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  1. WOW it's been forever since I was last on here so may as well post some build updates with my newer machines Main rig, this is the main machine I use at home: 2700x CPU 32gb 3200mhz CAS14 RAM Gigabyte X570 Gaming Ultra Motherboard Gigabyte RTX 2080 OC GPU Soundblaster XFi Titanium Fatal1ty sound card 512gb 970 Evo Plus M2 SSD, 270gb Crucial SSD, 3tb HDD Seasonic Prime Platinum 760watt PSU Old NZXT Tempest case Secondary rig, I keep this one at my parents house it's made out of mostly old parts with exception of the GPU and case: i7 5820k 16gb 2400mhz CAS 16 RAM Asus X99 TUF Sabertooth Motherboard EVGA GTX 1660 Super 512gb Inland M2 SSD, 512gb Tigo SSD, 2tb 2.5in Seagate SSHD 750watt Seasonic PSU Cooler Master NR600 case Spare PC, my old Alienware I keep on the side for when I need a extra PC: Alienware X51 i7 3570 16gb 1600mhz RAM GTX 660 OEM Dell 1.5gb DDR5 1tb HDD 330watt external Dell power brick
  2. Just has a ice blue to it and the Snow Leopard is my favorite animal, the desktop wallpaper and mouse pad are Snow Leopard pics. Also it's my favorite animal so my main PC is named after it.
  3. Definitely on the list of things to do to fix the GPU sag, also that Snow Leopard background is just one I found online that I pulled from a google search it fits the build and my mouse pad I have on that desk, also it's my favorite animal.
  4. I can probably get something to move the ITX PC onto but the smaller ATX PC on the white desk the desk has a set of drawers down the area under where the PC sits so it's impossible to center it out. Those 2 setups anyway aren't really setups I do more then play the PC on if I need space I'll either use the main PC desk or move somewhere else.
  5. I only reason I have that case for the Snow Leopard PC is because it's my favorite one I like how the outside looks just the inside is dated in the way it looks. Also thanks I try to keep stuff as clean as possible.
  6. So it's been a while since I last posted so why not start with some build updates: Snow Leopard PC First is my main rig: I completely redid it switching from X370 to X99 for some more IO and it was the only board I had with the ability to control all 6 fans the case has. I also got a newish (it was never used) NZXT Tempest case for the build as I just fell in love with how the case looked from the outside although the internals of the case are a bit dated with the grey metal look. Specs: i7 5820k at 4GHZ at stock voltage Asus X99 TUF Sabertooth Motherboard Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler 32gb 2400mhz Crucial DDR4 RAM Asus Strix Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070ti GPU NZXT Tempest Case Seasonic 760watt 80+ Platinum PSU Two 1tb 7200rpm HDDs One 3tb 7200rpm HDD One 270gb Crucial SSD On top of the desk: Acer 24inch 144hz 1080p Freesync Monitor Corsair K55 Keyboard Rocat Kone Mouse Creative A250 2.1 Sound System Pics: Cougar PC: Second is my ITX PC that sits in the same office as my main PC and is used as a spare PC: Specs: AMD R7 1700x Gigabyte B350 ITX AC Wifi Motherboard 16gb 2666mhz single stick Crucial RAM AMD Wraith Prisim CPU Cooler AMD Radeon RX 480 8gb Reference 450watt EVGA 80+ Bronze PSU Xigmatek ITX Case 1tb 7200RPM HDD 270gb Crucial SSD On top of the desk: AOC 20inch 1080p 75hz Freesync Monitor Edifier 2.1 Sound System Logitech membrane Keyboard Cougar Ravenger Mouse Pics: Black Leopard PC: Third this is a PC I leave at a family members house to use it's got the R7 2700x that was in my main system and a small ATX case: Specs: AMD R7 2700x Noctua NH-D9L CPU Cooler Asus Prime X370 Pro Motherboard 32gb 3000mhz ADATA XPG DDR4 RAM PNY Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6gb Riotoro CR1080 ATX Case Seasonic 750watt 80+ Gold PSU 120gb SSD 1tb 7200RPM HDD On top of the desk: Acer X203w 1680x1050 16:10 60hz 22inch Minitor Generic Dell Keyboard Generic Sharkk Gaming Mouse Logitech 2.0 Sound System Pics: I still I want to improve the way my setups and PCs look. I already did everything to the best of what I feel looks nice but I want some opinions and suggestions for improvement other then the millions of wires under the main desk I know I have to tidy that up. I'm also looking for suggestions on upgrades for the setups and PCs too.
  7. I don't think the AMD APUs and GPUs are compatible with the DRM that they have for 4k netflix from what I looked up you need either a Nvidia 10xx series GPU with 3+gb of VRAM or a Intel Kabylake or higher chip
  8. I want to build a HTPC for streaming 4k Netflix and YouTube. I would usually make the part list myself but this is turning out to be extremely difficult to do. My budget is max $300 to do this and it has to be small enough to fit on the TV stand or next to the TV stand. Also it would need to have WiFi too and the router is a newer 802.11 AC dualband router so a good WiFi card would have plenty of bandwidth to play with. What do you guys think I should do????
  9. Are they selling out with Intel for this?????? PS I'm just joking
  10. Wow my profile page is so out of date, gonna have to update it lol

  11. Well I have a i5 kabylake system and I feel it's going to last me quite a few years because think of how long dual cores lasted with a few of the very popular games still being playable on a dual core so think on how that will happen with quad cores they are so popular dating back on the intel consumer platform to the Core 2 Quads (which still can play games with medium to high settings with a lower midrange GPU) and due to the popularity developers will take that into mind just as they did with dual cores not too long ago. EDIT: PS developers are still just started intergrating support for more cores and some still even with 6-8 core CPUs being more abundant don't even take advantage of that.
  12. New update to my setup: New Desk, New Case, and the old Alienware X51 which was my first actual gaming PC back a few years ago is back on the desk to look good. I can easily switch between the 2 machines by pushing a button on a KVM located under the desk and hitting the input selection button on my monitor. The new case is a Cooler Master HAF X and the thing is literally as big as it looks only sitting a few inches shorter then the desk.
  13. So I want to rebuild my LAN party PC as it's a older PC and ever since I got a new MSI laptop with a i7 7700HQ and GTX 1060 6gb in it the PC has been unused as it's running on a Haswell i5 and a R7 370 4gb. Here;s the part list to it https://pcpartpicker.com/user/SuperM4Tanker/saved/2tTYJx. I'm still debating weather I should upgrade it or just rebuild it into a Sleeper PC in a old ivybridge MATX HP case I have that I got from the flea market in which the motherboard inside was dead. If I do reuse some old parts from the old machine I would probably reuse the GPU, CPU, RAM, SSD, and/or HDD as I can move those over. I can also reuse the PSU as it's a good one but I have some other 500 watt PSUs I can use too that are slightly lower quality and are only regular 80plus rated and not 80plus bronze. My budget if I was building a entire new machine and/or reusing stuff from the LAN PC would be $500, and if I was just to upgrade the old LAN PC the budget would be $200-300. So what should I do????
  14. So I'm getting my new desk tomorrow and I'm going to redo my entire setup with the new desk. I have my Rocat Kone gaming mouse (that the software doesn't work for) a cheapo mechanical keyboard on the way being shipped from china, and my current Logitech G105 membrane keyboard. I have 5 good monitors 3 close to 1080p and 2 being full 1080p I have 2 old Acer 1680x1050 16:10 22inch panels, one Sceptre 23inch 16:10 900p panel, one Lenovo 23 inch 1080p 16:9 touch screen panel, and one AOC 75hz Freesync 1080p 16:9 monitor. And lastly I have 2 speaker systems a $30 2.1 speaker Creative Labs sound system, and another 2.0 speaker sound system with a $30 amp and 2 old Sony bookshelf speakers (I also have 2 slightly bigger 40watt AIWA ones in my room I can swap with the Sony ones on my old Sony stereo system which I never use). So which configuration should I go for in terms of desk setup. I do have a $60 budget for new stuff to add to the desk and I eventually want to get a real nice main display that is better when what I have now. Add On Edit: I'm also able to save up for new periferals and other stuff for the desk too and the desk is a 55inch desk
  15. Just updated the build log post with some changes and updates I made to the machine Old pics from last update:
  16. 1700x is great no complaints it's a real workhorse when livestreaming and still plays games very well
  17. it's just the angle of the picture the GPU hasn't moved
  18. no it's in the same slot it's just the very top slot is not there on the motherboard as the space is used for a M2 slot
  19. it's the bracket they had availible in the store for the 212 evo when I updated the PC to Ryzen if I was re configure it to get the cooler the other way arround I would have to get a entirely new bracket. It works the way it is right now and the temps are fine so I'm not concerned at all so I'm going by if it ain't broke don't fix it.
  20. 5-21-17 Update I got the new fan controller and fans for the front of the case and I took out the mount for the extra HDD cage and I put a 120mm fan I had laying on my shelf in the bottom along with mounting a dust filter on that fan. I also have did some tuning and adjusted the fan curves and cooling on the system. I also moved my 120mm Noctua LTT edition fan from the front of the case to be a second fan on my Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo when I added the 2 new fans in the front which are Corsair ML120 fans. The bottom fan is a slim Thermaltake fan with a blue LED in it I just used it because it was whatever I had spare sitting on my shelf. I'm currently waiting on a side panel window to arrive and after that comes I may start to add some LEDs for some cool lighting. What do you guys thing I should do for lighting? If any of you have any tips or comments don't be afraid to say it I'm open to suggestions and tips for future upgrades and stuff for the machine. Specs and Parts: AMD Ryzen R7 1700x 32gb of 2400mhz DDR4 RAM ASUS Prime X370 Pro motherboard AMD Radeon RX 480 8gb 5.5tb of HDD in 4 HDDs 270gb SSD Seasonic 760 watt 80+ Platinum PSU Nanoxia Deep Silence 3 case Previous update on 5-16-17:
  21. Wow haven't been on in a while anyway I have been starting to livestream a bit and got this funny replay from one of the streams


  22. 2 New Videos on my YouTube bench marking my Alienware 13 laptop: