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  1. Oki thanks for your time, any suggestions on a router?
  2. Just did a speed test here http://beta.speedtest.net/result/6492774197
  3. Hello, I have been experiencing this problem for the last couple of months and am really have had no joy fixing the problem.. I will attempt to explain everything as best as I can.. My internet provider is BT and im currently using the Bthomehub 3 I am experiencing packet loss whilst gaming (mainly CSGO net_graph shows loss and choke every roughly 10-15 seconds, causing rubberbanding) and in TeamSpeak only when another pc in the house (brothers pc) is also gaming. Both PCs are wired and he experiences no lag or packet loss when he is gaming. Any ideas on what could be causing the issue? Could the router itself be the issue?
  4. Updated my drivers to the most recent performing a clean install. Ill post again in a few days letting you know if the pc crashes occur, or if that was the problem
  5. Hey everyone, thanks for reading this post. Ive been having some issues with my pc. My pc is randomly blackscreening with a sound loop of the last heard sound on my pc. I have no idea what is causing the issue. It occurs fairly randomly. When im idle on the desktop, when im gaming, while im writing essays. I have attached a link to dropbox to download the .dmp file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Specs: Windows 7 64bit Gtx 670 DirectCU Asrock extreme 6 z77 motherboard Ocz 1000w PSU OCZ 128G Agility 4 SSD 1 TB black WD drive 2TB HDD i7 3770k ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/qd0qmgp7ngu5uh4/Crash.zip?dl=0) - .dmp file download (Tried to follow the "read before asking for help thread" best i could, sorry if i missed anything out)
  6. Hello, my name is Nathan, known on the internet as fox or homeless, my nick being "homelessfox" I’ve always been a very competitive person. I find fulfilment in succeeding and always try to exceed my limit. I’ve been playing counterstrike Global Offensive for the last year and have been having a blast, with total hours played nearing around 2k hrs. This mainly consists of pugs and mm and the likes, to consolidate the individual skill within the game. As time passes I seek more out of the game, I want to compete within a team with slightly higher or similar skill levels to myself, in order to improve. I am a very competitive person by nature and my work ethic in life is something I strive to improve every day. I practise myself 2-3 hrs a day individually pugging/death matching etc. etc. in order to continue to improve my individual game. The gap that I feel is missing in my game is the team aspect. Counterstrike requires 5 players in order to succeed. This is a message to any experienced counter strike player out there, looking for a likeminded individual for a team. To gain experience. I feel that I can bring something to a fairly skilled team and hope to contribute and improve my own game. Nationality: Scottish – Fluent Clear English Speaking Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198046853694/ Contact me via steam - posted above.
  7. oh really? i wasnt aware. What are the benefits of using gsync?
  8. Hello everyone. Basically im in the market for a new monitor and currently all i play is counter strike global offensive. ive been told that upgrading to a higher hz monitor makes the image more smooth and therefore easier to aim. Now my question is, what monitor should i get? ive looked at the BenQ XL2411Z and the asus vg248qe. Basically im looking for the absolute best performing monitor for counter strike, as i already have another monitor with nice image reproduction. Another question i have is should i wait for nvidia gsync monitors? and just hold off with my buy? Any responses are much appreciated, thank you in advanced.
  9. Well it is kinda wierd. I uninstalled my gpu drivers (the current ones for nvidia). Then i reinstalled them and my ethernet port stopped working. The driver wouldn't work in the ethernet port. so i bought a cheap ethernet card and installed the gpu drivers i originally had? Now the pc works fine. I really dont know what to make of it haha!
  10. ye, it turned out to be a driver issue! thanks.
  11. Hello everyone! It turned out to be a driver issue.... and after reinstalling the drivers the pc hasnt crashed! Thanks for all the help, and sorry for the delayed response.
  12. uninstalled all video drivers and used driver sweeper aswell. Downloading new ones currently and ill update you if the crash happens again. The problem is that i cant replicate the crash, its just random.