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    i7 3770K @ 4.5GHz
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    Asus Sabertooth Z77
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    4x4GB Corsair Dominator Platinum @1866 MHz
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    2x EVGA GTX Titan Black
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    Corsair 750D
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    3x Samsung 840 EVO 250GB + 4TB External Stoage + 10TB FreeNAS
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    Corsair AX860 (w/ custom sleeved cables)
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    Acer XB280HK + 2x Acer H236HLbmid + Dell U2414H
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    Custom Loop
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    Ducky Shine 3 (MX Browns)
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    Corsair M95
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    Schiit Modi+Magni - Audio Technica MSR7
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    Windows 10
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    I am a technology, anime, games and EDM enthusiast. I have recently finished my Degree in Computing and Systems Development, now applying for places like IBM, hopefully for Apprentice Network Analyst positions.

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  1. Reliable and not too expensive PSUs?

    The CX units with the Green label are the old series and aren't very good. The new series have Grey labels and are very good for the price. Yeah, the new TXM series have Grey labels, the old ones have Yellow I believe. I wouldn't go entirely off the photos though, as it's fairly common for stores to use the wrong photo if they don't take their own product pictures. If you're unsure, it's probably best to contact the retailer asking for details of the product, maybe even a picture of the actual ones they have in stock so you can tell which year it is.
  2. Reliable and not too expensive PSUs?

    Corsair's CXM Grey labelled PSUs are generally some of the best in terms of price for the quality, so I'd suggest looking for one of those.
  3. Can a EVGA SuperNOVA NEX750B handle a GTX 1080?

    It will, yes. It's not a fire hazard PSU, but it's not very good. If you can replace it, you probably should. If not, it's not something that absolutely has to be replaced right away, but it's an upgrade you should keep in mind.
  4. Can a EVGA SuperNOVA NEX750B handle a GTX 1080?

    To be fair, the G2 is an excellent PSU, the NEX B1 units and pretty bad PSUs, so that's kind of irrelevant.
  5. Can a EVGA SuperNOVA NEX750B handle a GTX 1080?

    The voltage regulation on them is pretty bad. That goes for almost all of the NEX series units, including the B1 and G1 series (I believe the NEX G1 1050w is an exception). The issue is present across pretty much all wattages of the NEX series https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/EVGA/NEX750G/ It's not a fire hazard PSU, but it's not a good one either. If you can return it, I'd advise you do. You could run your system on a 550W PSU if you wanted to, so considering an upgrade to something like a smaller G2 unit would be good. If it's too much, Corsair's Grey label CXM units are good.
  6. Can a EVGA SuperNOVA NEX750B handle a GTX 1080?

    Yes, it can. It's not a great PSU, but it can handle it okay.
  7. Motherboard too small for case standoffs

    I still make mistakes. So many times I've gone to turn on a PC and find I've forgotten the front panel, or even just the switch on the back of the PSU.
  8. Motherboard too small for case standoffs

    No problem, hope it goes well. People tend to be pretty fast at responding on the forum, so if you have anything you're not sure on, the forum's a good place to ask to make sure. The motherboard manual is good for things like connecting the front panel. I'd recommend viewing it on a PC rather than the book that comes with the board as you can just use Ctrl + F to find what you're looking for in it. EDIT: Link to the manual for your board: http://asrock.pc.cdn.bitgravity.com/Manual/Z270 Killer SLIac.pdf
  9. Motherboard too small for case standoffs

    Yep, it's fine. I'd note that when installing things into ports on the right side of the board (particularly installing and removing the 24pin connector) support it with your other hand to stop it from flexing too much.
  10. Motherboard too small for case standoffs

    The left and middle standoffs should match up with the board and the right ones won't as the board is slimmer and doesn't have the mounts for it. It's designed to only be used with the left and middle standoffs.
  11. Motherboard too small for case standoffs

    Bear in mind your motherboard is slightly slimmer than standard ATX (305mm x 244mm of ATX vs the 305 x 224mm of your board). It doesn't use all of the standoffs used by ATX, it's missing the mounting points on the right. This is fairly common for cheaper boards, it saves on costs a bit when the space isn't needed for features.
  12. Triple 4k Monitor Set up Help

    Best to at least try that first to see if it works. You may need to go and enable the iGPU in the BIOS settings if it doesn't work right away.
  13. Triple 4k Monitor Set up Help

    Are you needing more performance for anything or do you just need another 4K output? If it's just a matter of an output, you could add a cheaper card to go along with the 970. I believe the GTX 750 may be one of the cheapest cards with a 4K output, so you could see how much they go for on eBay. It may be the 750Ti, i'll check and edit the post with which one it is. Also, what CPU and motherboard do you have? You may be able to run one off the iGPU. EDIT: The 750 will do 4K, look for ones with a DisplayPort output to be sure it can do 4K @ 60Hz.
  14. Installing Ethernet throught house, need help.

    You could run a cable through to a different room on the ground floor, then go out the wall in that room, run it up and around to your room on the first floor, or just to the room directly above the other room on the ground floor and have the switch for the first floor there. If Virgin need to put in a new line into the house, you could be better off having them install it somewhere that allows you to run up from there easily. In general, they won't install LAN infrastructure as it's not really part of their business, that's something you'd get a contractor like an electrician to do. I got the builders that were doing work on the house to drill me some holes, install backplates and run the cables around the house while they were doing things already, then I got the RJ45 faceplates and wired the cables up myself. Since then I also added a few more cables, including drilling the holes and running it, it's really not hard, though running up a wall is a bit harder as you'll need a ladder.
  15. Gtx 1080 ti for mining

    But coin? I'm assuming you mean Bitcoin. If so, basically nothing, it will barely be profitable and could actually lose you money depending on your electricity prices.