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  1. Update 1. I am watching the machine being built. Here is update 1, the rig is being picked for building.
  2. OK guys, the hype train has been stuffed with coal and they're just firing up the engines... Yesterday was yearly update day. I thought long and hard about what I wanted and after rebuilding my Area 51 ALX (2009) for my wife I really missed my Alienwares. Specifically my original green bogey, but that's irreplaceable now really. So what to do? go with two new GPUs? or get something else? I decided on this. For me it's got it all. I was a huge fan of the HP Blackbird (Voodoo DNA, they designed it) but that is not available here in the UK at all so that was out of the question. I already have a pretty brutal 3970x rig but I just really wanted to change case and there's nothing I really like. So I ordered the Alienware. Here is my order. It will probably be about as quick as what I have now. The main difference will be that when I overclock the Alienware it should edge ahead. But that's not the main reason I did this. Basically I spent £3500 on a PC last year, only to find that when you need warranty these companies you buy from are real pissers. I sent my board back to MSI five weeks ago and they told me last week that they did not have the board to replace mine with. What shittery is this?!?!?! in the end I settled with them on a GTX 970 4G gaming that I will sell on. So what's the idea? well, I intend to take the best parts of my old rig from last year and add them to the Alienware to make one kick ass rig. The nice part is that the Alienware is under Dell's next business day guarantee, so if it goes wrong it's fixed in hours not months. So. I won't be modding this as such. It's just far too expensive an item for me to cut up. However I will be adding - Two of these. As I have decided to drop my games to 1440p instead of chasing the 4k dragon. I also have one of these and tbh? it's marvellous. And a 600gb one of these to store games. Other things. It'll all be small stuff tbh. I've ordered two of these for the naked DDR4 And I will probably make a custom name plate or something for the case Updates to follow..
  3. Got a free GTX 970.

    1. alby800
    2. ALXAndy


      RMA for my motherboard 'cause they didn't have any boards.

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      I heard about the story on your alienware buildlog

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  4. I've been sitting on Fleabay waiting for one for months. Sadly it's just not happening. The CPU and ram (and X99 etc) are a very nice upgrade for me though. I was going to buy GPUs, then I thought better of it. I want to get another year at least out of my TBs.
  5. Mrs ALX was so pleased.. Look what she bought Mr ALX We are now an all Alienware household.
  6. Pics or this thread is meaningless.
  7. Update. The panel is now clean, sanded, filed and prepared for paint. I needed some parts so I got these earlier.
  8. The biggest issue is the rig isn't mine. It belongs to my lady, and now it's built it really shouldn't be coming apart. Once the side panel is done I really shouldn't mess with it.
  9. I'd love to, but I can't get over my fear of water and electronics... Maybe one day I'll invite one of my friends over to do it for me
  10. So I decided I wanted to use some power tools today.. First up I took the bad panel (replacement is on the way as we speak) and masked it up. I killed a Black and Decker Firestorm rotary tool doing this. It took about three hours... And then.. Quick test. Now it just needs hours of filing, some 3mm smoked acrylic and some paint. I need to repaint it....
  11. Stop living life so you can build a computer. Yeah man, great idea. I can see the chicks queueing up for you.
  12. Oh dear god that paint and etching
  13. lulz. Couriers and the mail companies are 24 hour. It's not like some dude has worked 15 hours, it's just the night shift.
  14. No mate nothing. I want it totally stock on the outside There's a very high chance I will take the cut panel I have left over and put a full sized window in it with some etching but yeah, nothing else planned. So yeah, expect a window mod (a good looking one that isn't just for cooling) and maybe some etching etc as I find that fun
  15. Update. So basically the inside of the rig is now complete, and I've installed Windows and pretty much everything else Mrs ALX needs. We played some Borderlands tonight, rig didn't miss a beat. Talking of beats.. That's the first time I've ever managed to get that working. I'm now convinced that the case arrived to me with an already faulty PSU and was probably why it ended up going back to Dell. Still, it's working better than ever now. Also.. I have paid the shipping for the side panel. £84. Oucho... Still, it has to be done.
  16. /Cartman. Why the fuck not? it doesn't hurt any body ! fuck fuckity fuckfuckfuck.
  17. Dude with the silhouette you wouldn't change the logo you just remake it in different colours.
  18. TBH I've left so little of it on display that there's no way it would have been worth it. Next time you're over your mates take a look down into the guts at the IO board and just how much crap you would need to remove in order to paint it. There's about 80 screws in the hard drive docks for a start lol. I fully intend to put the side panels on. The right one can go on tomorrow and the other one should be about two weeks tops.
  19. Yeah the original Predators are nice. I'm in the U.K though... Now what I'd really like is one of the original ones.
  20. So I'm done for today. The interior is complete now so I just gotta ship over the side panel from the USA. Fitted a few hard drives. Then changed the light scheme to red. And set the vents..
  21. They work perfectly, so do the lights. TBH as soon as you see lights you know it's working OK. There was an issue once where a version of Command Centre did not work with non Alienware boards. Alienware released a version that worked with any board, so I have that on a CD. So yeah, everything is working as intended I've got some more pics I will upload later, just cooking my dinner I did have an issue with the H55 on the GPU. Basically the pump wasn't getting any power from the fan header and the card overheated and shut the PC down. That's all fixed now, I decided to use my molex - 6 3 pin thing. I ran 3dmark earlier and here's what I got @ 1080p. http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/7470573? Not bad at all. My wife will be very happy with that
  22. Update. Good old sod's law. That would be Murphy's law to you U.S residents. Basically I got tired of waiting for the SATA extenders from Hong Kong so yesterday I ordered six joiners from the U.K first class. Got up bright and early and went to the door mat. Hilariously the extenders from Hong Kong had arrived but not the ones from the U.K. So that's £12 down the drain.. They said they were shipped so I think I'm going to send them back, especially as I paid extra to get them today. Any way with the SATA extenders there was nothing stopping me putting the rig together to a bootable state. So I fitted the floor and the board. Then mounted the H55 to the CPU. Big ram.. Big issue.. Uh oh ! so I connected up the front headers and pressed the power button. Nothing. Tried again, nothing. Then I realised that I had basically used one of the power button wires as a ground for either the power LED or HDD led. This meant I had to spend two hours cutting them off and basically starting again. In the end I finally managed to trace the power button, then the LEDs, then resoldered all of the wires.. Then fitted the GPU And then fitted the sound card, Revodrive and back plates and test fired.. And... Kick ass. Only one slight issue at boot. Because the header wires were wrong I somehow corrupted the bios. However, Gigabyte are cool and basically it copied the bios over from the second slot and restored OK. Phew. Still plenty to do but I can now install an OS on it
  23. I've always bought the empty chassis apart from a one off where I got a fully completed Core 2 unit for £270. To build with the same spec in a reasonable case would have cost me about £500 at the time.
  24. Update. I removed the anti kink coils from the GPU AIO as they looked stupid. They were supposed to be red and they were actually pink. So those are gone... I've braided both pump power cables, just need to do a couple of fans now. OK, so the SATA situation. I'm growing inpatient so I ordered six of these things. They should arrive tomorrow because I paid for first class. Also I dug out six red SATA cables and numbered them. This is important, because if I ever set up a RAID array in the hard drive bays I will need to know what is what. Finally I did this to the floor pan a couple of days back. I planned on more graphics but sadly the blade has completely had it I will order some blades ASAP....