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  1. Hey everyone I recently started playing World of Warships, anyone interested in playing? I do play other games though for those interested
  2. Hello everyone So I mess a lot with older PC's, and often not without problems. So I have one system that bothers me in particular, where it sometimes refuses to boot and locks up, and also won't post when rebooting. So I though that it was about time to get a POST card, as that would help some of my troubleshooting when messing with PCs. I know they aren't really that expensive (most of them), but the amount of different ones one eBay make me unsure on witch one to purchase. This one^ looks handy with the external four digit display, pauseble feature and LED's to indicate the PCI BUS speed, but is it any good or just complete waste? Also, what about those with LCD displays (I suppose those suck)? While price isn't that important, I would prefer if I could get it from within the EU (customs, yay). Thanks for taking your time to read this and hopefully helping me (even though I don't think many of you have one)
  3. A little update on my ongoing project I've got a XFX Pro 750W PSU from a upgrade on my server, a Gigabyte HD6870 Twinfrozer from my main PC and a LiteOn bluray disc drive I had spare, so I went on and changed that. I didn't really bother on cable management, but I'll properly do that at some point. I also found a TPLink WDN4800 Wireless card and got in there. I actually have an ASUS PCE-AC68 that I'm not using, but there's not space for it, as the northbrige cooler is in the way Also took the time to get some pictures of the whole case The left side panel ended up getting pretty scratched up, so I'll have to repaint it at some point Also a picture of the back, with the missing I/O sheld I also just bought a Phenom II X2 550 BE on eBay, so I'll be installing that one. I hope I can unlock it to a quad core, but if not I can at least overclock it to get some more juice out of it And I got a Windows 8.1 license, which have a lower memory usage and better memory management, so it'll hopefully work better with only 2 gigs of RAM. So the only thing I'm actually missing now is some more RAM, but the 2 gigs works for now, I'll wait on doing that. I sadly won't have much time in the next couple of weeks, but I'll try to get time to change the CPU and get some overclocking going to see what I can get out of this system. Do you have any wanted benchmarks for when the times comes? Thanks again
  4. I know, been lasting for two yeas actually, but I'm going to replace it
  5. I went on Google and found this on Asrock's website It seems to be a problem whit the CPU, try to remove the CPU and check for bent pins and put it back in if there isn't any visible damages.
  6. A picture of the hole case is coming up soon Thanks, It was cheap and keeps the CPU cold
  7. Everything should work together. It's not a bad combo, but I would change the PSU to an XFX one or something else similar priced. The Corsair RM series isn't bad, just not as great for it's price, there's better alternatives like XFX, Evga. Edit: And I've build lot's of pc's before, not as many newer high-end once though.
  8. It should be enough for running those two cards without any problems, but I would personally upgrade to a 650W or higher just to be on the safe side.
  9. Hello everyone So I moved some time ago, and needed a second PC for some web surfing light gaming and watching Netflix, and had some spare parts laying from upgrades done to my main rig through it's lifetime, so I decided to use those parts to build a new rig. But instead of just building a regular PC (as I often do), I decided to make it a little different and mod it (because why not). So I'll start from the beginning, the case. This was a case I bough some time ago with a socket 775 Celeron in it, and had it laying around empty. It was the prettiest (except the color) and smallest case I had, so I decided to use that. So I decided to paint it, to make it look more modern and fit in better, as the white/beige color that it's born with. I took it apart, sanded it with some sandpaper and painted it with some glossy black spray-paint three times. I was surprised with the result, it made most of the scratches invisible and made it look mostly like a new case. *picture of the case assembled to come* Now to the fun part, the hardware So I had all the components, except the motherboard, but I got a Asrock N68C-S UCC, that was mATX and am2+/am3 for cheap, that hopefully would work just fine for this project. I had a AMD Athlon II X2 265 CPU that once occupied my main pc, but haven't been in use for some time, an Nvidia 8800GT with a badass Scythe cooler on it that I bough off a friend some time ago, some random DDR2 1GB sticks I had laying around, a Northq CPU cooler, an Samsung 320GB HDD, an IDE DVD burner and a crappy Intertech 750W PSU. And then theres my OCZ Vertex Plus 60GB, this was my first SSD and I remember it being shitty expencive. And yes, it's the model that had a 50% failure rate, but mine's still running after years of continues use My bed with all the hardware and some extra So I know that the motherboard have a maximum CPU TDP of 95W, but I know that I want to overclock at some point, so I decided to install some heatsinks on the motherboard to make it capable of delivering a higher current without overheating. And even though the max TDP is 95W, you can make a 125W CPU run in this board (why I love Asrock). So I found some heatsinks I had laying around, made them the right size and glued them on with some thermal adhesive. Glued the heatsinks on the transistors on both the VRM to the CPU, the northbridge and a small one on some for the ram modules. So after doing that, came the part where I was to power on the board, with all the nervosity of a shortage on one of the transistors as a result of glueing the heatsinks on, as I didn't have any proper silicone to cover the pins. And I won't be able to remove a heatsink without the transister comming with it... Success, it boots! The project could now continue So I mounted the enormous Northq cooler on it, mounted it in the cabinet and installed the rest of all the components. It looks a little tight, but it all fits quite well, the only problem being the very limited cable management options, but it worked out. While painting I made some holes in the case to mount my SSD on the back, to save space and having cables everywhere, and it worked out pretty well. After some waiting I finally got another northbrige cooler, that is a must if any overclocking is to be acheved on this board, so I got that mounted to. It's just some Cooler Master northbringe cooler that I got for around 8usd. After building it and installing Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit I ran it a couple of hours with Prime95 to test stability. The build is not done yet and it's actually a little while ago I build it, but haven't done anything since as I've been busy. There's actually a lot of upgrades on the way (which I of cause will post) and yet some overclocking to come. There's some more pictures of the project on Imgur for those interested. Sorry for English, it isn't my native language, but I hope you found the reading/project interesting, would love to hear your input Second update
  10. I'm interested, but it does of course depend on what it is, but PM me the details and we'll work something out
  11. Hello. I recently got some analog cameras, and want to setup surveillance with a Jupiter Fusion 940 Display Wall Controller, but I don't have the software or drivers for it, so it's kinda useless at the moment. I've tried to contact Jupiter for their ControlPoint suite (witch orginally came with it), but haven't got any answer yet. Does anyone know where I can get the software or some other software that'll work with it? Side note: the Jupiter Fusion 940 Display Wall Controller is a Pentium 4 pc in a 2U rack encloser, with BNC and S-Video inputs, and VGA and DVI outputs, with the controllers placed on PCI cards. Thanks
  12. Thanks, I installed it and it now works. Looks like I just installed the stock recovery.
  13. Thanks, I'll try to install it. I should've installed it with the ROM Manager, did it twice.
  14. Hi. So I got an S4 about two months ago, and though that I'll just stick with what it now came with (Android 4.4.2). So I resently got tired of all the preloaded shit that Samsung fills their phones with, so I wanted to try out Cyanogenmod. So I read a lot about it first, to know how to and what was required to do it (first time rooting/flashing an Android phone). So I got my phone rootet without any problems with this guide, and installed ClockworkMod Recovery via their ROM Manager, with help from this thead and this video. But the problem starts here, there's no "Backup and Restore" option in the menu, when I boot into Recovery mode, so I can't make a backup of the current ROM. Have I done something wrong or did I miss something? Thanks Edit: It's the "i9505" model, not "i9509" as in the title.
  15. Thanks, but that wasn't quiet what I wanted. This is a picture of a drawing, but it looks weird as the colors aren't accurate. Here's a better picture of what I mean: I want to turn what's already drawn, to be the same color or something that at least looks better. I could use the smudge tool, but it'll take way too long to do that to the hole document.
  16. Hi So I'm trying to edit some pictures in GIMP for a school projekt, but I have some problems with the text and drawings being in different shades of the same color. As show on the picture, there's both light green and black in the green lines, and it's the same with the red and blue lines too. I have tried some diffrent tools in GIMP, but haven't had any luck figureing it out yet. Do anyone know how to make it the same color, so all of the green colors are in the same green color (with or without soft borders) etc. Thanks
  17. Had a look Google and it seems like it's a problem with the 330 series, drives write the raw value differently and CrystalDiskInfo is the only tool that will show it correctly. Edit: I apprently can't take screenshots of CrystalDiskInfo, but it's reporting 922 hours.
  18. Hi So I wanted to check how many Power On Hours my 180gb Intel 330 SSD in my laptop, and wondered why it reports 895725 hours. Does anyone know if it's in minutes or something? I did also check with PC-wizard, and it reports the same thing. Thanks
  19. So I ended off just buying this one, as I found out that most of these adapters are the same, and that there is universal drivers that should work, if plug and play doesn't work. Thanks anyways
  20. They do exist, but the problem is that there is just so many different once to choose between, and I've heard about problems finding the correct drivers for some of the cheap once.
  21. Hi everyone So I do already have a USB to PS2 controller adapter, but the store that sold them doesn't sell them anymore (they had their own name on it, so I can't find it anymore), and I want another one so I can play with my friends. So the question is simple, can you recommend a good, but cheap USB to PS2 controller adapter, and one where you can plug two controllers in would be nice. I live in Denmark, so links to EU stores would be preferred. Thanks
  22. Hi all So I've been trying to install "Lubuntu 14.04 i386" on one of my pc's (specs: Pentium D 945, Intel D101GGC, 1gb DDR 400mhz), but with the latest release I keep getting stuck during boot, and the error comes no matter if I choose "Install Lubuntu", "Try Lubuntu without installing" or "Check disc for defects". I'm currently doing it with a CD, but I've also tried it with a USB thumb drive. I've also tried to redownload the .iso, but that gave me the same error. I think that it's during the hardware initialisation, but do anyone of you know what's causing this error and if so, can do something to fix it? Thanks Edit: I've also tried other older versions of Lubuntu with no luck, It wasn't the same error, but it still didn't work. I have Windows XP running at the moment and I've had other Linux OSes running on it before, so it shouldn't be a hardware problem.
  23. As @Liam-McShane said, the VRM can take real high tempatures, like 150c and depending of quality even higher.