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    PCs, blackjack, and hookers. In that order.

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  1. Wulfgar

    good first car?

    Get something that's affordable, has at least decent MPG, common so that parts are easily found and cheap to buy, and not expensive to insure. A used honda or toyota sedan would do you fine, or perhaps an econobox like a Ford Focus would be a good pick as well. Let your first car be your learning experience, and learn some basic maintenance from the good ole' internets and you'll be fine.
  2. Wulfgar

    Orange is the new...black?

    Interesting color combo, I've never seen it before but I think it works really well in your build! Great job with the custom cables.
  3. Wulfgar

    The Ghost of Christmas Past

    Yes, which is why I specified in the original post that I'm saving up for watercooling. Expect to see an update in the future!
  4. Wulfgar

    How should I begin building Credit?

    Head over here for solid advice on building credit; www.reddit.com/r/personalfinance
  5. Wulfgar

    The Ghost of Christmas Past

    The colors seem to be very close to some IPS panels I've seen. This is a true 8 bit panel after all. The viewing angles are of course, typical TN, but when I'm playing a game at a high FPS I'm sitting up straight and looking at the monitor dead-on. Don't buy this monitor if you're looking for professional color work or for using it as a TV (although I've done this successfully since my bed is coincidentally at the same level as the monitor so I can lay down and watch netflix pretty well). As for dragon age I'm not sure what the FPS cap on that game is. If it's anything like Skyrim which is hard-locked at 60fps then a monitor at more than 60hz will do nothing but cause engine problems. Otherwise, I do recommend 144hz gaming for nearly everything. You don't know what you're missing until you try it.
  6. Wulfgar

    The Ghost of Christmas Past

    If you're into very fast and smooth gameplay, this monitor is worth it. Playing FPS games is a lot easier on the eyes now, and even in the windows environment I can tell a large difference just from simple things like dragging a window around.
  7. Wulfgar

    The Silence

    If/when you do a vid of this build, it must include this song: Great work!
  8. Wulfgar

    The Ghost of Christmas Past

    Hi LTT! I was able to put together a build that I've been yearning for since 2011. It's a celebration of moving to a new state, a new job, and life in general! What you see now is just the first stage of it, my budget ran out after the current parts, I eventually want to get some LED lights inside the case, a custom water cooling loop, and possibly a second monitor in the future. SPECS: 4790k cooled by Hyper 212 evo EVGA GTX 980 ACX 2.0 Superclocked 8GB Corsair VLP DDR3-1600 (adding more later) Asus Maximus VII Formula z97 Phanteks Enthoo Luxe in white Asus ROG Swift monitor (the whole build was centered around getting a hold of one of these) Samsung 850 Pro 256GB I also want to custom sleeve my own cables. That will be a good deal of work probably, but this build really deserves it. Sorry for the lowish-quality pics, my HTC One m8 is the only camera I have atm. Hope you enjoy, and stay warm!
  9. Wulfgar

    Why I left GamerGate

    Even if this was true, why would that bother you if you're neither of those things? Don't perpetuate hate.
  10. Wulfgar

    Why I left GamerGate

    Pretty much.
  11. Wulfgar

    Why I left GamerGate

    If you're talking about Zoe Quinn when you mentioned sex, you realize that is something that Adam Baldwin and InternetAristrocrat lied/were misinformed about? It was never actually proven. Also, while the AAA game companies have issues with reviews and favors, GG instead focused on indie developers and instigated an enormous harassment campaign against female devs and people that spoke up for them. Keep in mind perspective, this is because the status quo of male dominance in games has been crumbling, games are much more inclusive to so many people now. You could say, in a way, that games have grown up. Unfortunately, a lot of gamers haven't, and you see this systemic problem obvious with the rise of GG and the far-right reactionary pundits that support it. Stay away from GG, play your games, and stop worrying about the evil SJW cabal (that doesn't actually exist).
  12. Wulfgar

    Why I left GamerGate

    I'm glad you left GG, it's toxic. Don't let that fool you into thinking the "anti-GG" side (I call this the normal people side) is as toxic. Sarkeesian is merely a games/culture critic, and as for Brianna Wu, I've seen a few dumb tweets from her but it seems to be exaggerated about her "profiting from lies". In either case, stay critical of who you associate yourself with.
  13. Wulfgar

    My Overkill PC Build with all peripherals.

    The first question is: do you actually have this much $$ for a budget or is this more of a wish list?
  14. Wulfgar

    ROG Swift monitors stock in US

    I'm having the exact same problem as you, OP. The lack of being able to get this monitor is pushing the timing of my build farther and farther away. I don't have time to sleep next to a PC waiting for the nowinstock site to beep at me. Been on backorder with tigerdirect for a month and a half, they've changed the dates that they get some in stock on me 3 times. Starting to get frustrating, mostly because there's nothing I can do about it, and no one except the people that work in the warehouses knows when more will be in stock. Grrr......
  15. Wulfgar

    Project: Red Torpedo

    Check your PMs Lozi.