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  1. In Chrome, it works 720p 60FPS no problem for me, also 1080p ofc. So, in Chrome >720p = 60FPS (for that Titanfall video).
  2. leipero

    I cant get dirt showdown or dirt 3 to work

    I can't remember either, i remember i ahd problems with one of the Dirt games, and problem was GFWL, but i also can't remember waht was the problem. OP try things suggested, it may also require C++ redist. not sure about version, it should be on download location or DVD (since it is steam it should be in DL, i don't use steam, so really don't know about it).
  3. leipero

    I cant get dirt showdown or dirt 3 to work

    As far as i remember Dirt 3 needs GFWL (Games for Windows Live), update to the alst version, or, install hte version from steam that comes with the game (if it comes on steam).
  4. leipero

    PC shuts down randomly while playing games.

    Maybe problem with PSU, but answer LancerBG question in order to get proper answer.
  5. leipero

    Most memory occupied by nothing

    Download AV software, do a full scan. download anti spyware/malware, do a full scan. It could be some driver bug, install most recent versions, if already installed, install few versions before.
  6. leipero

    Video card bug

    Most likely your 6600gt decided to retire, but it could be OS, reinstall OS first (since you already did drivers cleaning).
  7. leipero

    nvidia physx games

    Update PhysX software, yeah ti is dumb, but those games actually require to have nvidia crapware installed on your system (and updated), otherwise it might happen to crash or not to work at all. After you finish game, remove unnecessary software. I just aviod playing games that requitre to install anything from nVidia to begin with, but i didn't had crashes etc. (with latest -at that time- PhysX software isntalled).
  8. leipero

    Changed Windows 7 language to Chinese

    Why do oyu need to understand? Everythin is same as on Enlgish, now if you can't remember path for options, you could do what other suggested, another computer side by side, or youtube video. Yoi can also use "Vistalizator" (it works for versions of Windows 7, and also 8 i guess). 5th oprion on right side (if it is not on English, or you can change language on Vistalizator in forst drop menu) is to change languge when you select English (or language of preference) on the left side.
  9. leipero

    PSU might be unstable?

    It could be that you lost power for a second.
  10. leipero

    Disk Activity more constant than normal?

    It might be superfetch, but that service usually stops with indexind after few minutes, i do disable that always, but some people do not recommend it, however, i never found missing it, it could also be restore points etc. Windows Vista and later system have so much automatized tasks, and for some users (me), that is one hell of annoying thing, but in general, it is useful.... (not for me honestly).
  11. Absolutely incorrect statement. G-Sync = nVidia (closed) implementation of dynamic refresh rates. Free-Sync = AMD implementation of dynamic refresh rates, not limited to AMD (from what i did read and understanded). It is very clear to me what will be industry standard used by AMD and both nVidia and Intel, because it should bring dynamic refresh rate "technology" to where it belongs (display manufacturers). That is what should have been available for at least 5 years now (since worldwide "complete" adoption of LCD's).
  12. "FreeSync" = good name choice btw, followed by name choice (and other things, as it is based on already existing standard - patented by ATI y.2002., taken over by AMD y.2006.), logic suggest it will be open and freely used by Intel (and latter by nVidia, when they "realize" it is standard). It was just a matter of time, and again, as logic suggests, free/open standard will take over and become industry standard. Since AMD do hold some patents, hope they will make right choice (for both user and company interests). Good news for users hopefully..
  13. leipero

    BIOS says i3 when I have i5

    Clear CMOS (I think no one suggested that in this thread). Also, there is no logical explanation for motherboard to detect CPU that way (2 core 4 threads) and to actually work at the performance level of CPU that is detected. It may be that your old motherboard detected CPU wrongly, but it was still preformed at the level of as it is in new one. My score, with my CPU is 269 at 3.6GHz locked (without turbo), and that is at level of your CPU (and that is base performance of i3-2100).
  14. leipero

    Whats Your New Years Resolution

    Same as the alst year,a nd year before. Rule the world . But how did this end up in Troubleshooting section?
  15. leipero

    Need some opinions on a PC upgrade.

    Try it first i guess. It really depends on game you play and details/resolution. I did bottlnecked 6770 with I5-2500 for less than 50% GPU usage..., so surely, it iwll bottleneck, but it depends on game and usage. Here, i found GTX 680 (770) with 4100 (overclocked at 4.5GHz), but that is 3D Mark score, and it means nothing really..., just a general overview. http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/3224562