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  1. try a new fuse in the PSU plug take everything to a computer repair store, simple as that, they will have a testbench Thanks
  2. Anybody got any more help to try and resolve my problem?
  3. after 12 minutes we're on 52*C lowest core and 55*C highest core if that helps...
  4. download viperrescue and run full scan then tdsskiller and run full scan finally download malwarebytes for a quick scan and install Microsoft security essentials to stop this in future your welcome
  5. re install your browser download ccleaner and run both scans press windows button type %Temp% delete everything restart brower
  6. Yep, just sat doing a virus scan with malwarebytes as somebody's post recommended. My PC's been on for 3 hours now with no shutdown, Video edit for more than 3-5 minutes and it goes!
  7. I appreciate both your responses I don't think its the CPU as it doesn't shut off during intense gaming and I use an Akasa Venom with 3 x 120mm fans on it and my temps are 34-36*C which are perfect. Flashing the BIOS back to 6950? - Would that really make a difference? Thanks
  8. Hi My Specs AMD 1055T NOT OVERCLOCKED, AT CORE 2.8 1 x 2gb stick Corsair 1333, bare in mind I had 2x2 making 4gb but one stick is RMA and its currently on its way to Corsair, Netherlands! radeon HD 6950 2gb running off the 6970 BIOS. 850W PSU Okay, so I was running Cyberlink Powerdirector 9 with both sticks of memory in and I was just editing away, still 1500mb free on my ram then my pc shutoff. I rebooted my PC and I could do anything, started up games, benchmarks, it wasn't my GPU at fault, it worked fine under 100% for over 38 minutes. I opened up Powerdirector and imported the video I was editing and after 45 seconds of cutting up the video and colour correcting my PC shut off. I removed my GPU and air dusted it, also air dusted everything else and hoovered over the bottom of my case. In doing so I dropped one stick of RAM which is now faulty, hence why it is on its way to Corsair, bare in mind that prior to me dropping it, it worked fine as it stated 3500mb free RAM when I booted my PC initially. So running off 1200mb spare RAM I decide to install Powerdirector 11, incase it was an issue with my old software All was running fine, abit laggy at trimming hd video's (understandable that im video editing on 2GB!!) So nothing to worry about After 8-9 minutes of cutting and editing the PC shuts off. I restart it and re-open my last save and continue, again after 5 minutes it cuts off. I don't think its a problem with having too little RAM because I'm sure the software will close itself rather than force the PC off immediately. I don't think its a problem with the RAM as memtest states its fine, bare in mind only 1 stick tested My GPU has been tested and dusted off The case cleaned, doubt its a short somewhere PSU, its not the PSU as this happens only during Video Editing Any light on this situation would be greatly appreciated! Recon
  9. Referring to the Ethernet connection: 'Is the laptop even on the wifi' -.-
  10. coolermaster sickleflow's are 120mm, if you can get 140mm versions [which i think u can] go for it!
  11. thats. alot. of. airflow. jesus. and I thought my nzxt phantom with 8 coolermaster sickleflow's was over the top!!!
  12. ive been using arctic silver 5 for the past 4 years, for my gaming rig, my xbox repair service and my laptop so id reccomend.
  13. use norton ghost ^ (its free)
  14. cant you clone drive then sort it out later?
  15. faster read and write speeds not affected by tilting your pc can be mounted sideways without gravity affecting the needle, cause there isnt one. Thanks RECON
  16. go for hdd for mass storage, films and music etc. ssd for boot and games :)
  17. 3 years old. hah Ive had a 250gb hard drive since I was 8 years old and Im 17 now and its never let me down. Seagate barracuda I believe. Only replace it if it makes funny clicking noises or the hdd led is constantly on.
  18. Silent wings are cool. COolermaster Sickleflow's are better
  19. Blue or Red Coolermaster sickleflow's
  20. as ONeGun said coolermaster sickleflow are cool, I have 4, their noisy, but my most favourite fans ever. great efficiency and durability.
  21. H100i has no flaws in my opinion take the corsair fans off, use coolermaster sickleflow's or something similar.
  22. fantastic idea, wonder how you setup your signature like that too!