has video outputs, you can connect a monitor and have the system fully functional.
  5. They're not really the same genre. One is a long term survival game and the other is a battle royale game. Though H1Z1 may end up playing like a battle royale game due to people's shoot on sight nature. In that sense, Battlegrounds is the better game as it's designed to be played that way.
  6. Depends what you mean by "last". Being usable? Years. I know people still using iPhone 3gs. Being the top performer? A year, until the next flagship comes out, even less if you include other brands in to that. Having all the new features? A year or two
  7. Sounds like something is wrong if you're hitting those temps with a 360mm AIO, even with that overclock.
  8. As suggested by @wrrls0, you could try removing it in device manager then rediscovering it. You could probably just buy a PCIe ethernet card and go around the problem
  9. Is this in the build in your signature with the Xeon 1231v3? If so, you cannot as the CPU doesn't have an iGPU.
  10. The S340 is a nice case for air cooling (radiator support is lacking somewhat). If it's a glossy black, it will attract (and show) dust and finger prints a lot. If it's a white version, dust and finger prints won't show as much. If you just keep a cloth nearby, it only takes a few seconds to give it a quick wipedown to remove dust. Removing finger prints may need a plastic cleaner as just cloths can spread the oil.
  11. Buying a USB optical drive is also an option, though if it's literally only going to be used for installing Windows, you may as well just connect your existing one with the side panel off them disconnect it when you're done. Still, would advise buying a USB drive, downloading Windows (or ripping the ISO from the disk) and use Microsoft's Media Creation Tool to make a USB Windows installer. Boot from it, enter the license key that's on the case for the Windows disk, then you can reformat the USB drive (may need to use something like SDFormatter to get the original size back) and attach it to your keys or something as something to move files around if you need to. I have a 64GB USB drive on my keys with a bunch of TV shows and Movies in case I'm ever in a place without internet and want to watch something on my laptop. I personally hate disks so I have a set of USB sticks with various OSes on them (I think I have installers for Windows 7, 8, 10 and OSX Sierra and Mountain Lion in my "tech" bag).
  12. Nope, that's kind of the point of having it password protected (actually, it's exactly the point). No point in having a password on it if you can just bypass it. Go to the place you downloaded it from and check for a password if there's a description of some sort.
  13. You enter the password. If you're wondering how to bypass it, you don't. Wouldn't be much of a password protected file if you could.
  14. You bought the license, the actual files are free and can be downloaded from Microsoft (or you can rip the ISO from the disc and burn it to a USB drive). You only need an 8GB USB drive. If you don't have one, you can buy one for $10 or so. I wouldn't buy a case just for an optical drive to install Windows once then sit there doing nothing, especially when there's easy alternatives to using a disk
  15. Why even use it to install Windows? Use a USB drive for that. I don't think I've used a disk in the past 5 years.