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  1. The panel has cleared customs and should be here today ! I will try and get some nice pics but that depends on the sun
  2. I would water cool the Northbridge with another AIO
  3. I was replying to those who were talking about SLI but I can't quote on this forum on my phone as it doesn't work dude.
  4. You won't get SLI to work because it is not supported. I had a Dell dual socket 1366 board and I only got SLI working by using HyperSLI which IIRC is no longer updated and thus, doesn't work.
  5. Update. It's due to be delivered on Friday. I spent a good chunk of Monday benchmarking my 3970x rig so that I can compare them properly.
  6. Can't beat a good PCIE SSD IMO.
  7. It's not often I surprise myself any more. I mean, I wouldn't, I'm 42 years old. But today I surprised myself. Usually when doing mods I buy in all of the stuff I need to do the mod with. This time I just went through a big pile of old crap ready for the landfill. That's not usual for me, usually I want things to be the best they can be but this time I was only doing this panel for something to do and to get the thing covered up to keep the dust out until the new one came. So yeah, painted the panel. Montana black FTW. Flipped it over and put on the double sided foam tape. Peel, fit glass. And I gotta admit I was stunned. I only spent £8 on a can of paint and about £3 on a roll of tape. Everything else I Wombled from rubbish. Some glamour pics. Window fitted. I tell you what it's actually going to be hard to remove that panel to put a plain one on instead....
  8. Quick lesson in Photoshop. Always stroke anything you put outer glow on. So do your font layer. Rasterize it. Lay a stroke. Go to the layer below and SHIFT CTRL N for a new layer. Then go back to the layer CTRL E to merge it into the empty layer,fixing the stroke in place, stroke it again, repeat.. Always add a couple of strokes before you glow it looks much more professional
  9. So it's some sort of candy? Must say dude, she ain't really speaking to me at the moment. I thought the silver was gorgeous.
  10. I live in a seaside flat mate. No garden, no shed, no garage, no outside area and no designated parking. It's a bit of a pig, and I am always moaning and saying I want to move but then the sun comes out and well, I have a beach as my garden. The sunsets are also mind blowing here. It seems to have gone pretty well. I have put it out on the downstair flat's extension roof to air (cause it foogin STINKS !) but the finish looks pretty good to me I've used Montana paint. Not for the amateur 'cause it comes out fast and wet but you can achieve compressor finishes with it if you know what you're doing. It's all a bit in vain but nothing is ever good enough for my lady and she can then choose what she wants on there
  11. OK so the panel was in Chicago yesterday. I would imagine that this week it will make its way to the UK, then I will be able to track it here. It always goes quiet for a couple of days. Today I masked up my kitchen and laid some paint on the panel. It looks OK atm but still very wet, so will try and get some pics today or tomorrow when it's touch dry
  12. People say they don't like Alienware all the time dude, nothing new there Yesterday I had a guy over my house and showed him what my ALX could do. He now understands why they cost what they do. There's actually a fantastic video of an Australian guy unboxing and setting up his Area 51 on Youtube
  13. Thanks. I must admit I've got a bit of a soft spot for them now. Great price, great designs and very clean
  14. I totally agree. That's why I bought one from the U.S.A and am shipping it over
  15. Update. So after looking at the DDR4 that comes with the Alienware it's naked. Not sure why I really care as you can't see inside but I bought these for the ram any way.
  16. I've got the 2009 A51 ALX dude well, my wife has but I sit about 3 feet from it So my machine is being built God bless the Irish.
  17. OK so as I mentioned I had something lined up for the old panel that was cut. Something very different... You'll remember I basically cut up and took apart an old Bitfenix Colossus panel. Well, that's what I'm using. Check out the glass. It has tiny white dots all over it. The only bummer was there were three holes on show, so as you can see I bought hole plugs. And a rough mock up. And yeah, I think it will look pretty decent once the panel is repainted
  18. LOL I've been buying computer parts for thirty years and it's always the same. They're built like poop because they want you to replace it all a year later. Most companies don't even have a UK base to help their customers from. -snip-
  19. Their warranty is stellar and they keep spare parts in the warehouse for years dude. They do it properly, basically. I have bought a Dell for the warranty, instead of upgrading my other rig. Banana - because those are the parts I will be taking from that £3500 that thankfully still work. I cry at the thought of one of my Palit Titan Black dying. Their warranty is non existent apparently Instead of buying Titan X or 980 TI I am just going to drop the res to 1440p maxed out with MSAA. In games that do run well I will run 4k, obviously.
  20. Because I'm fucking sick of the way the part manufacturers handle their warranties. Last year I spent £3500 on a PC. That's three thousand, five hundred pounds on a computer. 11 months in the motherboard failed. I have a specific set of parts obviously (like X79 CPU for example). I sent the board back to MSI who just so happen to be in fucking Holland so it cost me £23 on top of the £250 I paid for the motherboard. They got it back and then went silent. I hounded them for five weeks and eventually they admitted that they did not have any X79 boards. Why? because they can't be bothered to carry them. So that crippled my £3500 PC and I had to go off and find a Asus RIVE second hand just to revive it. In the end after nearly seven weeks MSI offered me. No wait for it dude, you're gonna fucking love this ! a GTX 960. Wow. I'm impressed. Offer me a GPU worth about ten pence. So after more arguing, stress and waiting they are offering me a 970. So then I gotta sell it. That's why I didn't build my own PC dude. You go off and spend thousands of pounds/dollars and when something goes wrong you have to fuck around sending parts all over the bloody EU to get them replaced only to find the part manufacturers can't be assed holding older parts because it's a waste of their money. That was about as high end as you can get that rig. Do you think the customer service was high end? On the flip side of that about three years ago my wife bought me an M11X. After about a year the keyboard died. So they replaced it the very next morning after I phoned. Then a few days later it went again so back they came and replaced it again. Then a few months after that the GPU fan died so I got an entire new motherboard. Dell's warranty is actually worth the paper it's written on basically. I'm no noob dude. 42 years old built my first computer when I was 7. But sometimes, especially when you're dumping a grand or three it's worth going with a proper company who look after their customers after the initial purchase. So there you have it. Think that's unreasonable? Also as I said, I can afford the warranty and service. If you can't I'm not going to diss you about it